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  1. @Jon_Bundesen trust that resistance. His advice is just telling you the opposite of what you know in your heart is correct.
  2. @Peter124 @tatsumaru If you do not spit out non duality and Pokemon from you what lies ahead will be worse than that which preceded it. You can't hide or run away from God. Every knee will bow and confess Jesus is Lord on judgement day. Heaven or hell your choice.
  3. Give praise to his holy name. Feed the spirit with proper food and you will sing dance laugh cry and speak in the spirit in your room like you did as a kid. Instantly your depression will be lifted.
  4. I've never thought in my life Never done anything in my life Never lived never had a life never done anything tasted anything Sensed anything spoke wrote any thing. I am presences. I am the now. Only that in the present moment actually exists anything else is conceptual thought driven by ego. The ego has been dissolving fast and I'm realizing nothing exists. "There is no spoon". Thoughts of guilt for writing this are popping up constant driving feelings of guilt. Like I don't deserve to write this. Yet they are illusions.
  5. Tons of us seem to have forgotten about the non dual nature of reality and how to incorporate it in our lives.
  6. @Leo Gura You are what you see like eyes don't exist no skull no body. Only image and the illusion of physical attachment.
  7. Hi, so I've been experiencing this phenomenon recently where each day more and more I can see things that don't make sense anymore. Like my entire paradigm of thought just seems dumb to me now when I used to take them seriously. Secondly, I'm realizing that what constitutes my identity and ego is literally just made up. As in, rooted in language not reality. Reality/Consciousness is God/ the I. Finally path forward is very clear. I'm going to college have a stable job no credit card debt yet... I still always feel extremely uneasy and uneasy. My thoughts are always ALWAYS running. I'm always questioning what I'm doing, don't feel like I'm doing what I aught to do, I'm feeling like selling my new XBox S because I'm not a "gamer". It's confusing. Also literally everything I do think say feel and how/why I do it seems like the most important thing in existance and it's all I've been focusing on. With heavy constant criticism from my thoughts. Does anyone have advice?
  8. @Leo Gura how can anyone know or experience it? It's all that isn't experienced by your consciousness.
  9. People do evil to preserve their own identity. Because they don't realize we are all really just one.
  10. So the mind is just a limited expression of infinity. The observable universe is the part of God we experience. Non experience or the invisible is the part of god that is hidden from us.
  11. *This is where you relax open your mind recognize you are everything in your surroundings and hear this conduit, this medium by which The non dual Creator speaks while focusing on expanding breath into oneness with your surroundings.* The Christian Philosophy concerning The Creator is; °YHWEH (I am that I am) exists both in and out of time in and out of Maya in and out of life. °The permenant and uncorruptable standard of moral justice. °The arbitor of what happens in creation. °Inrerracts with humans whom YHWH created man for. As well as to be stewards of the earth. °The identity of God is non dual. Non Duality: °Man and Woman are the image or reflection of God. God's consciousness being a human being. To be like God, free willed creators in form. °Holy Spirit the voice of wisdom that is always is and is accompanying YHWH accompanying Man and Woman. °YHWH The Non-Dual,Creator Trinitarian Genderless Personal God. The Consciousness, The Now, Creation and the Creator as one being one now. Awakeness. The Path to awareness is self surrender to the Person of Jesus. Jesus historically did die on the cross. Jesus may not have became brain sea however he was DEAD relative to the way that dead was assed at the time. Jesus was without ego and lives on vicariously in the hearts of every Christian. For they chose to be like Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ= Anointed Savior. We can all become anointed saviors. We just chose the hard path to try to save the world from itself. From separateness from oneness. So we must surrender our lives for the sake of this mission. It's a movement. Fundamentally Christianity is a movement. A spiritual coalition. Inclusive to all the ways that people relate to YHWH whether it may be Krishna or Amon. Or Buddahood. It's all the same path the same journey same destination, always present with you yet the journeyier is too busy journeying for it to enjoy it. To surrender the journey of life is surrender the ego. The ego is a complex system, the ego transcends the body. So the world must be freed from the system of ego so I recognize you are me. And I trust you because I trust me. I see me in you and you in me. We are one YHWH will succeed. To create life where man woman and YHWH all creatures of all kinds and creation can live in love as a friendly family forever. Amen.
  12. @Husseinisdoingfine Unless you confess with your tongue that Jesus is Lord you will not see me.
  13. Jesus faced the entire Roman Empire spreading the message of Love and Selflessness and surrender the the Creator. I am a disciple of Jesus. The same spirit that was in Siddhartha David Isaiah and all the prophets is the spitit in Jesus. Jesus was born fatherless, a virgin birth of the holy spirit. The spirit of awakening reveals. Jesus was crucified, gave up his breath to God taking on the cross by the seal of Jesus' blood all imperfection sickness sin and sepretness from the Creator. By his blood we are healed, by his stripes we are made whole. In the beginning was the light and the word and the word was with the light and the word was the light. The light came down to us common like one of us yet we did not recognize him. Because we lived in darkness and the darkness hides from the light. Though the darkness came from the light it fears the light. For in the light the darkness becomes in light. The light walked amonsts us performing signs and wonders yet we questioned. Many who followed left and the few remained to be disciples. The light of man did not come to rule world but to save the world. For the light of man is the light that shines of both the wicked and the good. The wicked shall perish in darkness by their choice to reject the light and for the few that follow the light theirs is life eternal. The price is to sacrifice all of one's life and to carry the cross bearing all sin. Jesus rose again on the third day and appeared first to Mary Magdline and Martha. Then to the twelve disciples like appearing from nowhere. Thomas doubted and asked to see the scars on the hand and feet of Jesus. Jesus responded, "Blessed are those who believe without needing seeing." Jesus returned soon thereafter to rise again to the father. Promising to return a second and final time. The holy spirit is sent to us intermediary between man and God. The holy spirit is God is Jesus. In regards to the Text of the Bible, the intuition tells me this is true. I profess that my life is proof of testimony that Jesus is alive. Jesus seated at the right hand of the father residing in my heart. The temple of the most high. The temple of the creator. Even if 1% alone is historically accurate, the story is still legitimate. Archeology does provide evidence that supports the legitimacy of Jesus' existence, life and death. The records of the early Christians provide their personal reasons for believing in Jesus' aliveness. Jesus appeared to the three who were tossed into the pit of fire for refusing to believe the Babylonian Idol. Who lived. Jesus has even appeared to the mother of Sampson. Jesus showed himself to Saul on the road to Damascus. Who became St.Paul. Jesus ate and communed with the Disciples and with Peter. Jesus who after eating with Peter asked him thrice if he loved him. And who forgave Peter then and there for his rejection. A merciful God. Jesus who gave all of us the calling. To be fishers of men. To be the shining Light of the World to go out to do even greater things than he Jesus himself. Amen! Simply surrender your life to Jesus. It's a journey of letting go. Continous repentance and letting go. Habitual lifestyle actually. Jesus won the battle so you do NOT HAVE TO FIGHT! Be encouraged by the FIRE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT! HALELUJAH! And go out there and expand the Kingdom of Heaven, the New Jerusalem. Amen!