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  1. that's our toxic side I agree very solid human being. You can tell he just has a sincere passion for helping people. But yeah his communication style is kinda soft and and a bit dry. Not bingeable like a Leo or Owen video. Kinda monotone in a way.
  2. Are you saying that "you-ing" yourself into the position of God is just another ego game? Hence no-self, lack of conceit in that perspective?
  3. Yep exactly. Maybe in your case it would be better to learn how to emulate an average conversation rather than pick a topic of your choice. It might take you a few months of socializing to get used to and calibrate yourself to normal conversation especially if you don't get a lot of social exposure Watching some full length infield videos could help. I say full length so you get an accurate portrayal, the ebb and flow && not just highlights of extreme moments in the interaction -- may lead you astray since you are struggling with calibration. I would say err on the side of caution get more social experience until you become used to normal day to day conversations. Then push the edge from there. ------------------------------------- When Julien says what you say doesn't matter... he's telling that to guys that are too afraid to say anything && filtering out 100% of the stuff that comes to mind leaving them with NOTHING to say. Those guys are over-calibrating. It would best serve them to NOT to over analyze every little thing that comes to mind and RELAX since more than likely most of what comes to mind would be fine... but not if their body language && voice completely betray them by projecting an utter lack if confidence.
  4. the only way is for them to realize how meaningless and shallow it is. Until then... And it can happen. How many miserable rich people are there. Many. Of course some are highly developed. In which case they are not as selfish as you imagine. But for those that are selfish and miserable, eventually they will realize they won't find the happiness they seek in the accumulation of wealth.
  5. It is definitely worth more rigorous consideration, absolutely. I completely welcome this. Very much needed on this forum Have we totally lost our ability to reason lol You must consider it also from the person that created this' perspective. In this case Leo. From a psychological lens, the I am God framework could be considered the ultimate narcissistic fantasy and a foolproof defense mechanism making you infallible Just some food for thought
  6. people need to become more self-aware / conscious collectively. conscious leadership, conscious people. I think every level exhausts itself... like having too much of something until it makes you nauseous. just needs to happen on a larger scale.
  7. he knows. it's personal preference
  8. Fair warning. Obviously you speak from experience. How did you manage this OR were you even able to?
  9. Bro Vegas doesn't even cost that much $ Rent was $600-700 last time I was there + expenses was about $1000.00 a month riding public transport. Any job will make you that amount no matter how unskilled and useless you believe you are. Lastly, you can work on getting some skills. A couple IT certs should take you a couple months to get. Instant $2000 a month job. Not ideal but it will pay the bills and put you in your desired location. This is just one example. It's more doable than you realize but most people wont follow through because its scary to jump into the deep end.
  10. Yes typically those that FIT IN more are more Asleep -- but see it as normal -- as it it is in fact the norm -- but obviously judge others that are different due to tribal chimp behavior -- not questioning their assumptions, lack of critical thinking about the society they are a part of. whereas obviously, ADHD and autistic people are obviously heavily outcasted for their inability or struggles to be like everyone else -- this cause internal tension -- which naturally the outside world won't fix for you since you're a weirdo, creates a dilemma that can only be solved by looking inward not externally. And hence over time losing attachment to social conventions, the need to fit in, etc... I think with the second group, it kinda reinforces each other. The not fitting in is a consequence of being different but it's also very painful to not be accepted by anybody. So you seek answers in deeper stuff like philosophy, spirituality, and so on... Unless you're very advanced already, karmically or whatever, then in this case maybe probably you just DONT GIVE A SHIT ANYWAY and roll with it and be unaffected. People will probably gravitate towards a person like this because they're not putting on an ACT all the fucking time. Hence, people love weirdos that LOVE and are at PEACE with themselves. but if you cannot accept yourself you are a prime target for the chimp's bullying. maybe you're the chimp attacking yourself in your own head to begin with (self-hate)
  11. I like to do the same but usually only happens with people that are super open minded and pretty smart
  12. ur weird lol
  13. I mean its just the way marketing works... which is pretty evil and predatory. But if youre engaging in it, then obviously you don't know better because well you're too attached to what you're going to get / greed
  14. lol @ filibuster metaphor
  15. But Leo what about the cost of parking
  16. I could also say the opposite: The fact you’re questioning it is enough to suggest it’s important and meaningful to you