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  1. This is a much needed post right now. Thank you.
  2. work smart, not hard.
  3. not sure if this has been posted anywhere on the forum...
  4. @Forrest Adkins It's better to skip all of that and get straight to sulking about the unfairness of life.
  5. This thread makes me feel objectified. I am not just some d*ck on two legs made for your clam's pleasure. I am a human being, for God's sake! Ugh..
  6. @Globalcollective Yes please. I am curious.
  7. I completed the 90 day challenge. There seems to be one day missing when adding up the duration from start date to end date, but I do not remember skipping any days. I think it is okay though. I did not think that I would stick to it for that long but every morning I did the mental exercises. It feels like an accomplishment. However, that missing day that I do not recall is a bit annoying to think about.
  8. @cypres I wouldn't say that the things in your bullet points are recurring, but I have experienced them. Can you elaborate a bit more on the suppressed challenges you are talking about.
  9. @Nahm I only saw your reply today. I thought that I put you in a stalemate or something and never checked the thread. Thanks. I will think about what you wrote.
  11. ^^^LOL I think the point that the OP is trying to make is that women should be more generous with themselves when it comes to men. If you see a bum on the street, please inquire if he has been "taken care of" lately, and if not, please offer your "services" immediately. It is the only right thing to do if we are to progress into a Stage Green Society.
  12. Sounds like the guy drained your energy and wants you to be miserable with him forever, without changing anything. Not sure what your relation to him is, but I would avoid any co-dependent bullsh*t from another guy, unless you want to be his emotional tampon or want to suck on his pen*s or something. Is this too much Stage Orange? lol