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  1. Your ego feels lonely, not god. So do something about it because stuff like this can hamper your spirituality and quality of life.
  2. it's all just various labels. alpha/beta is a low conscious, inaccurate survivor mindset label for people with high self esteem vs those with low self esteem.
  3. about rasa, it's ego if you believed enough you could fly and i told you could fly if I worked my energy on you would you let me push you off a mountain after? anyone who markets their technique as a cure all is potentially very dangerous
  4. I do agree but it's also a very dry take. It is equally about surrender and faith as well.
  5. every person is different, don't use meditation as a substitute for therapy. we often need help processing our issues. meditation is super good for us and should be practiced but usually there is a whole healing process to our issues and just mediation is not the cure. in fact mediation can help us see what else we need.
  6. new age devilry ego bullshit, often the case with most people practicing stuff like this. stay far away from any shaman or energy worker that preaches this mystical stuff and the ability to "heal" complex psychological varieties or "heal from afar, very dangerous to form paradigms and devote our own energy to getting lost in these mazes. they ultimately are just traps keeping us from reclaiming our own healthy self.
  7. Is Martin Ball doing better? I heard he was having sleep related issues.
  8. I had a mystical experience last night where everything outside of my direct experience disappeared, even my vision sort of expanded... like I don't know how to explain that. It wasn't different from what it is now (I'm sober then and now). Best way to describe it was like I was aware it's on the IMAX screen then and not like on the home television now. No room or city outside the room I was in existed in this moment, my mind quieted, the concept of time and death quieted, I felt this feeling of ONE and eternity and connection to this completely neutral nothingness which is the core of everything, all there was was change and direct experience of it, it being reality... whatever this reality is. No "I", until my mind started up again and felt completely lonely like my family and all people don't exist and it started to confuse me and I pulled myself out of it cause it became scary. Lasted 10-15 seconds or so....
  9. I just had a bit of a scary experience while listening to one of @Leo videos on what reality is. I felt completely alone and for a moment I started to experience what I think was "source." It is a sort of empty feeling where I felt absolutely alone and like nothing else existed except what I was directly then, mind was almost silent, there was no time, only felt this way before on psychadelics. Lasted about 3 seconds. Pulled myself out of it cause I don't think I'm ready to push, intensify and explore these experiences too hard. Any ideas or thoughts on such an experience?
  10. I had a lucid dream last night, first in a long time. It was a bit dark. I summoned a model I liek for sex and it wasn't enjoyable for me or her. She had this angry/scared look and I tried to have sex again with her and found the dream morph into something else in a similar setting but this time I was less lucid. I'm going to try and exercise control over my sexual desires while lucid and try to walk around next time and ask for strength and wisdom for when I'm awake.
  11. hey can I PM you about tips on integrating and feeling spacey after using psychedelics?
  12. I'm not sure they are hanging out right now at a hyperspace mcdonald's while we are down here but what do I know
  13. Don't hate yourself like this. Process those feelings and move onto forgiveness. Forgiveness has to come at the same time as you start to try and love and integrate your flaws and dark side. You can then open your heart and start feeling like a good person. You can do a forgiveness meditation or pray to forgive yourself. Really powerful stuff.
  14. don't remove it! it's energy you can channel to making it possible for you to have a girlfriend. there is nothing wrong with wanting something. it's how you channel that want and if you let it become an emotional/mental problem or something you use to grow you. relationships with others are something which is connected to your relationship with yourself so working on what's under the hood is a good place to start and fix these painful desires into healthy motivations guiding you to new experiences.
  15. stop engaging in this dark evil shit and negative thinking life improves when you cut out all the negative and dark information feeding your insecurities and problems
  16. might not be a bad thing and stuff you need to process, you know better for sure though. you can change the breathing patterns. try wim hof method which breaks the breathing into sets. sometimes doing the same thing over and over can make it sort of boring and mechanical so changing things up a bit can help.
  17. it is fine to engage in hedonism. it's finding a balance with all other things you find important in life.
  18. I've done these on and off and have never got the full benefits of doing them daily even when consistently doing them but find them to be good especially when dealing with some fog and depression. I do a cold shower about once a week.
  19. This month alone I'd say I started a new chapter in my life. I'd say this has been the most important month of my life so far in this novel of SunnyNewDay. I'm focusing on releasing my baggage and traumas. Doing this affects everyone around me and makes the world a little lighter. It's a process but I now have a goal of wanting to leave the world a better place than I found it so right now that is where I am going to steer myself.
  20. Perfectly normal, be safe and look up dosage and have a trip sitter there
  21. it's about being human and experiencing all the things we are able to as consciously as possible and also raising our capacity to love everyone and share a message of peace
  22. Oh yea, it's incredibly powerful. There isnt really a right or wrong way to do it. Just start talking to God with yours and others best intentions in your heart. Forgiveness of self and others and acceptance really make praying more powerful as well. It's fine to be honest and pray for anything worldly you want if you feel your soul or is searching for this. Whether you get it or not and if you do and the lessons you learn from it are another story.