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  1. I would like to add my thoughts on the ongoing debate about Psycho-analysis vs Psychedelics. I was fortunate to experiment with many tools along the path towards self awareness. It has been my observation (thru experience) that using only One Tool from the Tool Box of Life is very limiting. I spent years trying different tools such as Breathworks, yoga, Tia Chi, Therapy, Mankind Project, Vipassana Meditation, Aboriginal healing sessions, Shamanic studies, Shamanic ceremonies, (several versions of Vision Quests, Sundance, Shamanic Psycho-analysis through ceremonies etc…), and most recently Ayahuasca, San Petro, Kambo. What I have learned over the past 15 years during my journey is that the Psyche is very complex and that the journey to awareness/consciousness requires countless tools/experiences along the way. Each tool will arrive at the right time and place when you open yourself to your intuition and when you swim GENTLE, with determination, down the stream of Life. During my two-week Ayahuasca/San Petro retreat I observed and discussed with my fellow colleagues the kind of experiences and insights they received, during and after each ceremony. What I noticed was that everyone that did the Aya/San Petro ceremonies had different depths of experiences and insights relative to the level of self awareness. Those that had used only one or two tools from the tool box of life, and did very little work to discover the source of there behaviours, belief and traumas, had more three-dimensional personal experiences. Most had Blue, Orange and Green traits (I am generalizing from my subjective and objective observation) Those that had used several tools and had diligently worked on there behaviours, beliefs, and past traumas, seemed to have deeper more 4th/5th dimensional experiences. I believe they were more orientated in Yellow and Turquoise. What I also noticed was the type of experience an individual received during there trip tended to relate more towards there belief system. If they believed in Religion, they tended to receive experiences that related to those belief systems. If they believed more towards Atheism, abuse, materialism, the type of Culture they grew up in, etc. would have a bearing on what they experienced. Please keep in mind these perspectives and observations are generalizations and are not intended to sway the debate between Psycho-analysis vs Psychedelics. Having said that, “I” needed to do a lot of work cleaning my mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and sexual life force energy (Chi) to obtain a degree of God consciousness/awareness with the use of psychedelics and Vipassana meditation that lasted for relatively short periods of time. Some individuals are lucky and don’t have to do a lot of self-work advancing to higher levels of awareness and consciousness. We are all different, and we all have our own ways and journeys. Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but a Dream!
  2. I was walking my dog this morning after putting out a post on the forum and a delightful thought/past experience came into focus. I would like to share it with you. About twenty years ago I was heading north of Toronto at night on Christmas eve to my parent’s house with my 3-year-old daughter, my girl friend, and her son of approximately 9 years of age. We had just gotten off the main hwy onto a road when we got hit with a heavy snow squall. I could not make out where the road was, where the shoulder or ditches were, and was blindly driving slowly along on instinct. Everyone one was scared shitless, especially my girl friends 9-year-old son who was almost at panic state. That is, everyone except for my 3-year-old daughter who, with a smile on her face, held the 9-year-old boys’ hand and said, “Relax Nick, just enjoy the ride”. The depth of that comforting jester from my daughter really hit home today as I was walking my dog. Nick had no control of where the Van was taking him, but he had full control on how he could emotional, mentally, physically and spiritually react, not react, allow fear and the unknown to consume him, or “Just relax and enjoy the ride”. You could also dig deeper and view the inside of the Van as our journey as humans and the world outside the van, the infinite road towards consciousness and enlightenment. It’s endless and infinite, we were never meant to fully grasp the full depth of God consciousness from the physical realm of matter. Yes, we can get a taste of it, a glimpse and feeling of nothingness, or God consciousness (for lack of better words) but to fully Be in God consciousness, well the juries not out on that one! There are more insights that are available from this story, but I leave that for you to explore. Believe me (Pure Imagination) the work you have been doing the last several years is not for “nothing”, (no pun intended) the insight of my daughter’s statement was never really understood until twenty years later. I’m a little bit slow sometimes! LOL Relax and Enjoy the Ride!
  3. A few years back someone shared with me their thoughts on personal, collective, universal, and cosmic conciseness (dream states). This person “believes” there are four levels of conciseness in our physical reality. The first level is; “You don’t know that you don’t know”, 2nd level - “You know that you don’t know”, 3rd – “You don’t know that you know”, 4th – “You know that you know”. Here is the interesting mind bender, these four levels apply for each level of our dream states; our personal, collective, universal, and cosmic dream states. A person in this dimension, (and there are infinite dimensions just within the Earth/human paradigm), would have to work there way through each state at each level individually or simultaneously. Let’s just say a person could have a level 4 conciseness at the personal level of there dream state, but only have a level 3 or less at the collective conscious/dream state etc. Let’s now accept that God is also experimenting with different levels of consciousness beyond the physical dimensions and realities. Let’s play with the idea that God has also expanded into infinite fields of consciousness with limited conscious beings in energy/wave dimensions that are beyond our limited four levels of dream states (personal, collective, universal, cosmic dream states) Could it be that maybe we are limited to expand only so far with our consciousness while we play in the physical dimension. Maybe God is hiding all these other layers of consciousness, dream states and dimensions of beingness because it’s beyond our human capacity to fully comprehend and play in the vastness of God’s full consciousness. Maybe God has limited our consciouness when using 5ME0 DMT or other human tools. Can anyone be 100% certian? Yes, we are God, but can anyone on this planet honestly say they “Know that they Know” in their personal, collective, universal, and cosmic dream states? If they did, they would have full knowledge of all the personal, collective, universal physical states in every dimension which God is experimenting. If they still say they Know, well then, I would love to ask them who AM I? And I’m not looking for standard mindless answer that I often hear on this forum that I am God. That’s to easy! That’s level one consciousness. Here is my take on consciousness, there are a few Humans/Beings in our limited reality/dimension/dream state that “Know that they Know”, but they only Know a decimal/fractal of God’s infinite experiment to discover Self. In my estimation, those that "Know that they Know" only know what God has allowed them to know. Beyond that they either “Don’t Know that they Don’t Know” or they "Know that they Don't Know". Just a thought!
  4. While I’m at it, I thought I might as well add another tidbit to the discussion and pass on a lesson I learn on my journey. If you get triggered, judge, condemn, hold on to every word, praise, hold someone on a pedestal etc…. You have given your Power Away.
  5. This has been a really good forum, lots of diversity. What I appreciate most is the raw energy and non-censured opinions and views. I think it is sometimes healthy to get into the mud and shit of life, because that’s where a lot of insights can be found. Speaking from personal experience, Cult or no Cult it really doesn’t matter. It’s all life experiences. For years I gave away my power to spiritual Teachers, Shamans and Gurus, and regardless what anybody said, I had to follow my own path to find out why I was attracted to teachers, Shamans and Gurus. The bigger question was why I felt a need to give away my power to another person. Insecurity, lack of confidence, not enough knowledge, emotionally unbalanced, conditioning, programming, traumas, fear, victimhood, self pity, and the list goes on and on. So, does it really matter if Mooji (Leo) is enlightened, conscious, or awaken? Does it really matter if he is impure, has sex with several women and has a Cult following? Not really! Because you and I will never be able to stop this, and It’s not our place to stop it, or judge it, or condemn another person’s journey. I would not be where I am today had I not gotten into the mud and shit of life lessons, especially the lesson of giving away my power to people I thought would save me, help me become enlightened, heal my suffering, take away my fears, anger, and hatred. Teachers, Shamans and Gurus are here to stay. They helped me to see more of my shadow and gold within. Regardless of how conscious and awaken we and they are we get attracted/attached to people and things that we need the most healing and lessons. Good or bad, it’s the same shit. The Tyrants in life are our greatest teachers, and I am forever grateful for the lessons they have provided me. Not so much the gut-wrenching emotions I had to endure to get to the other side, but that is also part and parcel of the journey.
  6. I have been observing some of the most recent heated posts and feel this may help bring some awareness to my brothers and sisters when responding or projecting your thoughts on this open forum. I would like to share the following teaching I received several years back when I was studying Shamanism. Picture a warrior with bow, quiver and arrows. The bow is a symbol for you as "self," aiming at the target of life. The quiver, your bag of physical and spiritual resources, contains seven dark arrows, seven light arrows, and seven rainbow arrows. These arrows represent the decisions and choices you make from moment to moment about how you direct the energies of your life experience. We are in the dark mirror when we seek validation for self outside of self, looking for emotional approval, mental recognition, physical security, and /or spiritual acceptance from others. When this occurs in our life, we are out of balance and we give away our power, picking up one or more dark arrows to aim at the target of life. The seven dark arrows are: attachment, dependency, judgment, comparison, expectation, the needy child syndrome, and ego self-importance. It is the dark arrows that keep us stuck in our patterns and in karma, with low self-esteem and a negative, skewed approach to life and the world. We are in the light mirror when we carry within ourselves self-reliance and personal happiness regardless of how others perceive us and react to us. We are now empowered to be all we can be, gaining individuality, transforming karma into dharma, and picking up the seven light arrows in the process. The light arrows are: self-awareness, self-appreciation, self-acceptance, self-pleasure, self-love, self-actualization, and impeccability (always doing the best you can whenever you can, and if you could do better you would). Each time we pick up a light arrow we break a dark one, and through this process of transformation we are gifted with a rainbow arrow. The seven rainbow arrows are: illumination, introspection, trust and innocence, wisdom, open heart-to-heart communication, balance of male and female energies, and abundance and prosperity. We are now fully matured, self-actualizing humans. Source of information: Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes and Jan Orsi. and Lyn "Starflyer" Hopkins and Shama, Cht, CDC, TDE One of the teachings I received on the Shamanic path that still bites me in the ass is: “Self importance is nothing more than a mask for Self Pity”. Sincerely and with Gratitude!
  7. Liger, I can relate to your perceptions/feelings when it pertains to ignorance = bliss/happiness and Truth may = Aloneness. I have been on the path of Truth now for several years, and the more aware and conscious I become, the more alone I feel. Last fall I did a two-week Ayahuasca retreat and during the last Aya ceremony my world got shattered when I experienced and embodied God consciousness. I realized that everything was an illusion. My wife, family, friends, plants, pets, religion, politics, and this world is nothing but an illusion. There is only One “Consciousness”, and I am that consciousness. It was pure Love, and at the same time pure Aloneness. I struggled for months after receiving that awareness, and I still do, to some extent. The piece that is helping me through all this is that I am also Love/Consciousness, which means I need to keep reminding myself that I am Love every day and every moment. When I now see my wife, family, pets, strangers, etc. I get awareness's that they are me, and I am them. And when I do, I no long feel alone anymore and feel some bliss/happiness.