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  1. Have you tried L-Theanine and Caffeine together?
  2. How can I talk to girls without they thinking I want something more? This may not be exactly what you're trying to teach but I'm curious on what you have to say. I'm asexual and I always have this doubt. Sometimes I go out just fishing for friends and I want to make that clear.
  3. I have this and it comes and goes throughout the day. Sometimes strong, sometimes I can't even hear it. This is not supposed to be scientific. Just my experience. Take it with a grain of salt. Stimulants seem to have the greatest effect. When under effect of ritalin, it seems to go down. On the comedown, it goes up. Caffeine is the same. Modafinil is the worst offender of all. If your tinnitus is bothering you never try this drug. This is the lowest hanging fruit: quitting all stimulants. Don't do anything else before trying this. Vinpocetine seems to reduce tinnitus for me. The drug is made for that so that's expected I think. It has the most noticeable effect of all. If it gets unbearable in your later life this is an option. Other than that I can't contribute much. Good luck! Extra anecdotes: Supplements: L-Theanine increases it. Creatine makes it unbearable. Nice energy boost but horrible for tinnitus. Sleep: doesn't seem to influence that much. Exercise: lowers it
  4. I drink sometimes like 0-2x a month or so. It's not always worth it. I prefer to drink only with people I am already familiar with so I don't make friends with people I don't care when sober If I had friends that I hang out with only to use drugs I'd cut them off. It doesn't matter how harmful the drug of choice is For the health part, less is more. I don't drink caffeine so I can't just get drunk and get myself up the next day with a stimulant like people do so I need to moderate.
  5. I cannot think of someone more SD orange than him lol
  6. I'm sorry for your loss. Here are some things that work for me: Cut stimulants to the minimum needed (even better if zero) - caffeine is a sneaky devil Blue light filters on all eletronic devices Get a boring book and read it around the time you want to sleep Maybe you have some type of sleep disorder but that's a stretch of my knowledge. Definitely check up with a doctor about that. Good luck!
  7. The trick is in thinking that there's a "self" that imposes it's "will"
  8. Pick a topic that interests you Choose an imagined audience What impact do you want to have with your speech? Write about that. Read it silently Then read it aloud till it drills into your mind Then train in front of a mirror or record yourself Watch yourself and see what could be improved Repeat till perfection I've done this just one time but man that was the best presentation ever hahaha The funny thing is on those basic school presentations I could never replicate what I did that time and I became sad
  9. Not 100% but i don't feel as clueless as I did before begining the work
  10. Be And I think us people are just trying to be the elite at beingness
  11. It's so freeing to get off caffeine I'm happy for you. I'm on day 35 now I've seen some compulsive habits of mine are becoming increasingly boring like mindless browsing and watching TV or even porn. I think it's being caused by quitting caffeine. Good luck!
  12. It has an strong psychoactive effect on me and I treat it like a drug. 1-2 h of euphoria, Superman feeling Paranoia, anxiety Decreased sleep quality ADHD feelings With consistent consumption some of the side effects go away but I don't want to be dependent on any psychoactive substance on principle If it has a net benefit for you then take it.
  13. Have you done any bloodwork?
  14. This sentence just didn't make sense to me seemingly due to constituent order. Can anyone explain this?
  15. Modafinil (100mg+) does that for me Do it at your own risk.
  16. @The0Self Nice to know. I had in my mind that cocaine was like a methylphenidate or Adderall compressed into 30 minutes. I have read into the other catecholamines interactions beside Dopamine but I didn't made the association. Doing cognitively demanding work on MDMA seems like an even harder task than sober lol
  17. Hm I see you're not in a simple situation. But from what I know, if you stop taking stimulants you'll have a more steady energy throughout the day and no stimulants will be needed as your sleep becomes better. Counterintiutive approach  If this and even methylphenidate don't work, the only thing I can think of is Cocaine or nicotine but those are incredibly unhealthy. Safe and short-lasting stimulants aren't meant to be in the same sentence. It's a easy road to addiction. So I bet it would be wise to try the no stimulants approach.
  18. I don't understand. If you have problems sleeping when you drink coffee at 6pm, why don't you stop drinking it in the evening? Also, if you are crashing hard to the point of needing more stimulants at night it's probably because you have bigger lifestyle problems than dopamine agonists or reuptake inhibitors could solve. You're just going to create a bigger problem that way.
  19. Do you drink coffee? I used to have hard jitters like I had Parkinson's or something. Tried some prescription drugs (propranolol) and even some harder ones like clonazepam(it was 7 years ago I don't remember anymore) but it just didn't go away no matter what I did. I quit coffee and I'm steady most of the time. Even more than other people sometimes
  20. Yes. Just replace those: Women;girls=men Emotional=logical Feminine=masculine Girl wet=man with a hard boner