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  1. @Javfly33 Worst thing is that I am not really sure anymore even in that.
  2. @Hulia unfortunatelly I am God and I really do hate it. Can never again beleive in human life or delude myself with it anymore. Why would I live it. What job what buisness what family what kids what friends etc. @Nahm Yeah.Just Very impatient for the next one. Can't wait for it. It will all be interesting again.
  3. @Nahm Doesn't matter decided to be devil and push this to end like everyone else. Have to and have no other choice. Why would I be constantly punished. Have every right to life.
  4. How this is devasting for your psychology if you are a male who should be driven forward nobody knows.
  5. I do indeed like fabric of the sphere. But life becomes completelly pointless. Veiled is better. Why not play again. Question is if I was born to experience life why the heck awakening not just awakening but bashing from the "sphere". Really have zero desire as "sphere". Can't wait this to end like God damn prison for my made up guy who was to experience life.
  6. @SamueLSD Doesn't matter not really into this stuff anymore.
  7. Including all my actual spiritual experiences, recent "happenings" will Seriously reconsider will I want to help "anyone" with awakening stuff or anything else. Whom am I helping or talk with? Probably have externalised awakening to "others" while there was only me entire time.
  8. I ask myself very same question. Why not be blacky again and come as someone else. You are bound to dream forever yet as someone other then God it makes sense and it's somehow important. As God you are perfect actual Infinite Love and all differences, "creatures" etc are just images or appearances. To experience life? What life Ahahahahahahahahahaha Still made ups.
  9. @Hulia Thanks or your response and making things clear to me. Yeah I do agree about imposing influence. But lets face it Ukraine is collapsed or failed country. So these things are quite actually expected. Not defending russia it's mob state. If USA was next to Ukraine it would swallowed it long tine ago this just shows actual weaknesses of Russia which is just regional power at most.
  10. Romantic love outmost conditional thing there is. Which is perfectly fine. You wouldn't cry so much after break up if it wasn't?!
  11. @Tangerinedream Universe and concious partner. GD. Literally was selected by her because I match all of her's selfish interests. Everything else is just pretend game. I am ok with that no need for spiritual narrative because it is just not true. Jesus Christ.
  12. No they don't, nor they want to.
  13. Ah.... How do you know that? Nationalism from female I am quite impressed. Ukraine-Russia like watching serbs and croats. Same....
  14. Sooner or later you will have to come back in life and ask yourself why you destroyed it. Once veil is broken life becomes absolete.
  15. Yeah time for blowing myself up into infinity or coming close that to be simple for while Oh yes. All human stuff and all this spiritual talk hahahaha.
  16. Not about that. When you want to form family you don't fool around. Before you can do whatever you want. Before enlightenment and falling for trick of life I wanted now I don't.