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  1. @Leo Gura I guess what I'm asking is: shouldn't spiritual consciousness translate to political consciousness? I just don't get how someone at Stage Turquoise can be a Trump supporter. whatever.
  2. @Leo Gura I wouldn't expect anyone at Stage Turquoise to be a Trump supporter. So why is Ramaji a Trump supporter?
  3. @Leo Gura How can someone at Stage Turquoise be a Trump supporter????
  4. @Leo Gura You previously listed Ramaji at Stage Turquoise???
  5. @Leo Gura You should make a video detailing your journey into pickup. Sounds pretty inspirational; post it on your blog.
  6. @Leo Gura You drink alcohol on your nights out doing PUA?
  7. @Leo Gura Wouldn't Stage Blue limit Beck's ability to develop such a model?
  8. Are you spiritually talented @Leo Gura ?
  9. Has he even tried psychedelics? How deep has he gone? @Leo Gura
  10. @Leo Gura Can you check your DM? I would like a response before our conversation gets flooded out by the multitude of messages you receive everyday.
  11. @Thewritersunion I'm just interested in what people think???
  12. This man is a regular person, dealing with regular people problems — although claiming to be enlightened. I hear there’s a point in development where you can no longer be considered “human”. Well, Martin is very much human. https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/entheogenic/episodes/2020-10-26T10_49_00-07_00 Is Sadhguru “human”? Is Rupert Spira “human”? Is Eckhart Tolle “human”? Is Adyashanti “human”? Is OSHO “human”? Is Mooji “human”? Is Ramana Marhashi “human”? Is Peter Ralston “human”? Is @Leo Gura “human”? etc …
  13. @Leo Gura Can you get a quote for that?