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  1. Go to 14:43 of this video. This child has been born crippled in the poorest country in the world. @Leo Gura Would you embrace such a life?
  2. I was going to say the same thing. He can't be stupid with that level of writing ability.
  3. Fuck no. If you ever appreciated a dick you are def gay. @EdgeGod900
  4. @EdgeGod900 lol never looked at a dick and thought "oh that's a nice dick" if you think that, you're def gay.
  5. yea, i definitely have the ability to acknowledge a guys good looks. but i wouldn't say I'm gay. I'm open minded though. I've never had a girlfriend so maybe I'll realize I just don't like girls as @Juan did.
  6. no. I've been jerking off since i was 13 and never once felt turned on by the guy. I think that's all I need to know. @Juan
  7. @Leo Gura you have fun going to a sweaty, loud night club begging for the attention of women only to fail to have a real human-to-human conversation because the music is so damn loud?
  8. approaching women only to get rejected is not "hanging out with women". that's work. hard work that most guys aren't willing to do. @Princess Arabia
  9. @Juan in a way i wish i were bi. it would make my life easier. how old were you when you realized you were bi?
  10. @Leo Gura Lol, that's true. The first girl I approached wanted to fuck me, but I was so anxious I screwed it up. I'll probably have to approach hundreds of more girls to get someone as receptive as her.
  11. lol why would you think that? Why would i be asking Leo so many questions about pickup if I liked guys? @Juan
  12. You mentioned that you had to approach 400 girls to get your first lay. With all the work you've put in, how many girls would you have to approach now to get a lay? @Leo Gura
  13. too much work for 30 mins of pleasure @Leo Gura
  14. You've always said that there is a parellel, but not as significant as guys want to believe. @Leo Gura
  15. @Leo Gura Yea, but we're talking about cold approach. To say you'd get 10x more results cold approaching if you had Chad-like looks it surprising. You always deemphasized the importance of looks, especially for men.
  16. lol that's totally homo. @EdgeGod900
  17. @EdgeGod900 Leo is too evolved to give a fuck about a hair transplant. He's working with what he's got, and he's done well it seems.
  18. @Princess Arabia Yea, a 10x less chance according to @Leo Gura
  19. @Leo Gura Is that your opinion? You've always deemphasized the importance of looks, especially to women.
  20. @Leo Gura Then I guess looks matter a lot. Just not the end all be all if you don't have them.
  21. @Princess Arabia I'm not giving advice to a poor person?
  22. Just know that it could always be worse.