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  1. I’m curious as to where you are getting this information that Canada supports “Neo Nazi militias such as Azov and C-14”, which you claim is now recognised as part of the Ukrainian National Guard? If I am not mistaken, you have mentioned this in a past post as well. Please kindly clarify these statements with facts so that I can research your claim! I would also like to understand why you are making these claims? To what end? Thanks!
  2. The sad reality is that the Ukrainian people are now paying the price because of the insecure and paranoid Russians and the arrogant and manipulative Americans. I don’t see how invading and controlling Ukraine is going to solve Russia’s security issues, if that is what this is truly about! My personal belief is that there is more at play here for Russia than taking control of Ukraine so that they can feel more secure by having more land and distance from NATO Allies. If Russia controls “all” of Ukraine they will sadly pay a heavy price. The feeling of being more “secure” by having Ukraine as a buffer zone will soon disappear when NATO, EU countries and neutral countries that are in close proximity, or border Russia start questioning their own security and begin beefing up their Militaries and strike capabilities towards Russia! For every action, there is an equal, or greater reaction. What Putin has done is exacerbate and returned the West and East back into another “Cold War” state. History is repeating itself, and we all know what happened to the USSR back in 1988 - 89 after a prolonged Cold War! They basically went bankrupt..... And you can rest assured that NATO, EU, and other world powers that promote democracy around the world will be making it very difficult for Russia financially and economically, and they will once again try to force them back into bankruptcy like they did in the 80’s. Having said that, I respectfully would like to share my sadness and condolences to all the civilians and soldiers on both sides that have needlessly died or are going to die because of this war and Politics Just sharing a few thoughts, ideas and beliefs!
  3. Row, row, row your boat Gently down the stream Merrily merrily, merrily, merrily Life is but a “ME”…… So many Me(s) within Me… What is a “ME” to do? Just sharing a few thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and more importantly, Humour!
  4. Which Me do I want to be? Do I want to be a human Me? Do I want to be an Atom Me? Do I want to be all of Humanity and Earth Me? Do I want to be a Light Being Me? Do I want to be an Electromagnetic Attracting Me? Do I want to be Cosmic A, or Cosmic B, or Infinite Cosmic Me? Do I want to be a grain of sand Me? Do I want to be “All-That-Is” Me? So many Me(s) within “ME”!
  5. No one is saying Spiritual bypassing is wrong! It is a tool for Self reflection, it is a tool to expand Self awareness, it is a tool that opens the door to expanded thoughts, ideas, beliefs, expectations, feelings and emotions. You are right, some individuals may use Spiritual bypassing as a tool to disempower others for there own narcissistic tendencies and/or to make themselves feel more superior or more empowered. But to say it is to disempower others in the name of Clarity, that is open for interpretation and perspective. All tools, labels, thoughts, ideas, beliefs, expectations, feelings or emotions can be perceived as good or bad. It’s all within the eye of the beholder. All Human conscious tools, labels and concepts that reside in duality, are open for infinite perspectives and interpretations, that’s is the beauty of the Human experience. Having said that, we are all interdependent, interrelated, and interconnected. We all have our own unique awareness within the greater collective, but it is the “sharing” of thoughts, ideas, images, beliefs, expectations, feelings and emotions that help us evolve and expand our consciousness and awareness. Compassion is an awareness, knowledge and reflection of one’s own experience and journey that is consciously shared with others, with no expectations or strings attached. The examples of Spiritual Bypassing that I copied and pasted on this forum from the LonerWolf site, are just examples of a Hwy sign alerting the traveler that there are possible falling rocks from the cliffs that are along the narrow path towards enlightenment. What the traveller does with that, label, sign, information and pointer of awareness, is up to the individual. The compassionate sharing of that sign (examples of Spiritual Bypassing) should never be interpreted as a tool to disempower others in the name of Clarity! It should in fact be the opposite, and used as a tool to “Empower” our Human brothers and sisters! Just sharing a few thoughts, ideas, and beliefs!
  6. I am aware of your attachment to the concepts presented in “A Course in Miracles”, and your attachment to “Nothingness” and “Nothing Matters”. I am not saying these are wrong or bad attachments, but over the years I have noticed that you have not moved beyond these limited concepts and beliefs. The reason I am bringing this to your attention is that I had also clung to these concepts and beliefs at the beginning of my DMT experiences. It took me a year of critical thinking, questioning, and being present with my “Self”, to really expand beyond these thoughts, ideas, images, beliefs, expectations, feelings and emotions that nothing matters, which I clung to as an EGO security blanket. Spiritual bypassing is very deceptive and can lull you into new attachments that become hardwired as new thoughts, ideas, images, beliefs, expectations, feelings and emotions. An extreme example of this would be “Born again Christians”, which believe they are above everyone else and there concept of reality is the only true Reality! Nothingness and nothing matters is a very limited concept that can imprison the Human Mind so that it doesn’t have to struggle with the expanded consciousness hidden in the Unknown! You are absolutely right "The ego says seek but do not find", which means seek only within your own beliefs, within the confines of the limited Human physical experience, “But” do not seek beyond the hardwired beliefs, beyond my comfort zone and beyond my security blanket, because this is a belief we as a collective believe in! The Ego does not dictate your experience! Your thoughts, ideas, images, beliefs, expectations, feelings, and emotions that you program into your Ego determines the reality that you create, independently and collectively within the collective Earth Mind, within "all-That-Is". At one moment in time, I believed the Ego was evil and untrustworthy and needed to die so that I (the physical “I” that “I” was experiencing) could become whole, become healed, and become greater than the physical identity I was attached to and experiencing! I have since realized that the Ego is an imaginary bubble of limited consciousness that my “Greater-Self” has constructed to experience the magic of this wonderful physical dream reality. The Ego bubble is not rigid, it is flexible. It can expand, or contract, and be everything in between. It is only as flexible as the beliefs etc. that you program into it. If you believe the Ego is evil, angry, dysfunctional, and toxic, that life is evil, angry, dysfunctional, and toxic etc. then that will become your reality. If you believe your Ego is a feixible lens that allows you to explore the Human Mind and can expand into the unknow reaches of “All-That-Is”, then that can also become your reality. If you decide to believe that there is nothing beyond this human experience and that nothing matters, because “everything” is “Nothingness”, well then that becomes your reality! I personally would rather explore, expand, and experience all forms and formless states of Beingness within the multidimensional realms of consciousness that are within “All-That-Is”! It’s much more interesting than sitting on my hands and doing nothing, because “Nothing Matters”! "All-That-Is", is always "Becoming", always "Expanding", always "Changing". Nothing stays Nothing! Just sharing a few thoughts, ideas, and beliefs!
  7. Just say "Yes" to "All-THAT-IS"...................................... Just sharing a few thoughts, ideas, and beliefs!
  8. The “MIND”………………………… We create our own reality as a limited independent bubble of consciousness within the limited collective Human bubble of consciousness. The external reality that you perceive independently and as a collective is a reflection of the thoughts, ideas, images, beliefs, expectations, desires, feelings and emotions you are holding within the narrow lens of the Human Ego. What you focus on becomes your reality, independently and collectively! If you/we focus on illness, disease, Covid, destruction, hatred, righteousness, victimhood, greed, scarcity from a pessimistic, cynical, distrustful, unscrupulous “FEAR” based perspective! Then that will become your reality and will feed into the collective reality! A problem only becomes a problem when we make it a problem from a pessimistic, cynical, distrustful, unscrupulous fear-based perspective. The only way out, is to step out of this mass collective psychosis we are creating with our Dis-eased mind, and the collective Dis-eased mind. We are literally creating this nightmare dream from our own dysfunctional, confused and disturbed thoughts, ideas, images, beliefs, expectations, desires, feelings and emotions. The answer is the "path" of Spirituality and Enlightenment! The path of stepping out of the dysfunctional, fear-based illusion and the nightmare dream we are creating independently and as a collective! The path of observing, discerning, questioning, evaluating and consciously discriminating every thought, idea, image, belief, expectation, desire, feeling and emotion. It means questioning everything you see and hear, which means believing only half of what you see and nothing that you hear without questioning it! It means doing Shadow work with awareness and “Doing the Work” of healing the Human MIND, the collective Human MIND. Just sharing a few thoughts, ideas and beliefs! Great perspective and answer. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for sharing! The reality is that we have all fallen into many gradients of Spiritual bypassing, but most people are not aware of it. Me included. When you are in it, it is very difficult to see or notice. It’s like the eye cannot see it’s self without a mirror. I hate repeating myself from other posts, but I don’t care how many DMT trips you take, how much you meditate, how may retreats you go on, how wonderful and colourful your vocabular sounds, what intellectual words you know! If you fail to do the “WORK” you will continuously fall into degrees of “Spiritual Bypassing”. I know, because I have fallen in these trap’s countless times on my own journey in the last twenty plus years. If you truly want to become enlightened, it’s going to take more than taking hundred of trips on DMT, or thousand of hours and days of meditation etc. Yes, this all HELPS, but only within degrees of moderation. That being said, DMT, meditation etc. are great “Tools”. But they should not become a “crutch or prop” on your spiritual journey! In my “Opinion”, it’s a 24 and 7 job observing, discerning, questioning, evaluating and consciously discriminating every thought, idea, image, belief, feeling and emotion. It means unearthing every trauma, every addiction (Not just Drug and alcohol addictions, but also psychological addictions such as anger, being self righteousness, being a drama queen, anxiety, self-importance, pity etc.). It means doing Shadow work with awareness, it means “Doing the Work” and not just throwing around terms such as Nothingness, Absolute God Consciousness, Love etc. Just sharing a few thoughts, ideas, beliefs and emotions!
  10. Maybe? But then again! II) The Aggrandizement Bypass This is a type of self-delusion that some spiritual seekers use as a way of masking their perceived deficiencies and insecurities. The aggrandizement bypass is adopted by those who seek to feel enlightened, superior or having reached higher planes of existence. It is sometimes used by self-proclaimed masters, leaders, spiritually awakened souls, and gurus. Something you may want to consider! Just sharing a few thoughts, ideas and beliefs!
  11. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I have cut and paste the following from, which in my opinion has one of the best examples of Spiritual Bypassing! The term ‘spiritual bypassing’ was originally coined by psychologist John Welwood in 1984. Spiritual bypassing is a term I coined to describe a process I saw happening in the Buddhist community I was in, and also in myself. Although most of us were sincerely trying to work on ourselves, I noticed a widespread tendency to use spiritual ideas and practices to sidestep or avoid facing unresolved emotional issues, psychological wounds, and unfinished developmental tasks. To many people, spirituality becomes a sort of crutch used as a way of standing back up again in the face of life’s turmoil – and sometimes this is necessary. We all need support at some time or another in our lives. But the problem comes when spirituality is used as a drug for which we become dependent on in order to bypass the darker elements of our lives. When spirituality is used as a defense mechanism to ward off the gremlins and demons of our existence, it actually becomes our greatest hindrance, preventing us from developing true courage, authenticity, and wholeness; qualities that refine our souls. While the use of spirituality can provide us with a solid wall to hide behind, in doing so it traps us in an all-is-happy-and-perfect jail cell of illusions. The reality is that not everything in life is ‘love and light’ as is the slogan for many spiritual seekers. The truth is that there are many types of spiritual bypassing that we sometimes don’t recognize (or refuse to recognize) in life. I have listed ten of the most common types below: I) The Optimistic Bypass We’ve all come across people in life who love to laugh and smile, yet seem to be forcefully optimistic. “Focus on the positive!” “See the glass as half full!” “Don’t let a frown get you down!” are some of the catchcries of these people who tend to use optimism as a way of avoiding the more somber and troublesome realities of life. The optimistic bypass is often a side product of anger-phobia, or the inability to deal with negative emotions. II) The Aggrandizement Bypass This is a type of self-delusion that some spiritual seekers use as a way of masking their perceived deficiencies and insecurities. The aggrandizement bypass is adopted by those who seek to feel enlightened, superior or having reached higher planes of existence. It is sometimes used by self-proclaimed masters, leaders, spiritually awakened souls, and gurus. III) The Victim Bypass When one becomes a victim of their gifts, or of other people, this takes away the pressure of responsibility for shaping a satisfying life and taking responsibility for one’s happiness – such is the case with the Victim Bypass. This type of spiritual bypass is often used by spiritual seekers who believe they have extrasensory gifts of some kind, but due to their gifts they are unable to feel happy or healthy. Identifying as an Empath is sometimes a good example of this type of bypassing, as it can be interpreted as the fault of other people and their emotions for behaving in self-destructive and volatile ways. Other labels, like being a clairvoyant, indigo child, starseed, gifted healer, and so on, can often fall into the Victim Bypass trap. IV) The Psychonaut Bypass Many spiritual seekers explore the frontiers of the mind, the soul, and reality through the use of psychedelic drugs such as LSD, DMT, psilocybin mushrooms, mescaline, and other entheogens that expand the mind and perception of existence. While this is a fascinating way of exploring reality, entheogens, like any other drug, can sometimes be used as a way of escaping reality and avoiding committing to personal development and soulful refinement. V) The Horoscope Bypass When we frequently look outside of ourselves for help and guidance, as is with the case with Horoscopes and Psychics, we are failing to tap into our inner wellsprings of wisdom and strength and are allowing external predictions to control the outcome of our lives. The Horoscope Bypass is derived from fear and mistrust of ourselves, our inability to make decisions, and our inability to deal with anything tough that comes our way. VI) The Saint Bypass As children, we were conditioned to believe that a “spiritual person” is always kind, compassionate, and saintly. In adulthood, we continue to repeat this story to ourselves, and sadly, it can cause us tremendous suffering. The Saint Bypass is a reflection of extreme “black or white” thinking, promoting the underlying belief that spiritual people can’t have dark sides because that would make them “unspiritual.” This type of bypass is essentially avoidance of one’s Shadow Self (dark side) by overcompensating with the guise of a sweet, heavenly, exterior. Self-sacrifice is a major symptom of this type of bypassing. VII) The Spirit Guide Bypass In some spiritual traditions, it is a God who protects, in others an angel, an animal or an ascended being. No matter who the Spirit Guide is, the belief that they are there to “protect” us is pleasing to the mind but ultimately constricting to the soul. When we place our faith in another being’s power to ward off danger and keep us safe, we are committing a classic spiritual bypass: avoiding responsibility for ourselves and our lives and sidestepping the tough development of courage and resilience. We are not children, but when we think of ourselves as being so we mold our lives in such a way that we fail to develop strength of spiritual character. Spirit guides serve to teach us rather than to babysit us. VIII) The Prayer Bypass Similar to the Spirit Guide Bypass, the Prayer Bypass circumvents personal responsibility by putting faith in a higher being to solve all of our problems and issues. While praying can be a healthy practice, it can easily become limiting and misguided. IX) The Guru Bypass Often it is beneficial to follow a guru, shaman or spiritual teacher to learn and grow. However, becoming too attached to them can rapidly turn into another form of spiritual bypassing. The temptation to begin worshiping (knowingly or unknowingly) these teachers means that we eventually forget the purpose of listening to them: to integrate the essence of their teachings. By treating the words of a guru or master as the irrefutable truth and failing to think for ourselves, we are starved of true spiritual growth and transformation on our spiritual journeys. X) The Finger-Pointing Bypass On our spiritual quests, we begin to see through the lies, delusions, and crazy behaviors committed by our fellow human beings and this can make us angry, downhearted, and frustrated. However, when we get caught up in “everything that is wrong” with the outside world and other people, dedicating our lives to the self-righteous quest of finger-pointing, this can be another form of spiritual bypassing. Finger-pointing instills us with a false sense of righteousness, taking away our responsibility of looking inside and working on ourselves. At its roots, the Finger-Pointing bypass is sourced from fear and avoidance and is a powerful form of procrastination. Certainly, there are many other forms of spiritual bypassing, but here I present the most common ones that are easily observable in everyday life. Just to make myself clear, I cut and paste the above material from, the author is "Aletheia Luna". Just sharing a few thoughts, ideas and beliefs! Now "Do the WORK"
  12. Maybe, but it has been my experience that most public figure heads have access to experts that are not in the lime light. Take Elon Musk as an example, yes, he is very intelligent in developing and organizing companies that produce electric vehicles and the space programs, but he could never have done it by himself. He relied on thousands of experts behind the scenes that will never be recognized by the general public, but they were the ones that provided him with the expertise and they were the ones that did most of the mental and physical labour to make it happen. My personal belief is that most public figure heads are truly gifted in manipulating the media and people that have influence and resources. They have charisma, they take greater risks, they can hypnotize people with there words and body language to accomplish their desires and needs! It doesn’t matter in what profession, or field of creativity these public figures excel in, these people usually are high functioning extraverts and have some tendencies of narcissism. If you look behind the curtain you will usually find a person that is struggling with there Ego identification just like everyone else, and sometimes even more. Having said that, I know a lot of people that are exceptionally intelligent and have an unbelievable wealth of knowledge and expertise in many fields of creativity. They just don’t feel the need to be in the lime light or want or need to stroke their EGO for attention. IMO…. Just sharing a few thoughts, ideas, and beliefs!
  13. I never had the chance to take Changa, but I did several Aya and San Pedro trips In Ecuador. They are not even close to being the same. I was lucky to find a Shaman that had over twenty years experience with both plants and he new exactly how potent his liquids were. Not all Aya and San Pedro solutions have the same potencies. Aya, which has DMT, will take you beyond the 3D reality into gradations of consciousness and awareness that can take you into multidimensional realities of Beingness all the way to the awareness of Nothingness, or what some people call the Void, Absolute God, Absolute Love etc. It will all depend on how advanced you are with your own beliefs, thoughts and emotions. What I mean by that, I believe the trip into expanded consciousness and awareness is depended on how your Ego interprets the expanded consciousness when you return to your base level. Your Ego can only digest and assimilate a micro segment of consciousness without damaging the stability of this reality that you are focused on, or in. That interpretation is strongly influence on the thoughts, ideas, images, beliefs, intentions, and emotions that you are attached to, which help you navigate in this limited 3D reality. That is why no two experiences are, or will ever be the same from our limited level of consciousness! As for San Pedro, it does not contain DMT, not that I am aware of. The Shamans in Ecuador believe that San Pedro is a Grandfather Plant that, when consumed is a heart opening medicine. During one of my experiences, I try to take as much San Pedro as I could, but was unable to release my physical image of self into the layers that DMT can go. What I experienced was an expansion of Compassion, Love, Harmony with all living Beings, including my "Self"! What I mean by Living Beings is/are Beings of consciousness which includes plants, animals, insects, rocks, water etc. and even our beloved Grandmother Earth’s consciousness. If you really want to take a trip, go into a sweat lodge with two Shamans that are masters with both teacher plants for several hours. During this experience you take both Aya and San Pedro at different stages, consuming both substance several times. I experienced being in multiple dimensional states simultaneously. My consciousness and awareness was floating freely wherever I focused my attention or intention. When I emerged from the sweat lodge, I was able to merge with the Shamans mind. We both communicated above language and words for several minutes. The heartfelt connection with all forms of consciousness was unbelievable. I was finally free to merge with everyone in the group and remain somewhat physically grounded in this reality. It is not an experience I have ever been able to duplicate since, but I do have short moments in the waking dream that touch it. Which brings me to the point I made above, not everyone has the same experience. There was only 2 or 3 of us, out of a group of twenty, other than the two Shamans that experienced that level of mind merging, . I believe your psychedelic experiences, and how much you expand and retain consciousness and awareness comes down to how open and unattached you are to your thoughts, ideas, images, intents, beliefs and emotions. That is why I am a strong advocate for people to do the “Work” of mastering your thoughts, ideas, image, intents, beliefs and emotions 24 and 7, because they shape your experience of this reality and beyond! Just sharing a few thoughts, ideas and beliefs etc.