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  1. Thank you guy so much. I think i should back to the academic first, then figure out how to socialize.
  2. @Shin Many of my friends and classmates have already dated girls. I feel guilty and inadequate to my situation. I don't really socialize with people so much throughout my life. I think it is a warning sign to me that i don't know how to socialize with others. I hope i can get a girlfriend by improving myself.
  3. I am 17 years old. I am seriously introverted and social anxious. I have few friends and never ever date a girl. Recently, i am preparing entrance examination of university. Therefore, i don't really got time to invest to relationship. Simply, i am a total newbie. Can you guy give me the guideline. How do i start doing thing to improve my situation. Sorry for the language fluency, I am not born English.