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  1. Actual reason why body language, facial muscles blah blah blah can't lie or it shows when you lie is because actuality is conciousness/love/truth so it will always reject self created lies or stories then doesn't resonate with truth of whqt you are. So instead of "trying to figure out what you think" since I am you or I as God to really be it have to embody "your body" as myself will rather observe that.
  2. @Bojan V @Bojan V All your self referential thoughts are false so in a sense it doesn't matter at all what you think about anything.
  3. You would be actually dead. Then you would really know what no self and omnipotence and omniscience really is.
  4. @freejoy Well enlightened folks will watch it and don't do anything both advaita types and these actual ones. What will I do. Doesn't matter. Don't want to go against concensus.
  5. Full omniscience, omnipotence well I am so sorry there would be no you in "human form" to ask this stuff. But....
  6. Finally GFD it.