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  1. @Apparition of Jack Thanks yeah I don’t think I should go down the mining road
  2. I’m an engineer in the renewable energy field. I got involved with this field of work because I care about the planet and I want to help the energy sector transition from burning fossil fuels to renewable energies. Although I believe what I’m doing is good for the environment I find it to be unsatisfying/unrewarding because i don’t get to see anything tangible resulting from my work (I.e It’s hard to see the positive impact I’m having on the environment) especially when I look around and see all the negative impacts of climate change (although I know it could be worse). I feel like if my purpose was to do with helping people rather than helping the environment it could be a lot more rewarding because i would be able to see the effect I’m having on people. Does anyone else that has a nature based purpose feel this way? Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. I’m an Aussie who has faced a similar dilemma. I work in the electrical/engineering field and I have been presented with the opportunity to work at the mines countless times and have always turned it down despite the crazy amounts of money I could be earning. People think I’m insane for not taking the offers but I can’t bring myself to do it because it feels wrong to be involved ethically (for environmental and corporate greed reasons). Also as said above there’s a lot of unconscious people at the mines who I don’t really want to be around because it can rub off. Instead I’ve been working in the renewable energy sector (which ethically feels better to be involved in) for a lot less money and probably a lot more stress. Hard to know if I’ve made the right choice. Keen to hear your thoughts.