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  1. @Calcifer Thanks for videos
  2. These are my principles of life.
  3. Interesting thoughts, but everything has two sides. People do not always reciprocate.
  4. I agree that affiliate marketing is very interesting, and can bring good profits, but I'm not sure about $ 2000 at the beginning. To do this, you need to establish many processes and several sources of income.
  5. I think that it is very important to translate the text as qualitatively as possible, since a lot of phrases and turns in this language have an indirect meaning. I came across this when I was translating several Russian articles. I found a review for you with services that offer translation into Russian . I think it would be a good option to create high-quality subtitles in the future for these videos.
  6. I think a good translator will solve this problem.
  7. I think, it is a good way for you
  8. I was lucky few times on dating sites, it is a quite good option.
  9. I don't think it healthy, but it is very tasty
  10. Absolutely agree. Now there really are a lot of resources that you can use for study. You can easily find any information, as well as help. For example, I often use bidding owl reviews, which compile student assistance services, such as review papersowl. This is one of the options that always helps me out, and I'm very happy about it.
  11. @Investing_in_myself Excellent, but now I am interested in property in Romania. Do you know something about this market? I was offered several good deals here, and I tend to accept one of the offers. But if you know one of the European construction companies that could help me, I would consider this option.
  12. Hi there! Do you build houses in the USA or abroad? I’m just thinking about buying property abroad, preferably in Eastern Europe