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  1. You cannot experience Absolute Nothingness! Your Ego mind can imagine Nothingness from its microscopic limited bubble of reality, but the higher Mind that you are, is consciously creating you from moment to moment, it maintains all your thoughts, ideas, images, beliefs, and emotions. It maintains all the Atoms, molecules, organs, and electromagnetic field of energy that you are. You exist beyond your limited Ego awareness. Consciousness = Thoughts in Action! Thoughts = Energy in Action Energy can never be destroyed. Once a Thought, Idea, image, belief, and Emotion is manifested, it will continue to exist in Absolute Consciousness for eternity. Just sharing a few thoughts, ideas, and beliefs!
  2. First of all, there is no right or wrong! You create your own reality by choosing which thoughts, ideas, mind images, beliefs, and emotions to focus on, attach to, and spend your energy. People that live in fear, playing the victim, thrive on conspiracy theories, entangled themselves in abusive behaviours, addictions, and believe that the majority of humans on the planet are evil, will always attract these aspects into there life. They choose to create this reality with like minded individuals and groups. They will continue to cling to this dream reality that they have created at all cost. There is nothing you can say or do to convince them otherwise, unless they personally choose to expand their perspective on higher gradations of awareness and consciousness. They are the only ones that can open their own minds to other dream spaces within the collective human mind and beyond. It's their journey. Again, there is no right or wrong! The trick is to let go of what others say and do. Don't compare yourself with others. Don't seek attention and recognition from others. Don't seek self importance. Don't play the victim, Don't give energy to your PAST STORY of who you think you are. Let go of you identification, etc., That’s what shadow work and the path to enlightenment is all about! Now don’t get me wrong, there are many Human collective aspects, factors and stimuli that will have influenced you and I to take a path under the umbrella of Fear. Just like there are many collective aspects, factors and stimuli that will have influenced you and I towards the path of Love. That’s all part of the Human experience. So, the question you should be asking yourself is; “WHAT KIND OF REALITY DO YOU WANT TO CREATE FOR YOURSELF WITHIN THE HUMAN COLLECTIVE DREAM WORLD?” Do you want to live in fear? Or do you want to live in Love? Don’t let your parents, religion, the education system, government, science, gurus, me, tell you what is right and wrong, or how to create your reality! Listen to the internal higher mind that you are! The real teacher is within! Don't give your power and energy away to the outside world. It’s an illusion! You are what your mind, thoughts, beliefs and emotions attach and cling to. Having said that, we are all limited psychic personalities within a collective Human mind experience, which means we do have to play within the rules and laws of this particular dream world. From a Meta perspective, we are limited focused beings within a “purposely created” imagined bubble of limited consciousness, which is within a more expanded imagined “purposely created” bubble of consciousness, which is within a much greater expanded imagined “purposely created” bubble of consciousness. Lol….. PS: you are exactly where you need to be! You are doing great! Work on removing your thoughts of judgement and work towards seeing yourself and the world with compassion and humour. See your life and all the ups and downs as a wonderful experience! Just sharing a few thoughts, ideas and beliefs!
  3. The mind experiences this reality through our 5 senses, and through a collection, or gestalt of psychic thoughts, ideas, mental images, beliefs and emotions. If you want to experience other realities you need to change your mind focus and attention to another dream frequency, or direction, using other senses that exist beyond the 5 senses you are familiar. You also need to open up to NEW thoughts, ideas, mental images, beliefs and emotions. It’s like learning a new language that does not focus its’ attention in this reality, which does not use words, or use your physical brain! Just sharing a few thnoughts, ideas and beliefs!
  4. I have encountered many Shamans that are unhinged, delusional, SD purple, blue, orange and even green etc…. I have encountered many modern-day Gurus, that are unhinged, delusional, SD purple blue, orange and green etc…. I have encountered very few modern-day Gurus that are “Grounded” and that are hovering in tier two SD! I have encountered very few Shamans that are “Grounded” and that are hovering in tier two SD! It all comes down to the definition of what is True consciousness and awakening? What is Reality? Spiral Dynamics, Science, Religion, Evolution, logic, critical thinking etc., are human perspectives, thoughts, ideas and beliefs. It doesn’t matter how many times you do psychedelics or any other form of Mind travel, you will always return to your human Form and Human Ego. You will always interpret your experiences through the lens of the Ego and Human Mind experience, through your collection of thoughts, ideas and beliefs. We will never know what Absolute Consciousness is, what Absolute Reality is, what absolute Awakening is, due to our limited contracted physical Mind experience. Just sharing a few thoughts, ideas and beliefs!
  5. Here is a link to the “Seth material” search engine (Jane Roberts), for more thoughts on Emotions!
  6. Here are a few thoughts shared by the Entity “Seth” through Jane Roberts, and recorded by Robert Butts, that may help open new perspective on “Thoughts and Emotions”!. —TES3 Session 123 January 20, 1965 I would like to speak on some of the topics that were discussed in our last session. If you recall, I said that thoughts and also emotions existed as electric actions, and once initiated are then in independent existence. That is, they are actualities apart and independent from their point of subjective origin. They are brought into existence in a subjective manner, but they then are independent action, and as such may continue to exist in duration within the physical field, according to their original electric potential. In turn these thoughts or emotions, as electric actions, can affect other actions; and influence patterns can be set up, and are set up. The subjective habits of individuals are largely responsible for their own attractions to various types of such electric actions, and here indeed like attracts like. Various emotional factors within each personality cause what we may call a characteristic emotional climate. Certain types of thoughts and emotions are entertained therein. Since these are electrical actions, they set up strong electrical fields of attraction within the personality, easy electric paths. Uncharacteristic thoughts or emotions must then meet with some resistance. Habit, then, has not only a psychological, but an electrical and psychological nature and implication. It will be easier (i.e., there will be less resistance; put that in parentheses) for a given individual to accept certain ideas or emotions therefore, and more difficult for him to accept certain others. I have spoken about fields and systems. While no system is closed, each system has at its furthest reaches sufficient resistance to form sufficient-enough boundaries, so that its own identity is retained. So does the personality, through negative charges, cause boundaries to be set about its own emotional system. It will accept most readily those thoughts and emotions, or electric actions, which attract it, which have a similarity to its own charged emotional climate; and it will have greater resistance to those which have the greatest dissimilarities. It is, therefore, most advantageous to study well those thoughts and emotions which are habitually accepted by any given personality. The emotional climate, though intangible, is intimately known by each individual as it exists within himself, and it is the best indication of his physical condition, for thoughts and emotions as independent electrical actions have great influence directly upon the physical mechanism, acting indeed as electric storms which flash through the entire nervous system; or as great stabilizers as the case may be, and with of course many middle varieities of influence. Thought and emotion then, is not only generally related to the physical mechanism, but as electrical actions, thoughts and emotions act directly upon the system. Again here you see, however, that it is the individual himself who initiates his own emotional climate, and then suffers or enjoys the results. We must go much further into this particular subject. Nevertheless it must be clearly understood that thoughts and emotions are actualities in themselves, that directly work upon the physical mechanism. Any thought or emotion is bound to directly affect the physical body. Because thoughts and emotions, as electrical actualities, are independent from their subjective point of origin, a given thought or emotion, initiated by an individual, may be rejected by him and cast out. If the thought or emotion is similar to those usually accepted, then this will take time, for new electrical patterns must be set up. But an idea, thought or emotion so rejected still has independent actuality, and may be attracted to the emotional climate of another. Many psychological intangibles, including dreams, have such an electric reality, and do exist as electric actions. They are to be reckoned with. The connections between the emotional climate and physical health have never been clearly understood, because emotions were not known to have such electrical reality. They were not known to directly affect the system. More is understood as far as the chemical relationships here. Its manifestations are greatly concentrated, and its patterns attract mass, but in different terms in the electric field. There is, therefore, a similarity existing between an individual’s dreams and thoughts and emotions and physical condition at any given time. The mind, as separate from the brain, the mind exists purely and simply in the electric system or field, and does not project itself directly into the physical field although its effects appear within it. Each thought or emotion exists then as electric action within the mind. The action is transformed and translated, and is sent to the brain where its effects directly are felt, and the brain then initiates reactions. Thoughts and emotions then, being independent however, are not bounded by or held within the physical body. The physical barriers of skin, for example, the physical limitations of that structure, do not exist and are not recognized by thoughts or emotions. They recognize only electrical systems. Every individual is pelted, so to speak, with numberless such electrical actions constantly. He accepts only those where mutual attraction exists, and is usually not aware of their possible origin outside of his own system. The fact that thoughts and emotions have an actuality outside of the subjective sense may appear appalling to some. Unless the fact is accepted, however, the human physical structure will never be understood. Positive and negative thinking is more than a turn of phrase. Dimensions do indeed exist within this electrical field of which I have spoken, and it should be understood that I speak of an independent electrical field, and not of the weak, apparent electrical effects that can be observed within the brain or nervous system. The electrical reality of emotions and thoughts represents a thought dimension that has been completely neglected; and in it there are other dimensions; as within your field there is apparent space and time and height and thickness, so in the electrical system there is intensity and what I will call space reality, electrical mass and potentiality, which is different from intensity and polarity." Just a few thoughts that Seth Shared back in 1965 with Jane and Robert, which can be found in "The Seth Material" sessions.
  7. Have you ever heard the phrase? "God only helps those that help them-selves"! Using your perspective, I could say that your point of view “may” have “logical fallacies and epistemological blunders”. What makes you think that it’s your job to correct, or educate someone that does not want to learn? Not even “God” interferes with an individuals experience or journey! God does not judge opinions, whether they are right or wrong! God does not get angry with fools and dump people, nor does God praise or reward intelligent spiritually people! That’s all EGO! God does not seek justice, teach or discriminate between perspectives and realities! God Loves “All-That-Is”. God is "All-That-IS" God allows all creations imagined to explore and expand, to stagnate and contract, within unconditional Love! God is “SHARING” it's "self", as infinite bubbles of consciousness that are within infinite bubbles of consciousness, that are within infinite bubbles of creativity. It’s not the Job of one bubble of consciousness to Judge or teach unwilling bubbles of consciousness that have chosen to remain stagnate or contracted within there bubble. We are bubbles of consciousness within much larger bubbles of consciousness, that are also within much larger bubbles of consciousness etc. Be “All-That-Is”, and “SHARE” your wisdom to those that want to learn and listen with Kindness, Love and Joy. Share wisdom with no strings and attachments, with no judgement, force, anger or vengeance! Just “SHARING” a few thoughts, ideas and beliefs!
  8. I don't think psychedelics are the answer. Yes, they can help with awareness, but the feeling of unworthiness usually stems from deep seeded beliefs and trapped emotions from your childhood. You may want to look into the ManKind Project 48 hour “New Warrior Training Adventure”. I did it 15 or 16 years ago and it was one of the best thinks I did back then. I was 45 years old at the time; lost, angry and felt unworthy. I did a lot of new age stuff, therapy and spiritual work for 5 years before stumbling on the “New Warrior Training Adventure”. The training adventure basically does deep shadow work that digs deep into your core beliefs and mental hang-ups. They use a lot of “Indigenous Rites of Passage Rituals" that will take you to the edge of where your inner traumatized child is hiding, and then use modern psychological healing modalities to transform the inner child into a competent, self-loving, worthy Man. A "New Warrior" that is in touch and in balance with his masculine and feminine energies. Here is the link: Note: this training is not for everyone. If you have huge mental disorders and addictions I suggest you seek a qualified therapist instead. If you are deep Spiral Dynamics stage Blue orientated, this training may really conflict with your deep seeded belief systems. But if you are open minded and willing to experience some very old indigenous Rites of Passage rituals with modern psychology inserted into it, then this may help you unlock some of your deep seeded childhood traumas and feelings of unworthiness. They also assign a support person that is available to you after the intense Training, and there are bi-monthly men’s groups available around the world to help you integrate your new found thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Just a suggestion!
  9. Thank you! It’s nice to see that someone else has come to a similar conclusion, or awareness that the Ego is “Not Evil”, nor does it need to be put to death for spiritual realization. I have always been fascinated with the complexities of the Ego, and have studied many perspectives from numerous sources. I even managed to extrapolate the different gradations of Ego consciousness with one of my DMT experiences and have come to realize the importance of the Ego in the construction of this physical reality we are creating. As best as I can understand it, The Ego is a form of Consciousness that is shaped and specialized to focus on a limited bandwidth of Psychic Energy that gets materialized into a very limited physical field of consciousness and creativity. DMT, or other modalities that we use to change the Egos focus, allow us to expand and increase the depth and value-fulfillment of consciousness, (“depth” and “value-fulfillment” are a form of sensations that are beyond our physical sensations.) What I have learned and experienced, is that the Ego is a tool that allows our Higher consciousness, Psychic Personality, our Greater Identity that exists beyond our physical appearance, to experience Objective and subjective reality simultaneously in materialized form. The Ego has depth. At the surface level it focuses on our daily actives of objects. At a deeper level, the Ego maintains our bodily functions that we are normally not aware of. Going even deeper into the Subconscious, the Ego translates the language of Higher consciousness, from Images, symbols and concepts, into linear time, space and language so that we can relate with each other and communicate with sound, sight, touch, smell and taste. Here is the dilemma. The Ego does such a good job of focusing on our physical materialization that it inadvertently believes it needs to separate its self from it’s Higher conscious Self, or Beingness. It has forgotten it’s true Value fulfillment and “extension” as a Conscious Energy "Being", which is beyond our perceived physical reality...... Our thoughts, ideas, images, beliefs and emotions are aspects of consciousness that allows our Ego to exist and function in this physical reality. The Ego runs into difficulty when the Ego attaches its self to these thoughts, ideas, images, beliefs and emotions, by limiting its diverse worth of “Beingness”. The more attached it becomes, the more it paints its self into a corner, or small box of reality. The smaller the box one paints them selves into, the more a person experiences suffering! For some reason, people think they need to kill the Ego to become enlightened. What they don’t understand is that you cannot kill the Ego. The Ego is a form, or pattern of consciousness that allows us to experience this physical reality. It is used to create and maintain our physical appearance, bodily functions and health. It is used to translate our Higher Conscious Images, symbols and electromagnetic psychic concepts into linear language, space and time so that we can experience our physical senses and be able to communicate with each other. Without the Ego, you would not be experiencing this physical dream scape. The “you”, that you think you are, would not exist in this physical reality that you and I are creating together as a collection of interdependent, interconnected and interrelated Psychic Energy Gestalts. Sorry for the lengthy narrative…. Just share a few thoughts, ideas, and beliefs!
  10. You are on the right path. Most, not all, people on this forum are still stuck in the limited belief of just Us and God, with nothing between. The Ego still controls their limited perception of Human form and Nothingness/God. They do not see the Forest with all it’s diversity and multidimensional patterns, realities and forms of Beingness, which are beyond the Human experience. They only see the Tree, and mistaken the Tree for God. They have not experienced the diverse multidimensional Forest within the One Tree of God, because of their limited beliefs. They are still stuck in their beliefs that we are the only “Beings” ever created by God, and beyond Us, there is only a Void of consciousness and nothingness! The Ego loves to be the center of attention, and what better way of being the center of attention and feeling special, by believe there is only Us and God! Most of us believe we are at the summit of Beingness, so we do not need to explore the rest of God’s infinite Ocean of multidimensional identities and acts of creativity. How dare anyone imply that we are not at the top of all creation! We are the masters of this planet, and we have the highest awareness and consciousness that ever existed! Especially "We" on this Forum, because We are more conscious and enlightened than anyone else on the planet! LOL... Just a little drama to get the point across.... Having said that, I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to studied and experience many indigenous and Shamanic spiritual teachings and ceremonies, and one of the most important teachings I received from them, was to become aware of the Ego’s need and illusion of “Self importance.” What the Ego needs most right now, is to be Humble and conscious of all forms of Beingness. "We are Not the only Form of Beingness" within an infinite Cosmos of multidimensional realities that exist in all directions of Us, and within God! The Ego hates being small, it needs to feel big and important! Yes, we are God, but we are also a limited microscopic fragment of God within an infinite ocean of other forms of beingness that are far more expanded/advance than we are, which no longer have a need to experience or enter physical matter. If you dig deep enough, or expand your awareness and consciousness beyond the Egos limited believes, you will soon realize that we are a form, or pattern of Psychic Energy materialized in matter. This Psychic Energy materialized is also an interconnected and interrelated psychic energy extension of some of these more expanded “Beings” of consciousness, awareness and energy, which have decided to explore this one particular physical reality. Me, We, They and Them, are all interconnected and interrelated within “All That Is.” Just sharing a few thoughts, ideas and beliefs.
  11. Do you believe in God because everyone is saying that we are all God? Or have you experienced a knowingness that you are God, which is beyond words and the collective belief system?
  12. I believe he is pointing to a difference between believing (Ego) you are God, and knowing you are God.
  13. I think some people are getting confused with the word formlessness. Nothingness, the Void, or whatever you relate to is absolute stillness, no motion, no energy in action, no thought, no consciousness or awareness. It is absolute zero. Formlessness, on the other hand, can have two meanings, or possibly more. Formlessness is sometimes referred to as a dream state that has not materialized, or it can be referred to where no patterns, shapes, or designs are created or exist, which could be interpreted as nothingness! Having said that, patterns, shapes and gestalts of thoughts, ideas, images, beliefs, emotion, energy, sensation and non-physical textures etc., are “formed” within the ocean of consciousness, or what some people refer to as the dream states, or realities that have not materialized in to physical matter as we know it. Think of consciousness as energy in action, thoughts in motion etc. Consciousness is an ocean of energy, which allows thoughts, ideas, images, belief, emotions, sensations etc. to “form” into patterns, to form into psychic gestalts of energy, to form into electrical patterns, blue prints of beingness etc. These “forms” of energy are one with everything, they exist within consciousness, they are all interconnected and interrelated, and yet they “create” an invisible independence or identity that purposely forms gradations of intensities and densities that simulate invisible, non-existing boundaries to purposely experience “forms” of beingness, separate and yet “one” with absolute consciousness. Do not get forms, patterns, or shapes that exist in the dream states confused with objects within the material reality of physical matter, time and space. Forms, patterns or shapes of energy, thought, ideas, etc., are “Not Formed” in “time and space”. They are formed within gradations of energy densities, densities within densities within intensities, which do not take up time or space as we know it. These units of conscious psychic gestalts of energy, thought etc. eventually get so intense and focused that they burst into physical matter, creating infinite fractals of “physical” conscious units of beingness. Consciousness is an absolute ocean of independent psychic energy gestalts, which cooperate to create infinite forms of non-physical and physical realities that are truly independent, yet interconnected and interrelated, forms of “Real” “Beingness”. Just sharing a few thoughts, ideas and beliefs!
  14. I would like to add my thoughts on the ongoing debate about Psycho-analysis vs Psychedelics. I was fortunate to experiment with many tools along the path towards self awareness. It has been my observation (thru experience) that using only One Tool from the Tool Box of Life is very limiting. I spent years trying different tools such as Breathworks, yoga, Tia Chi, Therapy, Mankind Project, Vipassana Meditation, Aboriginal healing sessions, Shamanic studies, Shamanic ceremonies, (several versions of Vision Quests, Sundance, Shamanic Psycho-analysis through ceremonies etc…), and most recently Ayahuasca, San Petro, Kambo. What I have learned over the past 15 years during my journey is that the Psyche is very complex and that the journey to awareness/consciousness requires countless tools/experiences along the way. Each tool will arrive at the right time and place when you open yourself to your intuition and when you swim GENTLE, with determination, down the stream of Life. During my two-week Ayahuasca/San Petro retreat I observed and discussed with my fellow colleagues the kind of experiences and insights they received, during and after each ceremony. What I noticed was that everyone that did the Aya/San Petro ceremonies had different depths of experiences and insights relative to the level of self awareness. Those that had used only one or two tools from the tool box of life, and did very little work to discover the source of there behaviours, belief and traumas, had more three-dimensional personal experiences. Most had Blue, Orange and Green traits (I am generalizing from my subjective and objective observation) Those that had used several tools and had diligently worked on there behaviours, beliefs, and past traumas, seemed to have deeper more 4th/5th dimensional experiences. I believe they were more orientated in Yellow and Turquoise. What I also noticed was the type of experience an individual received during there trip tended to relate more towards there belief system. If they believed in Religion, they tended to receive experiences that related to those belief systems. If they believed more towards Atheism, abuse, materialism, the type of Culture they grew up in, etc. would have a bearing on what they experienced. Please keep in mind these perspectives and observations are generalizations and are not intended to sway the debate between Psycho-analysis vs Psychedelics. Having said that, “I” needed to do a lot of work cleaning my mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and sexual life force energy (Chi) to obtain a degree of God consciousness/awareness with the use of psychedelics and Vipassana meditation that lasted for relatively short periods of time. Some individuals are lucky and don’t have to do a lot of self-work advancing to higher levels of awareness and consciousness. We are all different, and we all have our own ways and journeys. Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but a Dream!
  15. I was walking my dog this morning after putting out a post on the forum and a delightful thought/past experience came into focus. I would like to share it with you. About twenty years ago I was heading north of Toronto at night on Christmas eve to my parent’s house with my 3-year-old daughter, my girl friend, and her son of approximately 9 years of age. We had just gotten off the main hwy onto a road when we got hit with a heavy snow squall. I could not make out where the road was, where the shoulder or ditches were, and was blindly driving slowly along on instinct. Everyone one was scared shitless, especially my girl friends 9-year-old son who was almost at panic state. That is, everyone except for my 3-year-old daughter who, with a smile on her face, held the 9-year-old boys’ hand and said, “Relax Nick, just enjoy the ride”. The depth of that comforting jester from my daughter really hit home today as I was walking my dog. Nick had no control of where the Van was taking him, but he had full control on how he could emotional, mentally, physically and spiritually react, not react, allow fear and the unknown to consume him, or “Just relax and enjoy the ride”. You could also dig deeper and view the inside of the Van as our journey as humans and the world outside the van, the infinite road towards consciousness and enlightenment. It’s endless and infinite, we were never meant to fully grasp the full depth of God consciousness from the physical realm of matter. Yes, we can get a taste of it, a glimpse and feeling of nothingness, or God consciousness (for lack of better words) but to fully Be in God consciousness, well the juries not out on that one! There are more insights that are available from this story, but I leave that for you to explore. Believe me (Pure Imagination) the work you have been doing the last several years is not for “nothing”, (no pun intended) the insight of my daughter’s statement was never really understood until twenty years later. I’m a little bit slow sometimes! LOL Relax and Enjoy the Ride!