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  1. What's the point in putting this effort into turning a human great, if the human dies in the end?
  2. Salvia people. Had a bad trip or let me say just a horrific trauma . ended up in a game show where the guy said congratz your life as you know it was all a joke for our entertainment your life ment nothing.. for you it felt like a lifetime but is was just a few sec for the audience . after that became just a speck of dust in a bigger picture just to get used to form a whole picture. It felt like a horror that I was nothing just a small part just to get used. and after that I became my couch that dreamed was a young man living life but than rememberd I just was a couch after all this, back to reality I just lost it. I feel like life is just a game or a dream. Or do I live the same life over and over (to entertain God, or whoever is controlling the reality)? All these kinds of questions just still are interfering with my normal day to day life. It seems Mother Salvia has her own "truths" and I regret it to this day. atleast my ego is dead but maybe ignorence is bliss..... Do You notice guys how, when people experience "beautiful" things from 5-meo or dmt, people eager to accept these direct experiences as Truth. But when they experience some sinister hellish things from things like salvia, they just call it delusions? So the benchmark by which we sort out truthfull vs delusional direct-experiences, is by which experience feels more pleasant ? It seems bias, don't you think?
  3. 45- to an hour of concentrated breathing continuously? Wow that's a dedication.
  4. Ivankiss, if I may ask, how long did it take of the diaphragm breathing until you got this effect?
  5. Yes! Letting the human-life/limitation expirience to be one's own limit of expriciening reality and thus just surrender one's own existence to the void seems such a missed on opportunity to go beyond human and expirience even cooler things. Its infinite, remember guys
  6. I'm not taking anybody sides, but for objectivity sake, IamTheHolySpirit aren't You doing the same thing that you point out that traveler does? What are you trying to accomplish?
  7. Guys, I see the same words being repeated around inside the enlightened circles "chop wood" etc,, "self is an illusion", "lol we don't even exist". And on top of that quoting verse from texts that are over a thousand of years old as if their "ancient-ness" gives them a bullet-proof authority. If no one wrote them down, you wouldnt even know they existed in the first place, Ohh, I forgot there wasn't anyone there to write them down...right..hmm? For people who allegedly are about expanding their minds and finding the truth, it seems pretty limited-minded to write same scripted catch phrases, quote texts, to have a couple of laughs and a sense of "eh, we got it all figured out". It seems like by trying to convince yourself that you don't exist, you are trying to cope better with whatever stressors you have in your reality + you are trying to lose the sense of responsibility, etc. Truth is, it takes someone, to write this reply to you, likewise, it takes someone on the other side to read this message and reply back, etc. If the kind of "enlightenment" that you belive in gives you a message of truth being that "you don't even exist man...", yet you still hypocritically put up with chopping your waters and carrying your woods further, you might consider if You really belive in these "truths" yourself. The reason you still doing the mundane-repetitive survival things is that you ARE afraid of ceasing to exist, and there is still somewhere someone inside that knows it exists (because is evident) and doesn't want to die.
  8. If by illusion You mean that these individuals exist for a temporary time, then I don't think calling them "illusionary" would be fitting. Because calling them "illusionary" doesn't change the fact that they still exist during the duration that they exist, until they die of course. So they exist, but their existence is relatively short.
  9. Meta-Man, please put your attention to the fact that it still takes someone for there to be killed by truth, therefore as we can see there is still someone.
  10. With all respect, but why would I want to accept the belief that at the moment of death of the body - I will cease to exist too?
  11. But how can one experience of being nothing, if there is no one to experience this "nothing"?
  12. God doesn't need causation/reaction chains in order to get soemthing. God imagines directly the result and it becomes. I think You missed the essence of what God is.
  13. Trip Report: With five inhalations in I began to feel it come on and I continued to inhale every 30-40 seconds. The room began to change and my face became orange with flowing lines undulating off of my head. With each inhale there was an increasing sense of silence. There was a feeling that everything was leading up to this very moment and with each breath and each swallow I remembered the point of this experience. I know it sounds crazy. I know it makes zero sense but at that peak of the moment I fully understood what I was, what I am, and what I will be. A single point of experience for the sole purpose of experiencing the idea of me. What I don’t know is what is the technology that is driving this thing called life. Is it biological? Is it electronic? I don’t feel like it’s some complex lesson generating god/spiritual guide, up leveling school for humans thing but rather like a video game that exists for entertainment and nothing else. I could be wrong. I probably am, but at this point it sure feels like the point of life is to simply be life
  14. You guys are missing the point, people say we have freedom of choice, but we don't actually have freedom of choice in things that are important. We are basically like prisoners of whatever reality God is imganeing. Why? Because we cannot not to part of reality, I cannot say "I M tried of this human life, my back pain etc, I want something else", will You think it reality will transfer to another reality? Nope, because we aren't in control. We are on a Rollercoaster and we do t choose the theme park and nobody is asking us for our opinion, when it is us who ride it.
  15. And what does one get from this? Sounds good though, because one pretty much learns to be more stable in life
  16. Being is prior to any reality, or whatever other thought it imagines
  17. Bro, you mean just to imagine as if someone has a gun to your head and surrender to the moment, and this way one can find the truth ??
  18. So how does life, choose to do such things, if its not someone?
  19. Why do you think such reaction occurs? Is it scary?
  20. If you ask the mule it might be the opposite. Basically we are all bias in our own ways.
  21. Don't You think guys it makes God seem selfish, because God doesn't ask us?
  22. Yeah, I read it Brother. And the answer is, cuz God is bored and lonely and we basically entertaining God. Basically all our lives are like Netflix for God. Does God want to watch some horror show? Here it is, holocaust, world War, genocide, hunger etc. Does God wants to see comedy show, Here it is, some guys life from London etc. Yeah, it nice to know, that the reason we wake up the next and live our lives is to entertain God. All our highs and lows, Happines and sadness, tragedies etc... Wow man. It is all meaningless then. When I die, that's it, my TV show is over. For me it's some terrible news man. For God I guess I is not bad, because God is outside of time and space, God is indestructible.
  23. However the question is, is survival futile? Then what's the point of even trying to survive if we can die and merge back into infinite love, aka God? Why would anyone choose anything else instead infinite Love? Lol ?
  24. What if there is no God hiding from itself, and we are just all on our own.