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  1. I wouldn't use this word. She took her clothes off FOR HIM. @vizual If that isn't consensual then I don't what is.
  2. Bullshit. A grown woman should be able to stand up for herself. This isn't child sex abuse. And as you can see from the photo above, they were obviously in a consensual relationship. @Migue Lonas
  3. When Bentinho tells you to take your clothes off, it's not because he wants to "heal you", it's because he wants to fuck you. I don't buy that one can be so brain-washed as to not see this. This lady knew what she was doing whether she likes it or not. And yeah, "narcissist" "psycho" "sociopath" "monster" All these words spell SELF-BIAS to me.
  4. you think suicide/mental-illness is a matter of not having a thick enough skin? an avoidance of suffering? @Leo Gura
  5. @Leo Gura I know. I'm just using his name for practical purposes. What do you think?
  6. I'm sure Rupert Spira would agree with this, who you would not describe as awake. I guess there are facets to awakening of which Spira hasn't accessed? @Leo Gura
  7. @Leo Gura Suzuki DT = Stage Blue Connor Murphy = Stage Orange/Green
  8. It's not useless. Actualized.org looks like a "cult of a personality" when folks defend Leo at all costs. @Knowledge Hoarder
  9. @Preety_India His video criticizes Leo, and so you ascribe negative intentions to his video, calling it "reactionary". You would do anything to defend Leo.
  10. Yea but why don't you respect him? Because he's attacked Leo, and you would do anything to defend Leo. @Preety_India
  11. You don't share Adepetus's POV and so that makes him a bad-faith actor? I think that's very uncharitable. You should respect perspectives that aren't your's even if you don't agree with them. @Preety_India
  12. I never said you did. @Preety_India
  13. What reason do you have to criticize him? @Preety_India Because he attacked your leader?
  14. He doesn't have much to talk about besides Leo? What about all the other videos on his channel? Did you miss those? Look at your defensiveness. You only prove his point when he calls Actualized.org a "cult of a personality". @Preety_India
  15. He didn't make those videos to bank off Leo's work. He made those videos because he believes in what he's saying. You would do anything to defend Leo. Get off your high-horse. @Preety_India
  16. This is your POV. From his POV, his accusations are very much valid, and I don't think he intended to hurt anyone. @Preety_India He was acting in good faith whether you agree with him or not.
  17. This is not something to be proud of @Preety_India
  18. Why do you consider Adeptus a troll? He was acting in good faith whether you agree with him or not. @Leo Gura
  19. @Leo Gura You've recommended reading at least 300 books to successfully self-actualize. Do you retract that given your experience with psychedelics?
  20. What's the point of extracting wisdom from spiritual books when you have 5-MeO? @Leo Gura