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  1. In this thread, post video games that are pieces of art reminding you of consciousness & spirituality.
  2. A cool thing i found in LOTR mythology: At the beginning, when nothing exists yet, Eru Iluvatar (the one God) creates the Ainur, deities that make music with him to create the universe. Melkor is the strongest of the Ainur. all Ainur follow the lead of Eru, they play the music as he commands. Except for Melkor, he wants to rebel against Eru and create his own music. This makes the music imperfect and thus the imperfect world is born. Melkor thinks he is able to go against Eru and is therefore strong, and separate from Eru. But Eru reveals to him that Melkors rebellion was part of his plan after all, and that the world is perfect after all. There is no way for Melkor to go against Eru, for that is only part of Eru’s plan. Seems to be quite a good allegory how ego&devilry relates to God.
  3. video about science from a metaphysical perspective. How can science using symbols, still give us real knowledge.
  4. Sorry if this is a weird question, but will venturing deeper into spirituality/ego dissolving deteriorate your ability to attract girls? since for a big part girls love guys with big egos a.k.a. guys who are full of themselves. of course bad self esteem also stems from ego. But tbh im interested in low consciousness girls a.k.a. club sluts, I just love the idea of “going dumb”. Will this become harder if you become more conscious? Or will mastering of yourself allow you to attract any kind of girl, not only the intelligent/spiritual ones. Would love to hear night game PUA experiences from guys who are also into spirituality.
  5. Lol the shoe is 10 because three shoes is 30 so the guy is 5 because 10 + 5 + 5 = 20 so the flute is 4 because 5 + 4 + 4 = 13 for the final equation you have to do multiplication first so 4x5 = 20 + 10 = 30 but I just realized its 2 flutes in the 3rd equation so the answer is actually 2x5=10+10=20
  6. @Javfly33 thanks for talking this through with me bro. How did you reach your awakening of oneness without psychs?
  7. @Javfly33 thanks. Yes it seems that solipsism js just ego games. But there not being others is so messed up. I think i might be ready for awakening because i just feel like completely giving up on life. But im still afraid so i might not be ready. Also i need to find a 5meo plug to hook me up, this will be hard. if all these radical things are true, awakening has to be really good why the fuck else would anyone pursue it. Thats my only hope now tbh.
  8. @Danioover9000 Thanks for asking bro, DPDR seems to be going fine. However reading this thread just now made me almost physically sick, Leo saying that the current present moment im experiencing right now is the only thing that exists. How is this not solipsism. This thread is honestly the most disturbing thing ive ever read and honestly i dont know how i will go on with life now. I guess awakening or suicide is the only option now.
  9. @Leo Gura You are contradicting yourself. In your salvia experience video you said you would die from other peoples perspectives if you would jump out of the window. Now you are saying there are no other perspectives.
  10. There actually is Nothing rather than something. Nothing is all there is We just called it "Reality" And because there is nothing to bound Nothing, because there isn't anything to begin with, It's absolutely Infinite, and can literally be everything and anything with no limits, while still being nothing at all? It can even be "something", if we define "something" as a "limited thing" Because Infinity has no boundaries so it even contains limited things a.k.a. "something" The answer to "Why is there something rather than nothing?" is: "There is something, rather, Nothing." Reality is insane. Nothing is Insane. Man I feel like I'm having some insights today.
  11. @Light Lover Yeah bro Elder Scrolls is amazing. And of course Minecraft with its infinity and creativity.
  12. Carnivore diet. is just insanity to me. I personally love to eat meat, and thats why I think its ok to kill animals. But when you scientifically create a diet to benefit yourself, which entails only eating meat aka dead animals, it gets kinda creepy to me. Because you are consciously deciding to only eat meat instead of just enjoying meat because you like meat. But ofc its all relative anyway. I just dont understand Joe Rogan saying its a good diet because it doesn't contain carbs? because proteins turn into carbs in your body.(gluconeogenesis) So if you want to go low on carbs why not just go for an Atkins diet? On the other hand, Eskimos almost only eat fish, and they are extremely healthy. So there might be something to the carnivore diet. It just doesn't feel like a very conscious option.
  13. Meat & cooking food is definitely a part of it.
  14. Drip = concept from hip hop culture to signify how fashionably & high quality your outfit is. God has literally an infinite sense of fashion. Look around you.
  15. @traveler Lol. He's infinitely flexing on himself of course. And we are it!
  16. Once I realized the voidness of the material paradigm, it actually got me more interested in science. If it is not the end all be all how can science even explain things in the first place? It clearly does because science works so well, yet it is all a mental model of reality and not reality itself. @Leo GuraPlease make a video on science from the metaphysical point of view, you kinda owe it to us after fucking with our minds so much lol. @electroBeam You work with CO2 emission etc right, I bet you would love this video too. It's easy to get caught up in the voidness of science when science is actually a beautiful symbolic description of reality, that we can use to create a myriad of machines and structures.
  17. Because only humans have ego is probably why we have evolved so fast from animals.
  18. Thats what I meant with, "there is something, rather, Nothing.". There is no difference between something and Nothing but Nothing is a 'purer' word for our human perspective.
  19. Lol, are you serious? the brain exists, its an idea we use to understand our reality and how to alter it. That doesn't mean you can't have brain damage, even though the brain is a concept. I mean you (the ego you) are a concept so you are in the same realm as the brain. saying "the brain doesn't exist" has become a meme in this community. Of course in the absolute sense a brain doesn't exist, and this is what materialists dont understand. But in the absolute sense all that exists is Nothing/God/Love/Being/Consciousness anyway. whatever you want to call it, so saying ''there is no brain" is not profound at all in this way. And you can also say we are in Gods brain. You can also call it Gods mind but you can also call it Gods brain. Mental=physical so mind=brain. @4201 to answer your question, Just dont take too much, follow the internet guidelines. And dont take MDMA within 3 months after taking it. I think I suffered some brain damage after 2x hard raving with M this january. This was also in combination with alcohol. I got anxiety and some depression, maybe even my DPDR symptoms (which seem to be fading) came from it. Anyway the only brain damage you can have from too much M (not counting overdosing ofc) is your serotoning receptors being destroyed. They will grow back after a year so you might have a fucked up year but thats it. I read this on the internet dont take my word for it.
  20. Damn thats insane. So God is so boundless that it can even be "not-God" by creating egos. So infinite that it even is, what it is not.
  21. @Visionary Non-Being = Being right? so wouldn't "Nothing" be a better word instead of "Non-Being"? as in, Being=Nothing