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  1. @Leo Gura she wanted you Did you end up seeing her again?
  2. @Leo Gura How did he meet her? That seems creepy!
  3. @Leo Gura hey can i get a response
  4. How many years have you spent doing pickup? Has it been a big part of your life (like 5 years+)? @Leo Gura
  5. @Leo Gura Is it possible to plug 30 mg of 5-MeO and have little-to-no reaction? You've said that psychedelics affect people differently.
  6. It's not human intellect. Big difference. @Leo Gura
  7. and truth remains @Husseinisdoingfine
  8. well said @Husseinisdoingfine
  9. @Leo Gura How do you feel about mikepickupalpha? Is he the real deal? He's based out of Las Vegas.
  10. @Leo Gura At what age did you have your first kiss? I know you lost your virginity at 26 which is late by most standards.
  11. @Leo Gura You said you don't game for sex but for personality growth? Now I'm confused.
  12. yup, that's the problem. if you haven't expierenced it yourself how can you be sure it exists? it's pure hearsay. @Michael569
  13. @Michael569 Some consider sugar "poison" ... avoid completely
  14. @Michael569 Well if your beliefs are based off personal experience and not some scientific study you found on the internet then I'd love to hear them.
  15. I think this is the best way to go about it @Michael569 I have 135 grams of sugar per day most of which are natural (not added). Is that a problem? I eat real foods (mostly plants) & get a lot fiber. But I enjoy high-sugar foods like orange juice and flavored oatmeal. I'm willing to risk my health, I fucking hate bland foods (like oatmeal without brown sugar, etc).
  16. @undeather I don't need to know much about nutrition to know that much of it is belief-based. Nutritionists disagree on just about every issue. That's why I trust my direct experience over what any "expert" has to say.
  17. Your opinion is not my opinion. My opinion is not your opinion. Yup, that's what a opinion is @undeather
  18. Good. Admit that most of your nutrition advice is belief-based, not coming from direct experience. Including your opinion on protein powders @Michael569
  19. @undeather Keep your opinions to yourself
  20. @Michael569 You have a habit of fear mongering. I would quit that Mr. Nutritionist.
  21. "combined" lol, this is an outrageous claim @Michael569 not saying sugar isn't addictive (and for some, very addictive) but stop fear mongering. it's not helpful.
  22. @Leo Gura http://www.socionics.com/rel/rel.htm Familiarize yourself with Socionics Intertype relations. This is crucial to understand.
  23. @Leo Gura Do you plan on making more videos on relationships & dating? Or have you exhausted this topic?
  24. @Leo Gura Could it make my 30-minute daily practice more effective? By how much? How do you feel about this -- https://choosemuse.com
  25. @Leo Gura Did you use it on your 30-day meditation retreats?