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  1. Have you ever used crystals for self development? I'm an avid user since 20 years. They have helped me discover myself, find out my hidden potential and weaknesses, besides chakra training and theta wave meditation.
  2. Crystals associated with the higher chakras such as crown and third eye makes you spiritually awakened or enlightened. I tend to believe third eye crystals open my spiritual eye. My favorite third eye crystals are moonstone, selenite and clear quartz. Crown chakra on the other hand tones my intuitions. I like to use amethyst, selenite and howlite for crown chakra therapy. Have you seen an apophylite? Do you have one?
  3. You need a thorough cleansing. Most people talk about grounding, but not about ungrounding. The same way, most people talk about kundalini awakening, but not kundalini enlightenment that can change you altogether. If the energy of kundalini or the life force is too strong for you, get a cleansing crystal like selenite or clear quartz. Now circle it over your head thrice. That's it. Don't touch any kundalini crystals for three days or bury your kundalini crystals under the ground or in a pot of soil. That helped me when my kundalini or sacral chakra was outta whack!
  4. Wow, so enlightening!
  5. I feel understanding rocks and minerals can help you. Crystals are not just rocks, they are alive beings like us, to me and lots of crystal users aroun the world. I feel heat, cold and energy transfer from crystals. Just as heat is not visible but present, energy healing with crystals is too. If you're a beginner, reading about it will open your mind. Or get a clear quartz or selenite and cleanse yourself to find your spiritual path.
  6. This happens sometimes during my PMDD. What I feel comforting is the rose quartz crystal. Do you know what a rose quartz is? That link is a free handbook article on that. I love it for the soothing heat it makes in my heart. Rose quartz helped me through depression and even lowered my Vitamin B12 that I was deficient in.
  7. I agree lucid dreams can get stupid sometimes. I like to use crystals to help me guide the way during lucid dreaming now. It used to be so ridiculous in the beginning! Lucid dreaming has since then helped me with karmic therapy and dream recall too.
  8. You are absolutely right. Incense helps you elevate your brain waves to the next level. I love my incense burners personally! I like to meditate in its presence every morning after I wake up, in my balcony.
  9. I think this happens to everyone, no matter how old we are. See, since the first moment you were born and as a child, you've run to them for all your answers. Then you grew up and moved to friends. Your parents will always consider you a child who need answers. Listen to them from one ear, and send it to a box in your brain. Open the box whenever you need it. Or, Crystals like rose quartz can help in spreading loving vibrations. Just gift them one!
  10. What a great question. I use astral travel with a lot of my crystals. My favorite stone for astral travel are lapis lazuli and labradorite. I use them individually and mix them up. It's usually a session that starts with meditation, me laying on my bed with locked doors and lots of candles around. I like lavender scented candles for astral travel. Now, with lapis lazuli (you know that stone right?), I can go into my past lives and karmas to do penance. I feel a strong heat in my throat and third eye when I meditate and relax into astral travel. With labradorite, I get a peek into my future beginning with tightness and heat in my third eye chakra. I love lapis lazuli the most because it unlocks different parts of my memories making me feel lighter with penance, after each trip! What's best than this? Adding a chakra wand! Oh my GAWD! Chakra wands are so cool, you can add them into astral travel meditation to protect your mind, body and spirit by aligning the chakras.
  11. I have to say, crystals are just like everything else, it takes time to work. For me, my aunt introduced me to the magic of crystals. She is a Wiccan. The first crystal in my life was a crystal cluster made of citrine. The power of crystal clusters are immense, I kid you not. They are a collection of crystals with multiple terminations in just one piece! Whenever I hold it, I feel warm and composed. Being a Hashimotos patient, I'm intolerant to both hot and cold. Crystal cluster helped me cope with life.
  12. What moonstone does to you is what selenite does to me. Thanks for sharing. It was an amazing read, thank you! Do you know what selenite is? I feel you. This resounded the most when I work with a selenite-