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  1. You don't see the value because you haven't done it yourself, period. Honestly, I would urge you to meditate a little bit more ? Less thinking, more inquiry. Cheers ✌️
  2. It's all part of it. There's layers to this. Yes... all the way to non existence. It is possible. Universities are literally doing studies on advanced meditators undergoing this experience.
  3. Por que no los 2? Why not both?
  4. it's not an invention. it points to something experientially. particularly all the "world building" and "suffering" that is constructed within your own mind. This is obvious if you've ever been in a fit of rage or some other intense emotion. When you come down from that you might even realize how your ego is making a mountain out of mole hill. So in a sense that is a type of cessation. Like a rage-aholic mastering their emotions and becoming a chill dude over time. The thing is a full cessation takes it further. EVERYTHING within experience is CONSTRUCTED. And everything within experience is subject to attachment, thus suffering. This is why cessation is so nice. Because if you completely let go, all tension in your body, in your mind, would release. Going through this again and again.... even though you do comeback to living your life, changes your relationship to it. Thus clinging and attachment will naturally diminish and you realize how silly it is. The average person looks like a fool to someone that understands this because there is no point in holding on so tightly and thus causing yourself and others so much strife.
  5. @Breakingthewall bruh... You coming at this intellectually. Are you serious? Come on. You know better. If you were a serious meditator you would at least have an idea what this is. But you're talking out of your ass. Go meditate rigorously for a month
  6. when everything including that consciousness / awareness you are describing goes as well. it is a time jump.
  7. You're putting too much pressure on yourself... and that itself leads to these questionable situations. Relax. smoke some weed. meditate. drink some tea and wait for the sun to rise in the early morning. Remember how Leo said it's all about state of consciousness? That's it. The one you're in right now makes you frenetic, awkward, and possibly creepy. It's not that you are inherently any of those things but the frequency you're tuned into because of the pressure you put on yourself, the pressure society puts on you. of course, you don't realize you are shooting yourself in the foot because you dont have a reference point for other states. But... I would say RELAX. Who gives a fuck. None of this literally matters. You got yourself in a frenzy over fucking nothing. That itself makes you suffer more. So stop trying. who cares.
  8. how do you know this for sure for sure... that this is not another illusion, or trap of the mind? The other day I was in my bed stoned as a motherfukah and started thinking about the solipsism. I started thinking about all the things Leo said. All the thing users like yourself on this forum had said and started giggling like a little girl, like it was all some sort of silly joke. But then it really started to dawn on me... wait... wait... no.... this means that... from my bed. I got extremely stressed out and anxious by the implications of this inquiry, as I laid alone in my bed. Some friends had invited me over hours earlier. "Yes!" I thought to myself. I derived a sense of comfort by allowing myself to keep pretending for the rest of the night, instead of basking in this harsher version of reality. I get to go hang out with these dreams characters and go back to sleep a bit. distract myself.
  9. @digitalkaine typical brokie copium the stuff is for later in life... at least till you've gotten laid a few times and got your finances / career in order. Otherwise you'll end up with one foot here and the other foot over in no mans land. banging fake rubber women. I made this mistake for years and it cost me greatly.
  10. exactly. Narcissism. Which Andrew Tate is plentiful in.
  11. This is all a misunderstanding The Top G and his brother will be released promptly Cheers!
  12. have you ever been in a sducidal state? it's a peculiar state of consciousness... and it is as if everything you've previously experienced. all the beautiful memories and relationships in your life fall by the wayside to heightened state of self-loathing. it's a fleeting sort of thing, that you wouldn't even recognize when you fall out of that state. it's as if you're possessed since you don't recognize that suicidal version of "you" when you come back out of it into your joyful everyday self. yet, in that fleeting state... you are very unpredictable. and you just might end it all this time
  13. but you said you can access god mode all the time now
  14. What led you to start implementing self-esteem stems, gratitude journaling, and using your commonplace book as part of your self-improvement journey? How have these practices helped you specifically in your journey towards overcoming depression and improving your self-esteem?
  15. @Leo Gura you've come around you used to look down on people for even mentioning weed.
  16. True but if all it took was natural language... then I think programming could lean towards further commoditization. hence reducing salary, since the technical knowledge would be lower.
  17. Honestly man, this is more common than you think. I've actually worked alongside famous PUA's and it was pretty shocking to find out how neurotic and anxious they were. They didn't have that sort of peace that you see from Eckhart Tolle, sadguru and so on and so forth. Not going to lie. All the marketing and sales along with the pickup stuff I've done has definitely been a good skill to develop. But if I had to be completely honest, I think the real confidence comes from authenticity. And with all of this pickup stuff and there's a lot of inauthenticity and trying to become a supposed high quality male or like when you have a lot of money as well... Right? being good with girls or having a lot of money is supposed to be an indicator of your self worth. But I think the real confidence comes from purposefully deconstructing all of this and then going for what you really want as opposed to chasing societal constructs and memes. This means that ultimately you might have to let go of the idea of getting p**** or becoming rich. You have to be comfortable with that idea because ultimately what you want to do is to live your authentic truth. This is how you truly live at peace with yourself. Not by forcing yourself to do all these arbitrary things that society has arbitrarily programmed you to do. You will have to truly rely on your creativity in order to live a life and create something unique to you. Not live Somebody else's dream.
  18. this song will lift you out of the darkest depths of hell and re-align you to your purpose. Must listen on MJ or LSD.
  19. yes... but ultimately the atheist perspective is too limited in its ability to see the bigger picture, limited in creativity, so it straw mans GOD as a mean guy in the sky. The atheist perspective conceals its lack of intelligence with a veil of sophistication => but is actually only looking at the possibility of GOD through a very narrow, black and white lens.
  20. Yes, even though you are a single person ; an individual... The effect you have on the world is more than you can ever imagine. You have it completely backwards. You can change a person's life with just a few words. You can change her person's life with a simple glance. The effect you are constantly having on the world is more than you can ever imagine. Now if you're intentional about it... And develop a life purpose as you say... Then the effect you have on the world can be even more powerful because you are going about it in a disciplined and proactive way. Sorry you feel the way you do, but my friend do not lie to yourself, you have a massive effect on the world, just right now as you are without a life purpose.