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  1. A thread was viewed recently that questioned the validity of stones and crystals in consciousness work. This was going to be a reply but one decided to start a new topic to see if anyone can relate to the specific experiences described. Any other thoughts about this method would be nice too. One can personally verify certain stones being useful in particular types of psychedelic/consciousness exploration. Although the degree of their importance is very subjective and hard to pin down. Personally one communicates with the subconscious and the collective consciousness in deep trance states of heavy chromesthesia(Sound=Color). One surfs along levels of mind that are clearly distinguished by different colors. Each colored mind has its own voice and unique insights which it wishes to bless you with. Through a combination of dance/painting/meditation one is able to distill these abstract color patterns into useful, practical, healing realizations. The stones and crystals seem to influence the process by simply being observed and perceived to be a certain color, shape or texture. These are then holographically reflected and brought into the subtle realms behind the eyelids and allow for greater chances of certain layers of mind to be present more than others. So doing this with a lot of Amethyst laying around brings one into contact with “Purple Mind” leading to X insights, with a fair amount of Jade present it is likely one encounters “Green Mind” giving Y insights and with Red Jasper one will meet up with “Red Mind” presenting Z insights. There is a preference now to use a mixture of colored stones with varying shapes for the most balanced and illuminating experience. The picture is an example of part of a recorded dialogue with “Purple Mind” which was influenced by having only Amethyst present.
  2. The first book that comes to mind is ”Letting Go- The pathway of surrender” by Dr. David Hawkins. This is a very simple and powerful method that can help with perfectionism and much more. A central aspect of this is to find the underlying emotional threads that weave the structure that supports this perfectionism in the mind and surrender them bit by bit. A helpful approach is to see this perfectionism not as an enemy to be vanquished in battle but to see it almost as an infant that you are caring for and nurturing. Something that you will accept as part of the self and then proceed to love it quite literally to death. When all the emotional threads have been confronted and let go of, the entire structure will collapse and dissolve. When it is not needed it will simply fall away. It also helps to have a sense of humor about it and to laugh as much as possible. Hehehahahoho....
  3. Thank you. It is really great jumping into this community after so many years of following along with Leo's youtube videos. One can already tell it's going to be lots of fun. https://psychonautwiki.org/wiki/ALD-52 This page has a decent overview of the molecule to start with alongside some of the popular online databases that list psychedelics. The great thing about it is that Albert Hofmann synthesized it which makes it the original "research chemical" of LSD. With it being around since the sixties, the risk does seem to be greatly reduced compared to that of say 1P-LSD which has only been around for a few years. Unfortunately one has not found too many illuminating trip reports for this particular substance as it seems to be kind of obscure. The best resource for it so far has been one's own personal direct experience. Occasionally one can find a person that will really rave about it but also they would be the type that uses it almost exclusively to enhance their TV watching and masturbatory experiences. So as you can expect not much profundity comes from these reports. Another item to be aware of is the duration. This one seems to be best for a long weekend or retreat of some type and not with things going on the next couple of days afterwards. It will usually last a decent amount longer than traditional LSD-25. If LSD lasts between 8-12 hours for you then ALD-52 could last around 12-16 hours. Be extra cautious dosing additional cannabis mid-late trip as this can very much prolong the ALD-52 headspace for much longer. Even after the trip has fully ended this molecule can potentially have a kind of lingering effect in the background of the brain for a day or two. Even a small-moderate dose of cannabis can be enough to bring a large portion of the psychedelic headspace back and extend the trip for up to 24 or even 36 hours. Don't let that extra duration scare you off though. Try to think of it as more bang for your buck. It really is a wonderful rainbow wave of enlightenment to surf on for a day and a half.
  4. It's a tough guess for Leo's new psychedelic. It seems tricky to even know where to begin. Although one can share an interesting new combo that has crossed the path recently. It seems to be the holy trinity of substances for inducing mystical experiences lately. The combo is ALD-52(1-A-LSD), THC and CBD. One would recommend this experience to any serious psychonaut and explorer of consciousness. While it may appear to be a classic hippie mix used to just get as "fucked up" as possible, it really is far from that. An important aspect is the contrasted mind space of ALD-52 vs traditional LSD-25. Being an analogue it seems quite similar on paper but in practice they are worlds apart. On top of being smoother with less body/mind agitation, ALD-52 has a certain contemplative lucidity that just doesn't seem to be present in traditional LSD. Personally one doesn't even mess with LSD anymore as it seems to be a waste of time if there is any ALD-52 laying around. If LSD is DMT then ALD-52 would be 5-Meo-DMT. Or perhaps even better would be to say if LSD is DPT then ALD-52/THC/CBD would be this new mystery substance that Leo is raving about. One can then turn it up to eleven by introducing cannabis into the mix. The larger the spectrum of cannabinoids the better. ALD-52 has a wildly bizarre synergy with cannabis. CBD will especially help to negate what little body load will exist from this combination. Next level insights into God, Love, Reality and all that fun stuff are possible and even likely as well as profound dialogues with the subconscious mind, the Deep Mind, and the Absolute Mind. Be careful as this mix can be extremely powerful and overwhelming especially as the doses are increased. It would be wise as with all things to start small but also to acclimate the mind to each substance on its own first. Edible cannabis is recommended not only for health reasons but also because it lasts longer and one can go deeper with it. Happy tripping everyone!