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  1. What is the difference between Islam and Evangelicals that one is near the bottom of blue and one is at the top? What would a low yellow vs a high yellow look like? Right now, all yellow looks the same to me; I can't envision what a high vs low yellow would look like. What would a turquoise who didn't properly integrate yellow look like? Green spirituality seems underwhelming to me, from what I understand. It's just people taking yoga classes and tripping at festivals and meditating 15 minutes a day. Why is this taken seriously? Purple, Blue, and Turquoise spirituality seem tough and then green seems casual. There seems to be many greens who are science rational atheist people who reject anything spiritual. This conflicts with the model, doesn't it? The model says that green spirituality is about the power being with you, best explored with others. Yes, I know there are lines of development, but it seems to me like lots of liberal people are rationalists and that green spirituality is actually only at the tip of green. How can it be said that green worships turquoise people? Isn't that only a small portion of green who are spiritual? Surely liberals don't worship gurus, do they? What exactly is beige? The only examples I get are unusual circumstances like babies and mentally disabled and starving masses. What is beige culture like? Is it cavemen and hunter-gatherers? How does red see the other stages? Yellow is such a small percentage of the population, isn't it? If this is the case, then how is it so easy to know how the other stages see it? (I.E. blue sees them as intellectuals, orange sees them as impractical philosophy, green sees them as dispassionate) Who exactly are the other stages looking at when making these judgements? This also begs the question of how was stage yellow even studied properly by the model makers. It is said that a broad perspective of the world starts at stage yellow. Before yellow, people are myopic. But, don't green people care about world issues too? What is the precise difference?
  2. @LessonsSavesLifes Thank you, Naruto-kun.
  3. @herghly I read it but all I can think to visualize is money and a girlfriend and power to make the world more loving.
  4. You can always meditate instead of taking psychedelics.
  5. Actually I take back what I said. There are people who are where I wanna be who I still feel good about. I feel great about Eckhart Tolle. I am not jealous of him at all. I think what I actually feel towards Ken Wilber is suspicion. There's something about him that's JUST NOT RIGHT. I am VERY SUSPICIOUS of his intentions.
  6. Suffering helps. A bad trip on psychedelics helps a lot. I wouldn't advise you to ever induce a bad trip, because that could be hellish, but if it happens then it happens.
  7. Yep, I will come up to you and say that I am MLKFan from the Actualized forum, if I do go.
  8. You visualize? How? What method do you use?
  9. I might go.
  10. My nigga, I got scoliosis so meditation hurts me. After 20 minutes it starts to hurt and I have to sit with the pain however long I choose to meditate. This is not practical for hour+ long sessions. What should i do? Particularly, I like doing strong-determination sittings. I don't want to give up strong-determination sitting, if possible.
  11. @bejapuskas This is me. Help me I can't stop thinking about Spiral Dynamics all day every day!!!!!!!!!!! Since March 2018. I love it so much it's the perfect model I wanna make love to it. Other people wanna make love to models in the magazine like Adriana Lima but I wanna make love to Spiral Dynamics and AQAL (the broader version of Spiral Dynamics) Edit: Actually I want both the female models and the spiral dynamics model at the same time
  12. On a different note, I will use this thread for my other questions so that I don't have to put them all in different threads. Here is my next question: Ken Wilber is a huge threat to my ego because he is exactly where I want to be career-wise. He has an awesome model that I think about all day every day. He sits in a chair and teaches people spiritual stuff. He has a community that is raising people's consciousnesses. When I think about people like this, I feel discouraged to do my own personal development work. What should I do?
  13. I would imagine that it's green. Orange would say that there's no such thing as affecting the world with your thoughts. It's irrational. In Leo's green video he said that green is characterized by entrepenuership, but now it has heart, which orange didn't have. I would imagine that a lot of green people would use law of attraction for things such as money and dream career. This is the Infinite Waters fanbase, for example, I would imagine. Then you have higher law of attraction where you realize that everything in the world is a reflection of you. The leaf blowing in the wind holds a special message just for you. That's probably a bit higher than green, maybe even turquoise. Then you have what Jesus said; seek the kingdom of God and these things (food, survival) will be added to you. So, a person seeking the kingdom of God will just use the law of attraction to meet their survival needs. Or,, they use it for the visionary purpose.