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  1. If I-We are God, we should be able to do anything we like. We wouldn't be trapped and be limited by fixed variables. You know the stories about Jesus walking on water, healing the sick etc, and that He told that those who follow his teachings will be able to do even greater things? Well, if we are God we should be not only able to walk on water and heal the sick, but be able to do anything and be lords of reality and not the opposite.
  2. Look it sounds good on the paper. However, we are talking about "Experience". When you are feeling pain 24/7, knowing/realizing that God created the world with the highest expression of consciousness and love, WILL not help at all. However, the pain that I'm feeling/experiencing is/will be very real to me. Also, it is easy for God to not hate viruses, death, and suffering, because He is immune to such things, so of course, he would not have anything against such things. So he is in a privileged position, so what he thinks about those things and what I think cannot be compared, because he is already in an unfair advantage, it is not Him suffering, it is not him avoiding death at any corner, it is not him feeling pain from illness.
  3. Well if as You say, I'm talking with myself and You are talking with yourself, then I would ask You(Me). What do You think, why God created the world with illnesses, aging in it etc?
  4. I see. It makes sense. However, why would God give himself a life of suffering? Why not give a life of luck/happines?
  5. So if the MYSELF is the Real Being. Then why can't it exist for itself. But yet, it attaches itself to false-selves which eventually die? Why does it dress itself with these fake-personas?
  6. One thing it looks like people don't want to consider is to what extent the "truths/revelations" one experiences on psychedelics, are distorted, and really are not-true, however, due to the fact that the mind is under the influence of the substance, the mind cannot differentiate that the "truth" that is being shown/experienced is not "true" at all, and thus the mind accepts as truth, because under the influence of the drug it knows no better. You can read trip reports where people, say how on LSD, one saw his cat as being God of the universe. The thing is under such substances, the mind is very impressionable and thus one can literally start believing whatever, depending on the individual and the setting of the trip.
  7. When you say it is by "design", by whos design it is, mine? Why would MYSELF, beat the crap out myself?
  8. So Yolo, you die and find out you never existed and thus cease to exist and that's the whole deal = ?
  9. At least, it gives an impression that you still care, because you put this effort and time into writing this stuff, for someone who believes that nothing matters and he/she doesn't exist, (sorry, I don't know your gender, thus which pronoun to use to refer to You ) And of course, it is harder to understand your motives, because I don't know what is You after. Happiness? Truth? However, I wish You the best of well-being and your endeavors in life.
  10. Why then bother writing in this forum, again and again? If when eventually people die they find out what you are trying to tell?
  11. Leo, then what's stopping Consciousness to imagine that "miraculously" due to lets say...evolutionary upgrade(or any other story explanation), humans as species would stop aging?
  12. Could we then say that because the collective consciousness of humanity believes death and aging to be a part of "reality" it is what we experience in "reality"? So, if most people on earth stopped believing in aging and death, then humans would stop aging and dropping dead?
  13. First of all Leo, it seems that people take the fact that You take your time and effort to be in the forum active for hours to read and answer people's questions, for granted. Therefore I want to just say "A Big Thank You for Your Help!!!!!" I'm really interested in Truth. And Ill be honest, what motivates me the most to find out what reality "IS" and why there is something other then nothing, like why reality and I exist. Therefore, I was always questioning what is "Death" through out my life. Death is something that I want to avoid at all costs. I do not want to cease to exist. Some teachers say that death is ceasing to exist just for the physical body but ones Being/I continues to exist in other planes of existence. However, nowadays Im understanding that the body itself is a mental projection of consciousness. Therefore I HAVE to ask, what is Death really, according to Your experience with the truth?
  14. Ok, I humble myself and admit that I accept the possibility that Im doing the work the wrong way. Can You tell me please, how to do the work? From what I read in the forum, You are saying that meditation will never give the results which 5-meo-dmt does and that 5-meo-dmt is the surest/straightest way to awakening, is that correct, did I understand this correctly? But if I or anyone else for the matter, doesn't have access to 5-meo-dmt, it means we cant awaken due to such circumstance? I sincerely will be thankful if you explain.(This might also help others who read this)
  15. How work, when I don't have access to 5-meo-dmt? I ask questions, because that's we are doing here right, communicating? Trying to find and share Truth? Do You notice that when I ask You an interesting question, to which You could give me an answer(Which would be a loving/wholesome thin to do), You do not answer them and say "go do work". I don't know, why such an attitude, an awakened person would choose to express.
  16. If people/humans do not have awareness and it is the awareness that has them instead, does it mean then that most "awarenesses" arent curious enough?
  17. Leo when You say "being alive is no better than being dead" arent You contradicting Yourself? Didn't You say there is no death? Also, when you say "everything is imaginary" as if it makes it less "real", however, if "everything is imaginary" and imagination is all that is, then it is very-very real, because it is the only thing that is. Thus, everything being imagery doesn't make it less "not-real". The sky is blue, whether it is imaginary or not. One feels pain when one hits one's toe at the corner, one feels/experiences the pain, whether it is imaginary or not, but it doesn't matter because when EVERYTHING is made of Imagination, then Imagination is The Only Thing that Is, thus it IS Reality.
  18. Because nothing happens without a reason, there is a causal chain of reaction. Also the answer coming your way that you are after is it coming externally or internally? If it is externally why do you take it as a 100% truth? Even if its God, how do You know God might not be joking/pranking/fooling You?
  19. But existing/being is better than non-existence/non-being. If you we did not exist we wouldn't even be able to have a conversation right now. Also, why put objective-sense/selflessness above subjective/selfish? Why not the other way? Why should I relinquish my Being. I accepted one thing being better than the other depending what I am after/want to achieve(I guess you could call it "style") , without hating the "lesser-good" things, though out my life and I was a genuinely happy person, all until body did become ill. So from my own personal experience, it is possible to be genuinely happy, as long as things the way you want to be to. Of course if one just starts to learn to accept anything/everything as good, then nothing will have a difference, not even ceasing to exist will matter for such Being, then the question would be why did this Being even pop into existence, in the first place, if in the end it turns into a characterless/void-of-a-personality being who is trying to relinquish its own Being-"ness".
  20. But still You would choose to be sane and not fall into insanity, no? I gave this example, because, You, Yourself wrote that once you went insane in a trip and that it was one of the scariest thing you experienced. And that You don't think anyone would liked to experienced what you experienced at that moment.
  21. So, a rotten tomato and a fresh juicy tomato, both perfectly perfect? But, we know which one one would choose to eat, no? Which would imply that one is more desirable/attractive than the other,no? For example, one thing that comes first to my mind is Sanity vs Insanity. Who would choose insanity over sanity?
  22. Leo if cant be told, how did you get the message? And whats the point of doing the work, if ones human condition still remains the same like all the other humans (ageing etc.) and evnetually one dies in the end? One was doing no work and lived at the end he/she died, RIP. One WAS doing the work and lived at the he/she died too, RIP. The end result remains the same, whats the catch/point?
  23. I understand that 5-meo-dmt is the wisest and straight-to-the-point way to awaken. However, it is not possible to obtain it and do it in the country where I live. Therefore, I am asking You, because I consider You to be awaken. Therefore, Leo, could You tell me what was the message that Youve got when you awakened? Thank You
  24. Leo, then what's even the point to live and put up with aging, illnesses etc, indeed, why not just commit suicide? What was even the point in us existing as humans? We live as humans, we enjoy/suffer and we die/cease to exist? That's it?