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  1. What's the point of doing so much work to awaken if, other people dont do jack sh*t, die and awaken 100% at the moment of death?
  2. I see now that it was foolish for me think so, thank you for opening my mind, so to speak. It is indeed, about the POV and the level of consciousness of the specific POV. Leo, however, If You dont mind, I have to clarify something that You are teaching. You are saying that when one is in his/her room, that room is the only thing that exist. But when we talk about dmt worlds and the dmt aliens, wouldn't that mean that there are other worlds/canvases like the dmt worlds with its own inhabitants which exist simultaneously, while one is in his/her room.
  3. Im not ruling out this possibility, that indeed, God created this world with the highest expression of consciousness and love. And that it is me who should go to closer God's level to see that he is right, it seems more logical that God has a better perspective of things. However, for example, the DMT realms, how amazingly beautiful and wonderous they are, aren't they? So worlds could be more wondrous then ours, cant they? If our world was the apex-creation made of as the highest expression of love, then why would people fell in love and say how much more amazing and unspeakably beautiful the DMT worlds are, appearing more real then ours?
  4. I understand now that there this two POV, the absolute and hte relative. However, we still exist here on earth as humans, on a relative , survival game. And if we are talking about us individually choosing how we each would like to live our lifes, it makes one to really think how much really "freedom of choice" do we really have. I too, would not want to murder somebody, and would rather see the earth being a peaceful place. However, it is still part of earth, reality, murder etc. So does one really have a choice? And even if one makes the right choices, reality can still "bite" one's ass. That's why, I wonder, why wouldn't God make his canvas to be made with the highest expression of the highest level of consciousness, without the lower consciousness elements. Like a world, without diseases, getting older, etc. DMT worlds, show how wildly, different existence, can be, how much different realty-worlds can be. So why not turn our world into a more heavenly place?
  5. Then, wouldn't You agree that having a healthy physical body is a better more functional choice for a more effortless life one earth, compared to a body with illness(es)? All that time going into trying to fix the body's health could be used for higher consciousness goals, etc. That's why, I was wondering in that thread in the first place, why would God, which is the Highest Level of Consciousness, consciously give illness to a human on earth. When You say "if I'm choosing how to live my life, and I'm conscious about it, I will choose not to murder people.", It sounds like You as a Being have a higher-consciousness level, then God who gives all kinds of illness to folk!
  6. Leo, didnt You say that there only exist the things that are in your view/proximity, so if you are in your room, that room is the only that exist. However, You are now mentioning DMT worlds, which would mean that there are worlds existing simultaneously while you being inside the room, Which would contradict the notion that only the things one sees in one's own proximity are the only thing that exists.
  7. Leo you said this: But at the same time in other thread you told me, when I said that I don't agree that it is "loving" for God to give me illness, You said that it is because my POV is biased. And that from God's POV healing people or torturing a child is both Love. However, here You write that harsh discipline doesn't feel loving for you, yet you expect me to accept that healing someone and torturing a child is both loving things.
  8. The difference is imaginary, yes. But if all is imagination then imagination is all there IS. Which means that imagination is very real. It is imagination that dictates the how and the rules of reality/things. So there is a imagined difference between "how would this experience differ from dying physically and not by taking 5-meo-dmt" And can you answer what the imagined difference would be? I could answer the question "what's the difference between a car and an airplane, even though the difference is imagined, which makes sense because reality is a product of God's imagination.
  9. Allegedly, the famous Jesus of Nazareth healed people by the power of God, but why though? Weren't their illness an expression of God's infinite love? That would mean that Jesus was robbing those people from Gods love. And those doctors and nurses saving people from coronavirus must be also rubbing them off, from Gods love. What are these people doing?! Let the people be ill, let them feel Gods love. (sarcasm) Am I misunderstanding somethings?
  10. Is that what You mean that when you take 5-meo-dmt you die and you experience this truth? But how would this experience differ from dying physically and not by taking 5-meo-dmt? (Ofc, I see my question is kinda stupid/naive, because You did have experience with 5-meo-dmt, but not with physical death)
  11. So when we all cease to exist/die, we will all realize that it was "I" all along? And there was no one other than "I"?
  12. I see. So the oneness is that there is only One Being in reality and reality is imagined by this Being (I). If You ask Me, I can sense that I am the only Being, because all the others are outside of Me. So do I conclude that I am this Being?
  13. But how would You say, what You are saying in recent times, differs from the "oneness" which is promoted by other gurus, teachers etc? They too say "ALL is One", but I am sensing that You are trying to explain something more radical.
  14. So Reality=Being, and there is only One Being, and thats God. So there is only one "I"? So : God = I = Reality
  15. It doesn't change the fact that I am feeling bad when I am ill. God must know that I feel bad when I am ill. And yet it gives illness, so that would mean that God knows that I feel bad when I am ill and still gives me illness. Is that a loving thing to do? From my POV, it is not, and my POV is the only thing that exist from POV. Every being, person, Gods, other imagined aspects are outside of me and might very well be all imagined by me. So even if everyone were well, but I was suffering from pain, it wouldnt help me a bit.
  16. Leo, when you say One is being selfish when one wants to be healthy and not have an illness. But what's wrong about this selfishness? There is nothing wrong with wanting to being healthy. If everyone were dying of cancer, there would be no humans on earth, for God to "play" with. If the actualized.org forum was not "healthy" and working properly, we wouldnt be able to have a conversation in the first place. So we can see that when things work properly - are healthy, it is better.
  17. So God is like that Child who has a lot of toys around it and it tosses them, breaks them, builds them, does whatever it like with them to have fun? But if the "I" is God, then that would mean that the "toys" are God simultaneously, so God is playing with himself? And that would mean that God in a way is a masochist, if to rely on this particular thinking/logic?
  18. Yes ofc. The question is why would The-I /God, give the human-me illness right before adulthood, when one could enjoy his life, but now is spending his money/time/effort trying to get healthy. I'll give you an allegory, you have a boat without any holes, the entire sea is an adventure for you awaiting, but now your boat has holes, and instead of exploring the sea and having fun you are now constantly trying to patch the holes of the boat to make it whole/healthy again. It kinda breaks the point of being in the middle of the sea in the boat, in the first place, hehe.
  19. Leo but why would God (I) give illness to the human-me? If the illness only lowers my life quality. It seems a bit cold/sadistic. You said Yourself, that You have thyroid issues, then ofc the obvious question would be, why would You-The I (God), give Leo thyroid issues, which is something that is not fun at all, and just gives suffering to those that have it.
  20. Very interesting... , So the "now" moment is all there "IS" then, what happens when the "human" that people call Leo "dies"? It is/will be something that God will imagine also isn't it ? Then how it would "look" like form your POV, if I may ask? I mean, the process of God imagining Human-Leo to die. Also when lets I or You (Leo), get an illness out of nowhere, and I don't even know what the illness is and I don't want to have it, is it me who gave me this illness? Because, I have health issues that I 100% do not want to have, but yet I still have it. Why would I imagine and give this illness to myself? Seems not productive/sane.
  21. Leo, welcome back . I have to ask You something to clarify this for Myself. You say there are no past lives and one was never born that it is all imagined up in the "now" moment like a background-origin script/story. Which means that this life is all there is? I mean, we have to ask if there were no past lives, does that mean that before "Leo" life-time You never existed prior to Leo being imagined by God? This is all very exciting and fresh perspectives/knowledge, I have to say.
  22. So nothing matters and when the body dies the self ceases to exist, forever deleted so to speak? Is this what You wanted to convey?
  23. Why do spirituality teachers grow beards? Is that connected to the importance of looking a certain way for certain things? Also, wouldn't that mean the certain looks of certain people, limit the amount of life-paths/doors one can walk through? The way one looks like play a great portion of what others perceive the person to be, one could even say that the certain way someone looks like, the other people expect the person to be/behave a certain way. Even if you are in reality 17, but you look like you are 70+, people would expect you to behave like a mature/old man because of the way you look and vice-versa. There are many examples of how the way one looks, limits ones interaction possibilities in reality, like in a multiplayer game, certain skins/costumes give certain advantages/disadvantages. IM NOT DISCUSSING ATTRACTION AND ETC,! IN THIS THREAD IM DISCUSSING LOOKS, IN THE WAY OF IT SHAPING YOUR CHARACTER IN THIS "MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER" GAME WE CALL LIFE.
  24. Would it be cold-hearted to tell my friend who is constantly in suffering due to chronic bone pain, that God is Love? In one of my spiritual trips, I too got the message that God is love and reality is created out Love. However, yet whenever I interact with my friend who ca- 5 years ago developed chronic bone/skeletal pain, whenever I speak with and I see the suffering in her eyes, how tired she actually is of it, day in day out, I just cant tell her that according to my direct experience God and universe/reality is Love. How could her situation even be so? Yes, one of my direct expiring form a psychedelic showed my that God and reality is Love but on the other hand, my direct experience with my friend shows me an overall good-hearted individual who is very tired of constantly feeling pain in her bones, and it seems like it will be so until her physical death. This really makes me think, and I have to understand how could a universe made of Love let such a thing happen and keep happening to her. This literal pain, does not benefit her whatsoever, it only destroyed her life up until now, and keeps destroying it. I really wish it was not so.
  25. But I wouldt give pain to someone whom I Love, at least not consciously, then why God/Universe the ultimate source does it? Either God/Source/Universe does it because it is unconscious of it, or it is indeed conscious of it and still doesnt take it away from her, then one could ask to what extent is it truly loving towards her, in her individual case.