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  1. When the infinite is embodied sort of speak (awakening) the finite is recognized to have never been real (Maya/illusion/misunderstanding). Prior to this, the infinite can be somewhat intellectually understood but not embodied. When liberation truly occurs the idea going back is not even applicable because it's recognized as never being real in the first place.
  2. Yep, & It's just another means of seeking what we think we are lacking, it's just spiritual materialism. ❤
  3. Yes and No, because nobody arrives in Nirvana. The very individual that believes it can gain or arrive in Nirvana is what literally collapses. So 'I' literally did not gain anything because 'I' was recognized to be unreal. I actually don't really know anything about Buddhism. In the story of ME there was a very deep desperation to find the truth no matter what the cost was. There was reading of a few spiritual books and daily meditation, but essentially there wasn't even the slightest understanding of what Nirvana was at the time of it occuring although something seemed to be hidden right under my nose. There was also some self inquiry into what this ME character was. It just started slowly becoming revealed that there just never was an individual ME.... The idea of ME was more of an assumed identity than something real.
  4. Well what was recognized here is that there just wasn't a self period. It did seem that the ego tried to quickly reconstruct itself as a new expansive higher self, but the illusion was too clearly seen through and it deflated quickly under the weight of Truth. The illusion of self was shattered completely sort of speak.
  5. Yeah exactly, except I wouldn't say samsara is contained within anything because it's recognized to have never been. & The separate seeking self is the Veil. They're not two different things ❤
  6. Being selfless is just another attempt of the spiritual ego to try to put itself in a better position in a more sneakier or subtle way. On the surface level the action will appear as selflessness but deep down it's just the ego attempting to fulfil its endless requirements of needing to feel special. Liberation has nothing to do with being a better person. ❤
  7. @Dodo It sounds like you're a little overly concerned about falling into a so-called trap. Don't worry so much, it will be fine.... no one can take away your birthday. If you really want freedom badly enough at some point you will have to let go of everything you dearly hold on to. There needs to be 100% faith and trust that it will be alright. ❤
  8. What is suffering? What are the mechanisms that create an apparent suffering experience? You have to look for yourself! ❤
  9. Naked King that sounds pretty good to me... I like that 👍 It sounds like you have a severe trust issue, which can be a catalyst early on but can also become a hindrance. What are you so concerned about? Is there anyone that you do trust or follow?
  10. Yes and when reality is experienced as a separate individual it creates an artificial experience imbued with meaning, purpose and value. This artificial experience that "I am real" creates a feeling of separation or incompleteness which is unsettling for the illusory individual. Thus begins the journey of an unreal individual attempting to find wholeness somewhere other than where it already is.(seeking)
  11. There's nothing right or wrong with attempting to know. That would just be another conditioned concept of mind. But think about it for a second. How can you absolutely know something?.... what are you going to base it off of? Your own or others beliefs about it? Maybe science? Are you going to ask God or the universe if what you believe is absolutely true? 😂 No you can't and in that sense it's completely unknowable.... regardless of what beliefs are placed on top of THIS.
  12. So you remember being conscious prior to birth? Awakening requires an emptying of the glass, a willingness to let go and have faith or trust that things will be okay. Severe trust issues are a pentacle on this forum. The 101 concepts about what Awakening is and how it's found distort and seem to hide this freedom that's actually already the case. ❤
  13. There isn't a real dream and there isn't anyone who could step out, identify or disidentify with it. That's literally why it's called a dream story or an illusion. ❤
  14. The body is the vehicle in which the illusion of ME seems to be born(self awareness) When that body dies, the ability of the illusion of ME will cease to exist. But this is just a story because an illusion cannot die because it was never real to begin with. So the ME doesn't die because it was never really born.... which is already the case. What a trip huh? ❤
  15. The sense of self never reaches fulfillment, that's its game. It can be recognized it isn't real though.
  16. No the universe does not have an agenda if that's what you're asking. Only the conditioned mind labels things as good or bad.
  17. It doesn't matter whether meditation occurred for 25 years or being the governor of kentucky for 25 years. When that body dies there won't even be the slightest inkling of existence, so in that sense it doesn't matter in any way at all. ❤
  18. If he recognizes there is no right or wrong understanding or way to be, he will be out of things to talk about. Ego does not like being out of things to talk about. ❤
  19. Its so close its already the case. The finding of something JUST doesn't happen. The seeker is realized to be completely unreal. So its not a gain in any way...... its a loss of an unreal YOU. & It has to been SEEN directly and clearly first-hand for the energetic shift to occur. Otherwise it's just a surface intellectual understanding. ❤
  20. Liberation is recognizing attachment detachment indifference or any of it, does not matter in any way at all. It's simply a play of life, no need to figure it out. But attempting to figure it out is also that being what it does. ❤
  21. Detachment feels like a forced action. It's a word that implies there is a separate individual which can attach or detach from something. Awakening is recognizing the individual that seems to attach to certain things or outcomes never actually existed. Apparent happenings become impersonal sort of speak.
  22. Anything by Tony Parsons or Robert Wolfe.