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  1. I don't know but you just described average teen. I mean like it's not really worthy of commenting. Those guy rarely had women at all if any?!
  2. What would we do in life. Watch animes?
  3. Illusion of human society. Society=system based on human survival. Goodluck playing game you won't win.
  4. Plan is simple find normal good looking girl blast her with 5 meo and voila you got high concious young lady.
  5. @ertopolice Now you might understand why. Will go to normal place instead.
  6. Hey guys there is nothing wrong with her. I actually would love to take her out, on soccer game. Finally found da lady for that.
  7. Why is sick under ""? Why would you think about this in the 1st place? Yes pedophiles are sick bastards don't give a fuck what anyone says and you can relativize as much as you want. Thank goodness they really have awesome time when they find themselves in jail.
  8. ✔️? You are smart. But not top quality in terms of so many things which would interest me too.
  9. Made you horny or putted you off? Curious. Like every YouTube channel or in broader term every ideology.
  10. @Gesundheit Well you don't have a brain. But. ?
  11. Yes it does. I am God, I am Infinite Love, all Powerful, all glorious.
  12. When harsher societal conditions makes you wise enough to see through entire l human game. Blessing and a curse at the same time to came from this culture.
  13. Haha love you. Thank you. Actual life experience brings wisdom. I want to fantasize about unicorns but they ain't no real. Ukrainian women..... but you ain't no naive hahahaha. Wish you well.
  14. Because I am coming out from very turbulent period. Doesn't matter. Had fun with this topics. Mostly to not lose my grip regarding life.
  15. Thank you. Yes you are correct. Full femininity /emotional intimacy is not for me. But am I really fully attracted to it. Yes I am. "boyish" type is so unnactractive for me completelly. I am not able to provide that to her yet at the very same time those women are super attracted to my "manliness" and we got ourselves in paradox. I settle for middle and it's simple as that.