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  1. Do you recognize the four people in this painting?
  2. Eckhart Tolle says people would come up to him and tell him "I want what you have!" Sadhguru says "I am stoned 24/7!" Yogananda says advanced Kriyabans are able to remain in a state of ecstasy for as long as they want. Is it childish of me to expect to achieve this?
  3. @Chris365 @Nahm @Moksha @Breakingthewall @SoonHei @Mason Riggle @traveler @WaveInTheOcean Thank you, God, for this blessing. Please stay in my mind and heart at all times.
  4. I remember when Leo said "I don't care if I live or die anymore. I have no agenda!!!" This was during his first live awakening video. I've often felt this way while tripping or in a deep meditation session. Why doesn't this feeling/insight/realization last? Why do we have to be sucked back into the illusion? Are there any tips on how to hold on that feeling?
  5. Dallas Texas, ya'll
  6. @Leo Gura You have the rich man's disease. STOP EATING. Do a water fast for a week. It's what I would do. I followed Sadhguru's advice on eating only twice a day with at least 8 hours between meals and it has absolutely cured my digestions problems.
  7. Questioner: "Is a Master necessary for realisation?” Ramana Maharshi: "The realisation is the result of the Master’s grace more than teachings, lectures, meditation, etc. They are only secondary aids, whereas the former is the primary and the essential cause." Questioner: “Can anyone get any benefit by repeating sacred syllables (mantras) picked up casually?" Ramana: “No. He must be competent and initiated in such mantras.” I enjoy listening to mantras on YouTube and sometimes I see comments with people scolding the video poster for sharing the "secret mantas" without proper initiation. If you read the reviews on books about Kriya Yoga on Amazon you'll notice people posting hate comments towards the authors for sharing the secrets of Kriya and warnings of the dangers of practicing Kriya without a guru's guidance. Ennio Nimis, author of "Kriya Yoga-Synthesis of a Personal Experience", released his book and received a lot of negative feedback. Sadhguru also stresses the need for a guru and initiation into the meditative practices but in Jiddu Krishnamurti's opinion this is all nonsense. What do you guys think about this?
  8. LMAO this dude is trolling the world and everyone is just eating it up lol OMG
  9. @Leo Gura You better believe I'm coming after you in the spirit realm if you perform mahasamadhi. You're not getting away that easily!! I want my promised lifetime updates on my LP course and booklist or my money back!!
  10. Let this be a lesson to Leo and everyone else here who believes their soul has outgrown their body. The love/hate of the people you left behind might drag you back into this realm
  11. There are many gurus who have performed mahasamadhi in front of others. Yogananda, Vivekananda......and Master Oogway!! I believe this video is the only recorded Mahasamadhi in history! Notice how he merges into everything. It brings tears to my eyes.
  12. Wow, these are awesome! Thank you so much for sharing!
  13. I find it hard to get past the wannabe Darryl Anka aka Bashar vibe. It's too cringe.
  14. The above video is the first I've seen from this man so I don't know anything about him. A lot of what he talks about in the video made sense to me. Can you guys explain why his views are frowned upon in this thread? Is it considered "stage blue" to prefer a woman who does not act/dress in a promiscuous manner? Should we encourage our wives/daughters to act in this way? Are we going to tell our daughters to go out there and gain as much sexual experience as possible before settling down with a partner? @StarStruck what fake accent are you speaking about? Is he faking an American accent?