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  1. I'm close to finishing off 'The Law of One' series of books. Wow. Why have a human teacher/guru when you can have one from a higher dimension? Scott Mandelker's podcast & commentaries on LOO / Buddhism / Taoism are very eloquent explanations of the interweaving concepts, I highly recommend. https://thelawofonepodcast.blogspot.com/
  2. @Aquarius here's an idea for you. Create a tarot deck. Solidify your knowledge of archetypes in a highly artistic way.
  3. Peter Russell @Leo Gura Why was the turquoise video removed from YouTube? Do you have any plans to re-upload? One of the best
  4. It's back up!
  5. Shunyamurti = Gandalf / Morpheus Seriously though, just came across him, amazing insights!
  6. Another YouTube documentary movie I watched recently.
  7. The filmmaker does a fantastic job of explaining enlightenment in a clear manner.
  8. https://www.ubiquityuniversity.org/