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  1. You know You are enlightened but can't stop that pleasure You get of seeking. Drop it all and get back into your life. Everything is divine, living as manual worker or going to cave.
  2. I AM...... Did I got it right want my cookie.
  3. I tought is you too do not try to resist it allow it and love it.
  4. Look around right NOW it is nothingness. Appearances inside void it is all you!
  5. All beleifs you took from Leo and he has done amazing job honestly in walking you up/highest calling one can take / you need to drop off. It is time for you to kill the Buddha.
  6. Still fooled by appearances. Just be and realize totality. Drop it all and Just be you are completed here and now.
  7. Even the spiritual seek and creating New beleifs is something this nothingness imagines same as it's imagine life of some whore for example.
  8. Now let go of all of that too. Not knowing is perfection all these beleifs you have are imperfection. You can only be when you are nobody and don't know anything.
  9. Well enlightenment is about transcending all experiences and losing attachments from all of it. Instead of looking at the world as some thing real you should look at it as imposed onto your consciousness. Once you stop holding on unreal the real Will easily step up.
  10. Let go of all this stories and realize they are inside your Dream.
  11. I think you are missing the point, mind is also silence. You are still separating and judging. You should take everything as yourself.
  12. Teach me how to manifest, I want that hot witch girlfriend.
  13. Small self exists and seeks happiness that's why you are here. Only problem with self is that it seeks it in all wrong places. It Will even destroys itself to make you happy.
  14. Been there done that. Now when meditating make a leap and whatever arises start to accept as creation of that emptiness.
  15. It is tricky work. I Just said meditate on awareness and it Will show you all it's secrets. You have to do literally nothing Just stay with it as much as you can.
  16. Just stay in it and keep remembering. It Will disolve all your questions.
  17. It is projected /might use this term as feeling of Being a brain, sensations in chest, as focus. It is projected as everything in your envoirment. It is projected as your imagination etc. It gives itself to creates everything. That's why True Self is selfless in it's nature. And that is your true nature.
  18. It looks like exactly like Reality you live in including everybody and yourself.
  19. So basiclly at the same time we are Void in which everything appears all appearances inside the void including "body-mind". Nothing wrong in Being self it is tool of creation/transfiguration. Holly fuck it's amazing.
  20. Our True nature is without sense of Being. All embracing. Thanks Leo you helped so much.
  21. I am confused now. Does this creates duality between witness and phenomena aren't they one and the same?
  22. True light is light of awareness.Once you realize you are the light of the world you become love of it.It is so simple.