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  1. Hi, I think that I have finally gotten over the initial resistance of accepting my calling to music. It actually feels really good. I feel a lot more grounded and confident now. I know that I have already made a post asking about what does the resistance to athletics mean on another topic, but that was rather just a minor question on my mind. About a week and a half ago I began feeling massive resistance towards athletics and also looked at that fear straight in the face. It shocked, scared, and confused me to what this meant. Some part of me was thinking "oh shit.. is that my life purpose?!" or "is it the need to be more physically active?" Because here's the thing, I am passionate about music, while on the other hand I am not so passionate about athletics. I am aware that the more you resist or fear, the more you should pursue and are more passionate about. However, like I said, I do not feel passion towards this pursuit but still feel resistance and fear. Although I enjoy playing sports and used to play them competitively when I was young, I have given that up for the most part. And while I did and still do (to some extent) like to play competitively, it now seems pretty shallow as a pursuit for a life purpose (doesn't align with my top values) . Also, recently I have redone my Zone of Genius and Impact Statement exercise. My Zone of Genius is a toss up between "Creating emotional and thought provoking art" and "Being spontaneous and playful", while my impact Statement is "Creating art that raises the consciousness of others by making them feel and think more deeply". So what do you think this all means? Is it just a resurface in cravings to participate in more physically demanding activities? Should it be a part of my life purpose? Or is it something else? And I am sorry if this seemed repetitive from my last topic. I really just want some more clarification and other perspectives on this issue. Thank you!
  2. @Nahm Oh, I never have thought of it like that before. I mean I do go to the gym at least twice a week, but have not been as active as I was when I was younger. Maybe it is a sign that I should get more active again and this may indeed give me more energy in my creative pursuits. Thanks!
  3. @Elisabeth Yeah, you're right, I actually forgot to state the question. Basically, I wanted to ask: What does this mean? Is it somehow intertwined with my life purpose?, Does it just mean I should get more physically active?, or Is it something that I should just do on the side if I am not that passionate or serious about?
  4. @Cocolove Heh...I know, this can sometimes be mentally stressful and emotionally laborious work. I've decided for myself that I am just going to go into it anyways even if I am feeling stuck. I mean it's probably best to at least try than skip another day. Even if I do not get any results in a day or short period of time, at least I can say to myself that I have stayed dedicated to the course. One of my biggest flaws is that sometimes I have little patience and want results to appear in an instant. So you know what, if I do not get results in an instant or if they're results that I am not satisfied with, well who gives a flying flock...I will just need to redo it or conduct further inquiry into a particular topic. The positive is that the next day always has the potential to bring along promise . Anyways, I wish the best to you and hope that the rest of the course will go well. *I am not advocating for you to do the same thing as I am. This is just my own perspective on the issue.
  5. @-Rowan Oh yeah, I know...Concept albums are awesome! There are so many great ones. That idea has actually crossed my mind before. I mean like, it's true... if I love writing stories (plots of such and revolving around deep themes) then that would be an option worthy to consider. I also like your observation about concept albums telling a story that feels as though "you're being transported into a movie"...the experience can sometimes feel grand and epic. Yeah, my brother and I are that way. We will listen to vinyl records and also listen to the whole album and not just particular songs from it. This results in a more deeply invested experience. I would also like to say thank you for all of the business and financial tips/information that you gave me. That is one area I still need to learn more about and research, so I can market my products or business successfully.
  6. @ajasatya True, true, true. Although teaching is a profession that I am not a fan of to pursue, you never know where the long and winding road will take you.
  7. @Michael569 I couldn't agree more with you. Nothing better than long periods of silence to allow truth to sneak its way under the rug. Unfortunately, since I am still in school, only 19 years old, and live with my parents I don't think I would be allowed to go spend 5 days alone in nature. However, when I move out and am out of school, that would be something that I would definitely look forward to doing. In addition, I do spend a good chunk of time alone each day for myself meditating, reading, contemplating, and would probably be wise to journal more often in silence, so thank you for that. Yeah, that's actually why I had stopped the course for two weeks, because I was pushing so hard for answers which was just making things more stressful. But now, I think I am ready to go back to finish the course and give it my best effort even if the results aren't perfect.
  8. @Leo Gura That's actually true. I should start to think more creatively on my approach to music, whether its recording or live performance and find my own unique "purple cow". A "moose costume".... Funny enough, that's actually always been an serious interest of mine during my youth...dressing up in to some extent that could be appropriate . One more thing I wanted to say is that (as I previously mentioned in my first post) lately I have been experiencing resistance towards athletics. The odd thing about it though is that I do not really have any interest within this field as of now. I mean from time to time I will play for fun, and do enjoy it, but do not feel as though this should be a serious pursuit of mine. However, when I was young I loved watching and playing sports, and even considered some as possible dream pursuits. Also, when I was young I feel that some of my interest in sports was genuine, but that some of it was also imprinted on me because of my upbringing (mostly my dad). In addition, one of the biggest reasons or if not the reason for quitting sports was because of my dad's constant criticism and anger towards my performance, abilities, and skills; therefore, that had made me very fearful and I quit. Oh and by the way, I am currently 19 years old, so when I was referring to my youth about sports, I was relatively speaking from about 5 - 13 years old. So what do you think this means? Is it somehow intertwined with my life purpose? Does it just mean I should get more physically active? Or is it something that I should just do on the side if I am not that passionate or serious about it? Because as I have stated previously, music is the thing I am most passionate about. Anyways, I was wondering if I could possibly get some clarification and advice on this issue. Thank You!
  9. @Leo Gura Hi Leo. Thank you for responding. I just watched that video on small bets, and I feel a lot better knowing that I can always just test the waters to see if a passion is right for me, rather than clutching onto it immediately or dismissing it completely. Yeah, I have thought about combining many areas together. One of them is film director, which allows you to oversee the visual aesthetic, story, actors, music (score or soundtrack), the editing process, and etc. Same with a singer/songwriter and musician, which allows you to sing, write lyrics, and play an instrument of such. Yes, as much as it is scary, you are right, I think music is it. But like I said before, I will probably need to actually get to the nitty gritty and start experimenting with this medium to see if this passion of mine isn't just a false alarm. In addition, another aspect of music that I am very resistant towards is live performance, which I have never done and am scared shitless of. This again is probably another indication that I am on the right track. And while scared, I must obviously take baby steps to acquire the proper growth in my journey. Now I know it is time to get back on the saddle and ride the course again. Anyways, thank you Leo! and I would just like to say that over the past two years, your wisdom has made a significant difference in my life, making me feel more better than ever, inspiring me to strive in continuing to actualize myself. So, Thank You!
  10. @Elisabeth Yes, it is. I haven't actually played a lot, and am just starting. It was around the end of 2017 Christmas that I got my first guitar and started to learn chords ever since. However, I have begun starting to take it a little more serious now. The other mediums of art that I have been involved with for a while now includes painting/drawing and making films (I have created a significant amount). I listened to a good chunk of it. I really enjoyed the music and ensemble vocals. It actually gave me chills.
  11. @Elisabeth Yeah I know, my zone of genius is kinda clunky. I'm not even sure if that's the right one. I am still trying to figure it out. The thing that is confusing and frustrating about finding my zone of genius is that Leo said in "The Big Leap Process" video that you must look to the future to see your ability fully realized. Also in his "Zone of Genius" video, he said that your zone of genius must scare the shit out of you meaning that it is a common clue to the right direction. On the other hand, in the zone of incompetence, he said the things that you not good at should be dropped, while the things you are great at should be actualized and pursued. I know that all of this connects with the big picture, but I am totally lost. Everything seems to contradict the other. Anyways, I think I will do that for a bit. Instead of just waiting for my ideal medium to appear before me, I will just try out different things, like I have already been doing and will probably alleviate some stress at least. Thanks again. I appreciate your help!
  12. @Elisabeth Yeah, I have had the urge lately to write and sing a song. Also, I have been learning a song on the guitar as well. A part of me was telling me to wait until I have formed a band to create music, but I know that is just procrastination. I guess I will just go solo for a bit to get in the groove of things. And yes, I have actually thought of making a musical movie which still could be done. Thanks