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  1. That makes the story even spicier ? He's probably an autistic savant, and also a dwarf. What an anomaly
  2. @Consept I regret not taking the time to watch them all these years. Maybe a game here and there, or during world cups.
  3. I am me, imagining myself typing on the keyboard. I am me imagining others responding to me. Imaging Leo give release a new video every Sunday. Imagining have an individual experience. imagine
  4. @Tyler Robinson I would definitely bring it up and just be straight up about how you feel about it. Sounds like he's a kind of guy that usually gets his way also. So he plays it off like it's not a big deal and then does what he wants. As long as you don't bring it back up, he conveniently assumes that you were okay with it.
  5. I'm currently in a similar predicament as OP. I'm also looking for remote work. In the past I did consider software development. But kind of got distracted and did some other stuff like sales. The thing is, I did get a couple simple projects under my belt with coding and programming. I pretty much learned all of HTML and CSS. Made some simple websites with flexbox and all that type of stuff made it look real nice and function as well I didn't do any JavaScript related stuff, that's pretty much where I left off. From where I'm at, how much work do you think I would have to put in to become a junior software engineer? If it's only a matter of 2 months or less then it's definitely something I would consider working for. But as of now, I'm working towards some other stuff, but it probably won't be as stable or as secure as an entry level software engineer role which I kind of need considering how much I messed up my finances in the past couple years
  6. @Space AWESOME! gonna apply for some of those
  7. Sales job in a mattress store. people walk in only so often... you're by yourself most of the day in an empty store. when people DO come in, you get a few chances to make a very decent weekly earning (low six figures at the high end... maybe 50k on the low end -- assuming full time)
  8. Read relentless and winning by Tim Grover (Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryants trainer)
  9. I don't think it's your city that's too small, @LiberatedMonkey
  10. Don't worry you've consumed 10,000 times that amount throughout your life. ded fkn srs.
  11. You forgot to factor in if you're an average looking guy or worse. You won't get anywhere near 50 likes.
  12. @vladorion good times. dropped out of college around that time too.
  13. @Vlad_ @Tahuti what is your opinion on material success?
  14. Can contribute to dullness and decrease alertness. It can work. I wouldn't be dogmatic about it. Try everything.
  15. what is your elo, OP?
  16. Like what are the mechanics of this form of realization? I’ll dm you if that’s cool. Genuinely interested. have had small glimpses like being the entire universe and forgetting that was always the case (from marijuana) but want to understand deeper. Even if it’s just through other people explaining for now. as opposed to directly experiencing