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  1. What did I walk into? Jk. I say...fap away. I would snap pencils and maybe hurt someone if I didn't. True story. Unless you are like a fapping 'holic
  2. Women can be badass in any form! But I think being girly is about being fun and cute.
  3. Uh for me I tend to get into serious relationships fast because I am not actually trying to get into them? Like I am scared to do that. But I don't advise rushing that. I would try to at least act like you enjoy them and that you aren't wanting anything but go very slow when choosing them. It's better to be single than going falling in love with the wrong person. And it's all about the bonding getting to know them that is the best and sometimes scariest part gl to u
  4. If you are very awkward you can sometimes use that in a cute way also. Just humor can be really sexy as long as it's not too over the top or too desperate. Have fun with this. If you are it will be much easier gl to you
  5. I too am going thru something like that and this is my first post too. Lol. Sorry u are going thru this. First I would not do anything when your emotions are running high. Draw back and let yourself feel them in safety. If you become more mindful you can then make a decision with a clear head. Best of luck x