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  1. Leo if you had total control of this imagination process you could imagine anything and it would just be so. However, we need to admit that there are Beings who are higher up the ladder of Mind-Evolution, and these beings have total control over our reality and other realities. They are called Elohim in the bible, which translates "Being-ones" or "Those-who-are-Being". Why we are here is to evolve our consciousness/minds and become a truly independently existing Being. The ones here on earth who will successfully evolve their Being into fully-existing level will become a member of the Elohim community, in which case you will have the powers to decide how realities such as ours look/work, you will be a ruler such as they rule right now the reality you abide in. HOWEVER! If it is as you say its just "you" imagining all of earthly-reality and all these physical-limitations are just a figment of your imagination then you could easily disregard those limitations and start bending the "natural-laws", BUT if you say you can't, remember "you having no ability to override these "physical-limitations of this world (which are imaginative), is a imagination limitation on yourself too, So if you cant override this "imaginative-limit" consider then the possibility that your worldview is incomplete and consider the possibility that you are not the only Being existing You got to admit Leo there are forcefully put limitations to your Being, by Beings who are more evolved on Mid-level then you are.
  2. However, is sucking dick more of getting sucked or giving a suck? Like jacking off, is it more getting a handjob or giving a handjob experience? Its like a paradox when you think about it.
  3. Soundness to Everyone Enlightenment/Ego death is basically depersonalization disorder, if You try to find a difference, You would be shocked that it is impossible to do so.
  4. The Important question is, Leo when You say "When you realize you are God." To truly understand You, I must ask what the word "God" defines in your own understanding
  5. Because then it means that all of the existence was in vain because there is no end result of this examine/reality. that the creator created independent minds from himself just so to erase and put them back in itself. All of the creation was in vain then. However, there can be alternative that The Creator created this reality and put Mind-Seeds/Clones of His Mind to create new Minds, to multiply the amount of independently existing wholly Beings. You see then the entire creation of this universe and putting of consciousness into this reality is not in vain.
  6. "I think my question cuts straight to the core. Good luck." The objective difference is that I give an argument, and You are giving a question which is not relevant to the argument. You can make your question more legitimate if You would, for example, explain how your question can an answer the original argument stated at the start of the post/topic. The thing is people here on this forum cant read what You are thinking in your mind.
  7. @Vinnie Think for a moment why did You ask this question? Which in itself contributes not to the discussion. The discussion is that the idea of the Enlightenment/Ego death is basically the same as the clinical diagnosis of depersonalization. The proof in the pudding is that You can yourself try to find the difference, and the reality is you cant.
  8. Giving up your Being it is like giving up your own life/existence it is the worst thing that can happen with/to You. Giving up your existence/Being with merging with something else and letting It consume Your Being, doesn't matter what you call it God/Deporsonalization/Truth etc. It is the ultimate Evil to Yourself. To erase Your own existence. It is like taking something and throwing it into lava, saying that now that it lost its Being, however it is part of the lava now so it is all good.
  9. Oh yeah... Lets just then slander cuss at each other here on the forum, why do we behave civilized and in a respectful manner? If it is ultimately about the experience? Because ultimately things are not relative. If I say/think billions of times that 2+2 is 5 it won't make it true. There are rules. Because we can't go around in circles and deny that reality that ultimately Good an Evil are not from the same source. What is wonders of wonder is how such Good as Us can exist in such Evil as this world.
  10. If we die and cease to exist then it is only about being happy. That's the most logical thing to do. To be happy and same things/stuff don't make everyone happy. So this means that everyone have their own to be happy. Only if there is a way to exist beyond the death of human-existence there is a point of not just "trying to be happy". Because than You can motivate Yourself to struggle in order to gain some existence/life outcome after the human-death. However if after the human death the self-identity cease to exist, then the only thing that makes sense is while you are have this identity/limited to this human-body is to be happy, as much as You can.
  11. One of the things which/What creates a good deal of suffering for humans is a certain thing. It is about control. A lot of human suffering stems from the fact that the mind/human when confronted in certain situations/realities events etc. which are out of His/Her control, He/She suffers, suffers why? suffers because He/She knows that things/situations/events/realities can be better. The things/situations/events/realities can Be better yet they are not, what a wonder? So what do people do, because they cannot escape, they start to try to believe that everything is the same, the negative experiences and the positive? I think people go for enlightenedmend to gain a sense of control, but they gain it through giving out their control, even their own Being.
  12. How can We be sure that in the states where we feel as if we are God and that everything is as it should be, will be and must be, that it is us getting this information as brainwash from someone who is not for your best interest? It is a possibility. It is like if someone takes someone into his basement and there tortures the person and then tells the person that the pain the suffering doesn't exist and that it all is good.
  13. @Inliytened1, I agree and know that The Mind is existing in from a source where God exists. However, I see that whoever created this world cannot be all good. I know that I would not wish any pain for You Friend or anyone else. However let's say some people on this forum become sick next year and start feeling pain every day 24/7, did they themselves did this to themselves? Or did we collectively as one mind of God did that to the person? To ourself? Give pain to yourself? It is not-logical sane thing to do. So if I know that it is not logical, but God does it, so I am more sane/in Mind then God? And if my Mind is the part of God all along, so when I am my little self I am saner than when I am in unity within the Mind of God? Do we the problem?
  14. If the ultimate nature/origin/Mind that created this world is our Minds origin too. Then when you turning to your True Nature in all possible facets. You woul embody all aspects of this reality and its Being all aspects from A to Z. You would murder someone today and save someone's life tomorrow. You would be walking split personality disorder-bucket. There would be no growth of character in your case because you would be all of these things at the same time, which is not the case. I highly doubt that if You had to create a world from scratch you would create phenomena such as pain. (Corect if I am wrong please :)) Just the same as you are able to kiss passionately your lover you would be able and even willing to kiss the killer who killed your lover but not only that but as passionately, even right after it happened. No this is not the truth of things.
  15. Tedens, you chose to use the word "fecal" to emphasize this discussion as something negative. Which is against your own beliefs, because You would say that ultimately you yourself created/manifested of there even existing a possibility of fecals existing in this world. So You do see that some things are objectively bad and good, or if worded better, something are more better than others?
  16. @Inliytened1 how is this an answer ?: " because You forgot yourself. It's that simple. And you can wake up to yourself." when question, in short, is "When You experienced being god, can You tell me why Did God create this world with all its evil/pain/suffering/aging/sickness etc? " I thought communication is about is making sure that the other person understands. And I don't think You can say something along the lines of "it is an answer you just don't understand it". Just like if someone asked someone on a math exam what is 2+2 and answered something along the lines of : You must wake up to math. By this I mean it seems You do not know why from all the possibilities of worlds God created a world with pain and suffering, or You know but dont want to answer, maybe? Well, it is too a possibility. I have no personal agenda and I am trying to always be humble to make sure that I put the search for Truth on the top before my own delusions/ignorances and of others, even if we people seem to be stopped searching and are sure that they already figured it out.
  17. @zeroISinfinity Friend, destructive/dangerous thinking it is. You accept evil, even though in Your own words it doesn't exist in itself because all is good. However, (I don't want to say You, because I really don't want to sound rude :)) but at the same time, I would extremely doubt that "one" would want that tomorrow morning some one would come up and cut ones arms and legs off. NObody who is sane would want that, no? You wouldn right, you would say it is all good, because all is good? Why are you confusing yourself?
  18. I believe that You truly must have experience something convincing that You hold onto it to be true. Friend, tell me please, When You were in the sate of when You discovered You are God, can You tell me why Did God create this world with all its evil/pain/suffering/aging/sickness etc? A good Being would not create a world with even a possibility of experiencing pain. Create people with different languages so they would not understand each other and form this the arisen fear of each other which leads to hatred and conflict? Why did God create/designed world as such that it was intentionally made so that it is much more probable to break/suffer than to gain happiness and health?
  19. The Mind which created this universe created it such that in order for the organisms in this universe to prolong their existence they need to hurt/destroy the integrity of others. Think about this design, and think if a good Mind would create a world with this mechanism of action. Judge the tree by its fruits. It is fascinating that something as good as We can exist in such evil as this world. We know better, we see the world is not as good as it could have been. Where does this knowing/imagination/image come from? From this world? No! It comes from ourselves, the ones who are getting closer to their immaterial Minds, they can see the world for what it is and they can see their human bodies with its existence/life for what it is. If Our minds were of this world and its source we wouldn't have known better. For exmaple the one who created this world could created it so that The animals could have all existed without the need of consumption of other ones. It Clearly Dualistic of Arch Dualism, Two Entirely independent, separate and antithetical substances of Existence, Wholly Good Immaterial, Us and Wholly Evil Darkness, Not-Logical Material. By saying that they both come form the same source it is self-delusion. An apple tree does not give pears, nor does a pear tree give apples. Friend, it gives sense that the Evil is from the Outside, If not and it is of yourself then you believe at heart, at True core that You Fundamentally of same origin as the Vile Pedophile, Sadist, Manipulator, Psychopath, Tyrant, Egomaniac and all evils on, these things and a Mind/substance that enables and allows them to exist, Puppeteering and generating the very world trying to Exterminate the Good in Minds of people. Saying Evil and problem is not Outside is like saying if a Evil Hostile Aggressor runs up to you and shoots you in the head then you are at fault and are to blame for shooting yourself in the head, it's Discrepancymania. The problem is that our Good/Minds are attached to this evil/ignorant world.
  20. @tedens @Inliytened1 You can't deny it there are things which are evil and there are things which are good. The animal does it because it is fully material made of the matter which is made by someone who is not against to create an evil world-system, You can then make an estimation of what kind of Being it is. However, what is different about us, is that we are not fully of matter and we don't not only think with the flesh/animal brains. We have Minds, which are not made of matter at all, although everything in this world we are is made of matter, with the animals in it alongside the human bodies with their mammal brains. Our Minds are from somewhere ultimately Good, not from here, at least better than this world. Because of this we can recognize the evil of this world and act better than this world with its animals and the mode of life which is based on the consumption of the others. Where is the beauty in that? And would you say beauty doesn't exist? Beauty is undeniable, you don't need to analyze something to know if it is aesthetical beautifully or not. Beautiful and ugly does not merge. Not everything merges together. Why some are more conscious of this then the others it is because not everyone's Immaterial Minds as grown as others. Most people seem to operate only based on their human brains, of course, the evil of this world would seem normal, because its brain is made of the same source/matter just like the world it is from,
  21. @Inliytened1 If it is as You said earlier it is Us who created this place then I must accept that ultimately Evil is part of our Being.
  22. I am saying that the reality is that there things which need nothing to know of. I know I exist. I know that this reality in which I exist is evil, designed to cause suffering. If it wasn't nobody here would be asking questions trying to figure things out.
  23. It is unacceptable for some to imagine that a more perfect world/illusion could exist for the Consciousness to experience reality. One cannot be both good and bad. You are either good or you are bad. One here who is against rape and killing wouldt go after of couple hours and do these things. Because it against who You are. You either Good or you are evil. I know can be in a grey area, and most are and however one can evolve oneself into more good or more evil himself. Ultimately it is possibly to become ultimate Good. Evolution is true. However, when you ascend into good you, you wouldt turn to evil. If the source was/is already ultimately Good, it would create the many evil things in this reality.
  24. There is ultimate Good, and Good and Evil are not from the same source, if you don't believe me just analyze yourself and this forum. Why do people here put their picture in which they look good/presentable? Smile when you talk in front of the camera in your videoes? Why? Because You know it is better/more "good" to look good. Why do use words as wisdom/wise, figured out, im this im that, because you do care how others perceive you and you want the others associate with good words, well at least with words which are associate with better/more advanced traits not retarded traits, such as deficiency, evil, etc. You know..., even without knowing it You are going after Good.