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  1. 👍 Like throwing out the baby with the bathwater, smashing the bathtub, burning the house down and then realizing the house was never real 😂
  2. Who is "I" ? Can "I" be located in the body? What does "I" consist of exactly?
  3. The map the territory the apparent disagreements all the words and all the emotional experiences are all THIS. It's not somewhere else it's already THIS. ❤
  4. 👍 Yes, the root cause of suffering is identification as the individual desperately seeking for a better experience in the future. The individual is like a self-centered ball of judgment. When things go according to the individuals agenda they are called good. When they go against the individuals agenda they cause conflict/suffering because it's resisted. This individual is not real although it seems to be and in that sense calling it an illusion seems to fit well. Nice inquiry ❤
  5. I'm sure they were probably compassionate for everyone. Compassion and unconditional love for existence isn't only displayed through physical action, it's also deeply embodied through awareness and or big picture understanding. like leo says: "Awareness alone is curative". Kind of like walking a mile in their shoes without physically having to do it. ❤
  6. The seeking energy needs to be so strong that it ends with the revelation that there was nothing to find and no one in which to find it. "Do not seek illumination unless you seek it as a man whose hair is on fire seeks a pond". - Sri Ramakrishna
  7. @nistake 👍 thx for the share!
  8. There isn't a limitless conscious Self that's a fairy tale produced by the ego which thinks it's important. There's no separation because there isn't a separate self period. Not a higher or a lower self, no self at all in any term whatsoever.
  9. Yeah bro, the bliss is the full acceptance of what is. It's the underlying recognition that it's all well. ❤
  10. Be aware that Enlightenment has nothing to do with happiness. It's simply freedom from the individual that judges apparent happenings as good or bad. So it's the transcendence of happiness or sadness if you will. Freedom for No One ❤
  11. It's the acceptance that whichever way it goes, It's what's happening.
  12. The Big Bang is just a theory of how THIS came to be. It's just a theory. Scientists say it's important to know and understand how existence came to be. Some people enjoy trying to understand how the cookie came to be. Either way the cookie is always being eaten.
  13. It doesn't matter in the sense that whatever concept of Truth you place on top of reality has no real effect.... now granted it seems to, but ultimately that perspective experience is illusory. This is exactly why it's called Awakening. It simply cannot be grasped from the dualistic paradigm.... you will just keep spinning in circles. The first illusion of being a separate individual that can one day find the truth has to be seen through. So in essence the first misunderstanding leads to infinite misunderstandings on the journey..... which also doesn't matter at all. ❤
  14. Everyone wants a better version or perspective of reality. Reality must feel so insulted 😂
  15. Great video 👍 Yes, infinite different perspectives about the nature of physical reality and or the standpoint that it's unknowable or ungraspable, does not constitute it as being a complete illusion either. (Jim Newman calls it real & unreal) Some gurus are pointing to a bigger picture understanding that the nature of reality is impermanence and therefore dreamlike or ultimately unreal.... for example: The rock will eventually break down into smaller rocks and the smaller rocks into sand and the sand into dust and so on. The body that is temporarily perceiving reality will eventually die and decompose and so on. Obviously this big picture understanding gives a different feel to the meaning of the word reality. If everything is temporary then is there anything that's ultimately real? ❤
  16. That would be like scuba diving in the ocean searching for water. Or Looking for hay in a haystack.
  17. What you said reminded me of this. ❤
  18. Better or worse are concepts within the experience of being an individual. The individual experience is created through infinite judgements happening so quickly and unconsciously that it's turned into a continuous self story which seems to be moving in time. Individuals with similar conditioning can have very similar experiences, while individuals with much different upbringings can seem to have an almost entirely different experience. So the robotic conditioned judgments create the dream characters experience. Enlightenment is the end of this individual character moving through time, which is already the case. ❤
  19. Give that fear a big hug and thank it for helping keep that body alive. ❤
  20. Remember dropping is just a metaphor describing what seems to happen. Don't try to drop anything. Inquire into who am I. ❤