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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing
  2. The answer is entirely inside you. Get to know yourself better and how you function, then you'll find what you really value, and then it's just hard work and mindfulness to act that way every time. Easier said than done but you can do it.
  3. I find that true satisfaction only comes by doing that thing that comes out of you, of your higher self, of your true self. Not because of what you get when you achieve something, but because of the process of expressing your true self with the things you do everything else is secondary.
  4. Simply by being that by yourself in your female form yep, its as simple as that. Be awesome and you'll attract awesomeness. Be negative and you will attract negativity. When you change yourself you will attract something like you, very simple right? Good luck on your search!
  5. First of all I'm really sorry about the situation you're going through... Its tough watching people you love suffer without need. But we can't stop here or loose faith! So, I see you've put a lot of thought into this, and I agree with the steps that you can take. Maybe your father isn't aware that things can be better, and it's not your duty to wake him up or something like that... I don't believe in duty or must do's. BUT, if you suffer from watching him doing what he does I'm sure you can talk with him, of course reading those self help books will help but the main issue here is that he recognizes the problem he has (sometimes people don't even know they have a problem and that things can be better) So yeah, I would recommend your steps and also that you approach it carefuly, making him slowly aware of the problem. And lastly I would say... Don't ever loose faith! You're not alone and you can create whatever you want, so if you deeply feel you want to help your father just do it little by little. Good luck!!
  6. Aswell as the sleep mentioned by Suresh you surely need your vision and your dream life that fills you with excitement and drive!! You can only look for it inside you, there is no other way. Good luck and don't loose faith.
  7. Happiness comes always first, I love this quote and I think it can help you "If you do what is easy your life will be hard, but if you do what is hard your life will be easy". It's hard to pursue ones dream but once you're on the road there's nothing that can stop you. I don't see why being at home with your parents is something negative, I mean, if you want to move out just save some money and of course follow your dream and passion which I assume is your business. You do have the foundation of your parents to quit the job that doesn't fulfil you and you can dedicate yourself 100% to your business. This way you will make money for sure and you will be able to earn your independance. Good luck and I hope my advice helped!!
  8. Hey Ivelina! I think many people think of work ethic as harsh discipline and being tough on yourself. But it's not really about that... A strong work ethic is founded in the values of perseverance and persistence aswell as in discipline while you are after something. For me having a strong work ethic is also about commitment, commiting and not quitting of course As I haven't studied the subject in depth I don't want to say anymore but yeah, to me strong work ethic=commitment and perseverance mostly.
  9. Nice topic Well I think that wasting your life is basically not reaching your full potential or the life that you want because you were lazy. When you stop... growing so to speak I think that is wasting your life... just like a plant that can become a tree would waste its life if it stayed as a tiny sapling haha I hope it makes sense.
  10. Sure something like that would be great! And like that with all the self-actualized work to be done everyday
  11. That's a very good idea! Well I would expect such app to have information about every aspect of self-actualization (you know how broad this is ), I also think that having some kind of forum or chat to share ideas like here would be interesting, and maybe it could have some kind of personalized reminder with your affirmations... meditation routine and so on. I hope I helped and good luck with your project! Let us know how you progress.
  12. Wow your situation is the same as mine! Exams in 1 month and just starting a new relationship. But I'm not stressed at all, I'm actually feeling proud of myself. I do have some habits that I do everyday to make sure I keep growing and don't stop. -Meditation (gives me the calm and clear mind I need to stay present) -Study my career (I love it so I just keep developing my passion) -Study personal development (To keep growing as a person more and more) -Workout (gives me energy and nice feelings like keeping my self-esteem up) -Journal (to organize my thoughts and keep track to know if I'm in the right path) -Affirmations (to keep my morale and mind set in the right way to be as effective and as happy as possible)
  13. Simply enjoy the interaction with human beings. We are absolutely fascinating, there are times to be alone and to do introspection, but when you're with someone it would be nice if you shared those ideas you have in your head rather than keeping them inside, as well as asking the other person about themselves and in a whole being curious about people.
  14. Of course not, leave the past in the past. From now on try to do it everyday, I remind myself with a daily task list that I must do everyday because they are things necesary for my development and for my life purpose. -Meditation -Journal -Affirmations -Study my career -Do self development work -Workout