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  1. @winterknight just being aware on awareness certainly eliminates all the thoughts, and you enter thoughtless state which feels very nice, very interesting. Before I kinda felt like I needed to close my eyes to absorb myself into The Self, but now I can remain as just That, feels great! Thank you winterknight ♥️
  2. @winterknight when concentrating on the awareness in which thoughts occur I feel kind of freedom, there is no problem, there's just awareness and it feels good. Should I stay in that awareness?
  3. @winterknight okay as I'm intensely focusing on the question who is the awareness feeling all these things and to whom these desires occur I can slowly feel these thoughts of desiring supernatural loose its power, it feels kinda silly, thoughts seem to have very dream like feel, if I continue on this I can see any thought occurring will have no weight at all, kinda like when doing psyhadelics
  4. @winterknight I read the website you linked, it's very good and the info resonate with me. Okay, I see that 'I am" is just a thought and there is dimension deeper than that, I can I fact rest in that peace, where nothing is lacking, but yes, the mind comes in and starts to ask questions, gets dissatisfied, cause it has desires. It asks for supernatural things, it desires unexplainable, yet to mind everything seems logical, reasonable and can be explained by thinking, connecting dots. I want to fly like superman in this reality, make fire from my bare hands, fly dragon across sky etc.. But I can't fulfill those desires simply because they are impossible to do. I know it's just my mind creating all these phantasies, yet how can I rest in the Self if the mind still feels dissatisfied and asks for these miracles? Do you think that even if those miracles would be fulfilled I still wouldn't be satisfied, is it really hamster wheel? I imagine enlightenment is ability to detach from my body - mind and enter another body, like yours for e. g. But if that could be possible I would be you. In a way I guess it is happening, just not in my experience, cause the nature of mind is to radiate from first person (one point) view. So if I wanted to become you, I would have to dissaper.. Is it true?
  5. @winterknight Hello! Question : I know it's mental mastrubation but bear with me.. So why is it that I feel consciousness is radiating from particular body - "mind point, which is my point of view, why this particular body-mind? Why is it that my experiences are not your experiences? Even if you are enlightened, you still exist in your own bubble, you can not enter my bubble, by bubble I mean life experience (can be thought as story too I guess). I can I fact understand this misconception of thinking you're just this mind body, but my I can't understand why the consciousness appears to radiate from this particular (my) body mind, is it perhaps mystery?
  6. @winterknight Hey, just now I had sudden feeling that I am whatever I look at. So for e.g. If I see old lady pass by me, I feel like I am that lady, and when she looks at me she is me, how well this fits into enlightenment paradigm?
  7. Can you confirm something for me please? The free will exist only in relative to ego right? When you step out, distance yourself from ego you see that thoughts and happenings can be explained by the law of causality, thus everything seems to be predetermined. But because ego stems out from the real Self ( which I call " the Nature" ) and is identical to it, there is no one to be predetermined, that force which is predetermining ego's actions are ultimately The Nature itself which is You! Do I understand it correctly?
  8. @Viking You would be surprised, those buddhists i encountered are super open minded and have lots of wisdom to offer. They wont even talk about beliefs (unless asked) they would just say "sit and meditate" I would clasify them more like in middle greenish spectrum. Btw i also went to some hippie communities and felt they lack the spiritual side. Those Buddhists in the community are so much above them, very rational and introspective (I think mostly because they were westerners, so they would do lots of analyzing and would not take things on blind fate).
  9. @Viking Hey! I had the same problem few months ago. So I left my home and bought one way ticket to Spain. Got into Buddhist community that squat in caves, spent 3 months there, learnt meditation, community living and refreshed my spirit. After that I went to do Ayahuasca ceremony where I had experience of the Self and Absolute (literally went from Hell to Heaven). Now my mind has become reseted and I feel so much better, and i even feel where i should go with my life, before was hopelessly lost. Next week Im going to Self-explorating workshop and then go back to Spain to take Permaculture Design Course. My thinking now is very eco oriented, and I want to live in harmony with myself and nature, i guess you could say my life will be directed towards creating a sustainable living environment for all living beeings, this is my desire at the moment at least Hope it helps
  10. This festival looks really interesting for someone like me, who just recently tapped into the freedom of surrendering, the flow, letting go of all concepts. Thanks to Ayahuasca. Experiencing the groundlesness, total freedom made me completely lose my mind (which I'm so thankfull for) It reminded me to Love and not judge, something I have completely forgoten about, no wonder life was so unfullfilling.. Anyway thanks for sharing info about such festival, I might even go
  11. Thanks for answering! Part of me what you're saying knows this to be true, but this seems too radical to accept I guess, since it's too contradictory to my "normal" experience of the world..
  12. @Leo Gura does my room walls exist if I'm not looking at them? Sometimes I wonder what's the point of all the info psychedelic trips gives you if relative day to day reality still operates as it used to, people still need to eat, shit and do whatever they do. It just seems it has no practical side to it other than giving you new beliefs (but at least it comes from your direct experience..). You say there are no physical laws, but how could there not be, if I jump from building I will certainly die or cripple myself, well other people have done it and it happened for them, are you saying I'm imagining all that? I'm just a bit disappointed in psychedelics, cause when you come down all reality is as it always was, so it seems it does all happen in your brain..