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  1. @Red-White-Light how does this explain visual snow & people who never heard of spirituality having this disorder&recovering. I get that the description of the disorder looks close to some enlightenment principles but that doesnt mean its the same thing.
  2. @Leo Gura so can we make a distinction between “awake” and “enlightenment”, where awake people realize God and enlightened people just have no more ego suffering and fear of death, say, like Eckhart Tolle. I don’t really want those highest levels of realization I just want to be like Eckhart where there is no more ego suffering and I can be super creative to reach my highest goals. Or am i saying something stupid here lol.
  3. Good luck with this situation, i hope he leaves you alone. & of course like @Keyholesaid there is nothing wrong with you.
  4. @TrynaBeTurquoise Also bro, what about the many people with DPDR who have never even heard of enlightenment? and these people also can recover without spirituality. Also the visual symptoms of DPDR like visual snow have nothing at all to do with enlightenment. so I think you must be wrong.
  5. What @electroBeam said. He just cant stand picturing you with another man. This is in the nature of us men, to feel jealous at other guys that are loved by the women that we desire. Hate even. This comes from a place of scarcity, but also love. He still loves you and to see a woman you love with another man hurts us men. I’m not saying all men are like this, consciously we move past it and on to other desires/women, but its a primal instinct we all share.
  6. “Feeling like an observer of your own life” is not in the eckhart tolle way with DPDR, but in a horror movie type of way. I dont even have it that seriously compared to other people. Thanks for your thoughts, i think there’s definitely some truth in it, but i really think i need someone who has experience with these symptoms to talk to.
  7. interesting. But then again, resisting the enlightenment will be done by an opposite force, thats what resistance is. so DPDR is actually the opposite of enlightenment in your definition. @electroBeam @TrynaBeTurquoiseSo you are saying its just ego backlash/opposite reaction like i said, and i shouldnt worry? its actually sign of progress? Because there are trip reports of ayahuasca online of people who did ayahuasca and now have DPDR for years. Have you guys actually experienced these symptoms?
  8. @TrynaBeTurquoise Lol, i dont think you understand this bro. So all enlightened people have hella intrusive thoughts, anxiety and cant stay present to the moment? And get scared of mirrors?
  9. @Serotoninluv Hah, good one, you have a point. But I just dont really find any contradictions in what Sadhguru is saying vs. what Leo is saying. So it just baffles me how hes supposedly able to make out who is awake or not.
  10. @universe yeah I assumed every noob like me would have these feelings, im probably wrong about that now that i realize it. I guess his direct style is just not for my mental state. But still giving my feedback as a student should to his teacher.
  11. @Raptorsin7 Is that really true? he considers himself a teacher, and a teacher should care to how well his teachings are grasped by his students. Especially if you have 900k+ subs. Do you really thing he makes videos all for himself? then why would he upload it to his youtube channel? Yeah he has the right to be a dick, same that hitler had the right to murder all the jews. in the absolute sense everything has the right. Do you think giving feedback to teachers has absolutely no value? If the consensus on this forum is that Leo is not a teacher than i don't understand this whole business anymore.
  12. @The Lucid Dreamer Its true, im still a noob at spirituality and im not even sure how deep i want to pursue it. But don't you agree that Leo should know how to adress his 'students'? IMO his authoritarian tone is not good for low level students like me who are just getting in. "Awake" people might not give a fuck how he talks because they have a ton of experiences themselves. But the tone he uses scares me off/even angers me a bit, and gives me intrusive thoughts & anxiety, which cant be in the right direction of spiritual awakening right? maybe im alone in this. Like you said we have to do the work ourselves, and Leo isn't my authority figure. But he is a teacher and im just giving my feedback as a student. Good teachers learn from their students because they are not teaching for themselves, but for the students.
  13. @Dima It triggers mostly because of the tone in which Leo talks, saying "X is not awake." instead of "I dont think X is awake". Because this goes against the skepticism style of thinking. But yes, my worldview has been changing a lot over the last few months, and im suffering some DPDR symptoms, including intrusive thoughts of things that Leo said about reality. I'm not sure whats true anymore in the actual sense, not just philosophically. So that probably triggers me. I think that if he used a more questioning tone instead of the authoritarian tone these intrusive thoughts would be less agressive. Im not blaming him for my problems but it feels like this authoritarian tone is just not a good way if you want to help students which (almost) all have a fearing ego mind. Plus i think its pretty hypocritical if you advocate radical openmindedness and skepticism to use this authoritarian tone.
  14. @Ampresus Go with almond milk
  15. @Roy LOL at putting Kendrick, 2pac & J.Cole at stage red. Kendrick is definitely stage green or green/yellow, Cole is definitely orange/green. Now that im thinking of it, through these examples i see the limits of the spiral dynamics model on an individual level. Its way too linear.
  16. ❤️❤️
  17. I really dont know how to go forward, im 20 years old and next year im going to college, and i want to become hardcore at selfactualisation, reading books, doing fitness, doing exercises etc. But right now all of this seems impossible to do. Why? Because almost 24/7 i’m thinking of spiritual questions like no-self etc. It just feels so weird having all these other people around me, and that there is one person who is “me”. Basically the first person perspective feels so weird. And i cannot focus on anything. I might be reading a book, and then suddenly think to myself, “who is reading now” and that just takes my inspiration away, it all just becomes so meaningless and confusing. Its like intrusive spiritual thoughts. This has also increased my social anxiety. I used to be insecure about how I look etc but now it feels like im insecure about whether i even exist. The weird thing is i also have solipsistic thoughts, which i really hate. It all basically stems from the question: why am I me? This just doesnt make sense at all, considering we are all one, yet im having this individual experience of this particular guy. all these feelings started after having a weed induced spiritual experience i had like 5 weeks ago, which was really fearful. Now i dont know if what im feeling right now is just ego backlash or actual depersonalisation/derrealization disorder. If i had my own home and enough money etc I would probably just pursue awakening and do psychedelics. But im about to go to college, and i want to pursue self actualisation and my music production skills. But now it feels so meaningless and unreal i cant find any motivation for it. Beside those things that i want for myself i need to make money so that i can support my parents in a few years because they probably wont have the money to do it themselves. I need all the advice you guys can give me to stop thinking about these questions, so i can focus on basic self actualisation, making money and going to college. thanks guys.
  18. thanks guys for the replies! @Preety_IndiaThank you so much for this lengthy reply, it means a lot. I will keep the spirituality down and not do any drugs anymore. When you say “remove the solipsistic thoughts” what do you mean? I cant just remove thoughts. Just observe them? Or do you know another technique? Thanks again.
  19. @sleeperstakes exactly. Leo has the best intentions in trying to explain the beauty that he has seen, but our minds are just not ready and it actually backfires on us. I think this is why turquoise people like Sadhguru just keep it simple. Our ego minds will twist the truth so that we actually go opposite in the direction where Leo is trying to lead us.
  20. Its definitely not a cult but the way Leo talks can be cult like, whether he realizes it or not. I think he has the best intentions but by making a 2 hour video explaining God, which he himself said you can only experience, this is just contradictory. Like Lao Tzu said if you can explain God, you do not understand God. The video is just interpreted by the ego mind so you will believe it/disbelieve it whether you want to or not. This is why i dont watch metaphysical Leo videos anymore, they just fry my mind and not in a good way but in a really dysfunctional obsessive way. all other spiritual teachers uses poetic language & simple language because this speaks to the heart & not the mind. Ego is identification with the stories of the mind. This is why i dont like Leo’s way of spiritual teaching, he uses very logical language to explain something beyond logic. For me it just fucks with my mind which im trying not to identify with in the first place. This is basically the biggest critique i can give to Leo, that he says “This work is not about belief” but then makes 3 hour long videos “explaining” these things anyway. This is highly contradictory. I love Leo’s self actualisation videos, but his metaphysical videos are not my thing. I mean i’ve felt more deep truth in a two line Rumi quote than in a 2 hour Leo video. Its just to much for the logical mind to make something out of IMO. He even says so himself, that other spiritual teachers “leave so much out” and the he himself “spoils” everything. @Leo Gura have you ever considered that this is on purpose because you cant spoil anything in the first place? its like trying to spoil the end to a movie where the movie itself teaches you a whole new language with new words that you cant translate to other languages, and the end is in that language. You can try to spoil it but its impossible, because we have not experienced what you have experienced. It just becomes highly confusing BS to me at least.
  21. @thibault most gays are actually “born gay”, this is definitely true. But like @Aaron p said, there are people who lean to gay sex because they cant get laid with girls. And then also, there are people who(i dont like to use this terminology) are “raised gay”. Ive seen this with my own cousins, they where raised with barbie dolls etc. And they are both gay. Now i dont really know whether they wanted this from youth, aka that they were “born gay” or that they were actually semi-forced to play with barbie dolls, and thus “became gay”. Might be a combination of both. But its definitely a grey area what causes people to be gay.
  22. During your video when Leo said, “remember something that really gave you that feeling of inspiration and creativity” i instantly thought of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and to hear the intro to that album at the end of your vid, so trippy and inspiring. great vid bro!
  23. Damn I need to get on Nofap. Porn is so good tho its hard to quit it. But I will!
  24. This is why for the human mind, “I Am” is a better word than “God”.