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  1. @Roy ? That is rather unlikely to be true in tribal times. You were stuck with those people for good and bad, cuz your survival depended on it. Loneliness is a comfort of technological advancement, where your survival doesn't relay so much on bonds with others anymore, also a nice shell for the ego, cuz you don't need to deal with ppl anymore whether you like it or not, you can afford to just move a away from them, when that doesn't server ego needs. Keep in mind that fit in to a new group, and adopt social roles is more "natural to us" than going alone into survival mode in the forest for longer period of time. And those who didn't adapt those social traits were wiped out from pull gene, or they wiped out themselves by choosing isolation and loneliness. That's also why we are so socially biased most of the time, rather than pure logic and reasoning creatures. So indeed the short answer for incelism would be, the environment shifted so rapidly that the genes haven't chance to adopt properly
  2. @fopylo you need to sex 22 virgins before you die, otherwise you won't go to heaven ... that's the same logic and reasoning for me damn, I just realized I have his book on my bookshelf waiting to read ... god works in mysterious way
  3. I've heard james nestor breath is good, I'm looking forward to read it , He was in Joe R. E, so u can chceck the podcast first and see if that feeds your needs, that episode is mainly about that book, Andrew Huberman recommend it as well and he is proffesor of neruobiology - so I guess the book is legit from science stand point, not some woo-woo mambo jambo
  4. @Someone here theoretical yes and practical no if you don't have access to it - then no, doesn't make a difference
  5. what are dreams? are there any insights about them from higher states of consciousness, psychedelics or yoga ? what is happening to consciousness while we sleeping ? seems like it's totally off why does it feel so real in that moment ? moreover the body treats it like a real thing - sweat, fear, heart rate, boner, even orgasm it's seems like at time of sleep whole reality ceases to exist, WW3 could happen and you wouldn't even notice it isn't that mind boggling that the mind/brain (whatever it is behind it )or consciousness can construct dreamlike realites out of fucking nowhere ... so easily - just like that how can we be sure that same process doesn't happen with "this reality" ? the only difference is that dreams are fleeting - meanwhile "this reality" is long lasting, despite of how much suffering there is in it, or joy if you're more lucky Osho was saying that dreams are reflection of not lived life during the day, whatever we suppress ... while sometimes it might be accurate, I don't think it's always the case
  6. +1 that would be interesting is it real thing or just a placebo
  7. @Gesundheit that is the thing, I've never experienced anything that is beyond materialist paradigm or anything different than that, therefore don't ask me to convince myself that is not true, also I don't hold a belief that I "exist" - that might be just a simulation or recalled memory of myself from the past played on some alien's server - there is no way to validate that this reality is "real" as far I as know, I am open minded about it, as you can see I'm destined to continue my "search", until I taste on my own the sweetness of banana @Ananta I know what he is saying at least at conceptual mind level, but that doesn't change my life experience that much
  8. @Setzer901 yeah don't listen to what they preach, and just look at their behavior (deeply self - deluded and hypocrites)- they usually are strongly focused on making more money, aslo if you ask them to give it back to you if that doesn't make them happy - which totality rational and logical what do you thinkg is going to happen ? money is just a toll, and just reflects the ego if you know how to be happy already, you will find more ways to enjoyment and vice versa if you live in a scared state, now you have more to be scared of
  9. he would say stop this mind stuff and focus on the now
  10. @Artsu you will need to tell me what do you mean by "spiritual experiences" first @James123 I'm not sure what do mean by attached to them - I am aware of thoughts after a while, that the mind is producing some stream of thougths, I can catch myself in it and stop, let go, but I miss the moment when they aring, only after the fact, they take my by surprise
  11. that is not very efficient i do that for few years now, with very slightly progress
  12. is there any way to experience non-duality state ? without psychedelics? how can I do this ? is all those terms are the same or there is a difference ? non-duality - surrender - enlightenment - presence - being - god - nothingness - love - no-self - zen - tao - no-mind
  13. I realize today that it's such a tricky topic, cuz the easier way to sell something is convice people that there is something worng with them, and marketrs are perfectly aware of that fact, ego always looking for wholness outside "you're piece of shit - you need to fix - here is my shitty product solution - that won't help you anyways" - this such a huge problem of self-help industry
  14. @Leo Gura yeah, tell that to the sperm that didn't make it to your mom's egg hey, you guys weren't statistic ! - but I guess you don't believe in that anymore ... apart from joke, if it's as simple as you say: why is that VAST MAJORITY end up in some kind of 9-5 job, making less than 50k (depends on the counry) per year? what is that ? global scale hypnosis ? where is the trick ? how the game is rigged ? maybe instead of blaming and judging - explain and teach us ....