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  1. @Leo GuraHow do you balance having a relationship with doing this kind of work ? I find it really hard. I feel like I have to commit to one of them, to the exclussion of the other one.
  2. I m reading Radical Honesty. @Leo Gura did you had to come clean to your parents as the book suggests? We all have little or big secrets. Can we self actualize by skipping this step?
  3. @Leo Gura you said you still go to nightclubs. for what purpose?
  4. I have observed at me, that I have very little tolerance to pain or discomfort. I go through the escape door all the time when I sense discomfort and pain, and this is a problem when it cames to self actualization. One thing that I think will help me, is Cold Showers challenge. I cannot stand cold water. In this way maybe I get used to discomfort and learn to tolerate it and manage. Do you have any other ideas?
  5. I also use EFT - david childerly Acceptance 30 days challenge and it works kinda amazing. I've been using lots of EFT lately, I find it really helpful
  6. @Fer Lazo he said he lived in Boston, if I remember well
  7. @Leo Gura do actualizers recognise you on street? Do they aproach you?
  8. @cirkussmile I think it's a hard life, because dogs are supposed to be taken care of, they are domestic animals, they are not supposed to go in the wild and make a living , and hunt and feed. But I live in Romania, and we have a lot to go. This and so many more things just show me the level of unconsciousness by which we live. And I'm becoming more and more aware of this, at my workplace expecially where I spend a lot of time. I have to find a life purpose and head towards it, cause otherwise my soul is dying day by day here. And in the institution were I work I see so many broken dreams and people who have abandoned themselves.
  9. and today I feel better, because the little guy is doing better, as I've helped him get rid of parasytes, fed him he looks in shape, he can even step on that broken foot, he is recovering fast and I feel so happy for him. He is a sweetheart, melts my heart.
  10. @cirkussmile I also find this inspiring, and sometimes I look at them, observe them...even though they have this hard life, they seem at peace and somehow content with life
  11. @Daniel Stratone I don't eat meat Thanks for your answer. I guess acceptance of reality would be good. Accepting the poor fate of these dogs, but more than that accepting all the people at work who don't seem to care about these poor souls and just go on with their lives like nothing is happening around them. Meanwhile, I find some peace, by doing what I can for them. And I would love to gather the power inside me to just expose these people to " the elephant in the room" and then do something for them .Cause if we gather forces we can definetely do them a good.
  12. At my workplace, there are lots of dogs. We are about 300 people or more, but very few seem to notice or care about this dogs. I feed the dogs, but they are many and there is only that much that I can do. Today I saw a little dog, that broke my heart. He has one of his legs without hair, he has raw meat there it seems he was accidented, his tummy is huge because of the parasytes,he was full of parasytes on it's fur, but he was so friendly and even though he couldn't use one of his legs he followed me, and just looking into his eyes broke my heart. After I left work, I went back gave him food, water, a pill and solution for parasytes. Still, I thought all day about him. I fear that he may have his leg infeted and I don't know what I should do. I feel really torn apart,and feel like I m losing hope on humanity and life. Why does the universe allow this? I get that the universe is though with people, but with helpless animals too? And the others at work are so unconscient about this, it amazes sadeness me. We can do so much with so little, but yet we don't do nothing to help them. At least help them to stop reproducing. I'm torn apart..............and sad, and hopeless in humanity and I feel powerless.
  13. i love teal swan..i would love to have the opportunity to're so lucky
  14. i did it for a month, and I got a gastro intestinal reflux from it. Drink the shakes after you eat.
  15. In this moment I value clarity the most and striving to live in a state of clarity