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  1. "Alien" is a duality. What you're looking at in that video is YOU!! Marvel at your own beauty!!! am I right, Leo?
  2. @AdamDiC Thank you so much for sharing. Your words really resonated with my heart and it was the exact message that I needed to hear today.
  3. @Anton_Pierre I am curious as to why there are a lot of people on this forum with such a negative view on cannabis. I thought it was common knowledge that cannabis has been consumed by many yogis and saddhus to assist with trance during meditation. Sadhguru once acknowledged that cannabis creates a layer of distance between the self and the body. I myself find it easier to not get lost in thought stories during Kriya if I vape right before the meditation session. @StarStruck ABV = Already Been Vaped. It's what's left of your bud after vaporizing it. Like WorkNMan said you can sprinkle this on your peanut butter.
  4. Thank you. I really needed to hear the message in these videos today. Never realized how bad my victim mindset was until I watched these videos.