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  1. ??? Also, everyone has his dark nights and the backward rationalization that some people here do into thinking that everything they hear is (at the end of the day...) perfectly right no matter what is oversimplification and absurd. Leo's perspective even with his great achivements and wisdom is still limited. like all of us.
  2. Maybe YOU want to think that and you corrapt 5Meo into your paradigm. Remind you that you can take 5Meo and still be stage blue thinker if you states rigid "facts" like this.
  3. I disagree. The fact that Leo is more conscious than 99.9% of this forum, doesn't mean all concerns about him are "projection". They are not. Part of the concerns are fully legitimate and valid.
  4. COME ON. think for yourself.
  5. @louhad Wow thats great. Thank you very much you helps a lot! I will start to make conversations like this.
  6. Could you tell what you did? I'm interested to know because me myself struggle with this issue and want to influence people. Thats an interesting point!
  7. But even if He will be more smooth in his attitude. How it will make our society go greener faster than what green will do? Maybe we NEED conflicts to make our society grow up in the tough ways and yellow's bridging tries will just hinder us?
  8. Assuming absolute truth is not communicable. When we speak about the relative trute in society and politics: What is more true than green? For example: Equal humen rights. What can be "more" true than that? Equal rights only to 98%? gay rights only 99% as straights? I mean, it feels to me that green is a hugh leap above orange, but above green there can be only cosmetic improvements and thats it (in society and politics!) At least today, yellow have almost nothing to offer in politics. maybe in the future when green becomes dominant - we will need yellow. but today, green is still the tiny guy in town, therefore we need only more and more of green by now and the more is the better. Yellow in politics today seems to me almost useless because even the yellow guy will say that today the system needs more green, and after that we talk.
  9. @SageModeAustin Ok great. Also reconnect to nature to heal your brain thats my project this year. Regular sunlight exposure, walking outside, walk in nature, eating at least 7-9 organic vegetables and fruits. Next month I'll start 80-90% of 801010 diet. I read people say it saved their life from severe mental illnesses and physical too. Coming back to nature is a must do to heal our brain that has been damaged from the modern lifestyle and the results are ocd, anxiety disorders, depression etc. Of course do your own journy, I just put it here. Good luck and update!
  10. Can you commit yourself to 15-20 minutes of mindfulness EVERY day? My psychiatrist ask me do to that daily and it kind of saved me. You don't have to sit down. you can do it as you walk with cup of tea and eyes opened. I don't like to sit when I practice it is anoying to me so I just walk and observe thoughs. What medication you take and what dose? What was the previous medication you have taken and how long have been you taking medications so far? Did you see the video "How to meditate deeper"? And "Do Nothing" method?
  11. @SageModeAustin 1. What is your diet? 2. Do you practice any kind of mindfulness/meditation daily? 3. Do you take Antidepressants?
  12. Ok now I understand. its actually imprinting the way of thinking (and neurological patterns) into students minds through education rather than just tell a story.
  13. Lets say we have two persons - one is (mainly) blue and one is green. On average, their values of the both are a result of their family, environment and education, and were given to them with a spoon directly to their mouth. So, Why that the green one will be superior cognetively? He is not. He has not built by himself any more complex neurological pathways because of his values, he was not sweating more, he just has given its values as a content or as a story. Yes, in both sides there are people who are more autodidact and may have superiority in cognition because they develop their brain by themselves, but than can happen pretty equally (statistically) with the both colors, so this parameter offsets itself.
  14. ? Yes developed is more accurate you are right
  15. @Leo Gura but if I grew in a realively green city and family, and cause of this - I'm very green. How does it makes me more neurologically sophisticated than blue? I didnt developed my brain flexibilty independently more than blue had. I just absorb a story (content) of flexible values, but didnt necessarily developed structural flexibility And if I did, how?
  16. How was your awakening experience, and What did you think at those moments? If you can share even only it - great. If you remember more, the question is - What were the levels of realization that built what you think today? For example: 1.Last year I firstly felt in my direct experience that I have no control of my thinking and for me it was kind of basic or newbie form of awakening. 2. After three months I had an additional realization that when I try to accept my feeling, I'm still not fully accept because of the trying Itself (awakening 1.1.2). 3. ... 4. ... 5. And thats why I realized we are god (Me personally not there yet. Also maybe it happened to you only in stage 11. it just an example). Why is it important? The vast majority of awakening shares mention almost only the end point of the process ("I realized I am god") and because of that, it is very difficult and not much helpful for people to be motivated because its all high above their head. I feel that I really want to know if other people also realized what I realized, because it will strength the validity (sense of realness) of what I felt and may encourage me. Thats MY personal motivation for this thread. But maybe it will be helpful to you too for another reasons. If people will share all the tiers of their awakening process, we gonna have a spiritual MAP that can be super helfull to people to know approximately were they are. Of course, NOT to replace inner work, but to strength people in the process, motivate them, make them feel less alone, make their realizations feel more real to them (because other people realized it too) etc. But one important rule for this thread - Not psychedelics triggered awakenings. Only awakening that were spontaneous or during spiritual exercises. Why? Because Psychedelics moves you directly from A to F, and the whole point of this thread is to make ourselves see also the B, C and E.
  17. Is oat also genetically modified worldwidely (like wheat for example) or it is usually free from that?
  18. @Leo Gura I just sent you a private message about this topic.
  19. Sounds very interesting. Walking can be a great spiritual practice in my opinion.
  20. I used to frame people easily in the first couple of months knowing the model (beginning of 2019). Today I am much more careful. It is much tricky than we think.
  21. Like friends. You dont know if you are "above" someone in SD. You can only see one issue the person externalized (for example - conservativism). SD is stracture based model (not content) so you cannot know to what colors and how % of them the person has reached just using his head and his thoughts. Politics opinion for example can hint you a center of gravity of him but you have to be very very careful cause you really dont know enough. He can be conservative but still have 15% of yellow and 5% of turquoise for example or even more. Only violent people or dictatorship leaders are more clear in their location on SD. Treat everyone as basically equal. Try to learn from everybody and not to convince anybody.
  22. Everytime you have a tough thought - prepare yourself tea/chocolate drink/something simple to eat, and drink it slowly, feel the taste, enjoy the taste, the warmth of it ☕? Tell yourself "Everything I think is OK. The thoughts just come. Everyone have crazy toughts! It just that the OCD make them FEEL more emotionally intense". And Treat yourself with love. And keep drink slowly. Walk slowly inside the house/outside and look outside on the trees, flowers, birds as you keep drinking (slowly!!)?? I struggle with OCD too for years and also pure O (almost only in my head) I know what I say. Also: therapist, friends, family. Tell someone you trust what you have. Dont lock it all in your stomach.
  23. OCD

    How did you overcome OCD?