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  1. @Nak Khid Kinda like affirmations, ok, I’m might try this out Ok, that’s similar to what I’m already doing, but I don’t repeat a mantra, I struggle to focus the moment I become angry This is what I’ve been doing Ive been mostly listening to guided audio meditation, which walks you through labelling different sensations and focusing on the breath That’s what I’ve been thinking about doing, is before I meditate trying to let out some aggression, I have a weight bench with about 90lbs worth of weights, so what I might start doing is exercising or going for a jog, maybe taking a cold shower and doing some breath work before I meditate
  2. @Consept How do you get yourself to meditate then? @nistake I try to, it just over powers that rational introspective part of me, the more I practice the more I’m sure it’ll become easier for me to do that @Espaim I understand your point I’m not shocked that there is anger I’m just surprised at how easy it is to invoke by just sitting still with my thoughts
  3. @JessiChell Your friends a dickhead lol
  4. @Espaim Generally, most of the time that's how I see myself, it takes a lot to set me off, during my day That's clearly not true now though, considering for some reason I can't sit down for five minutes in silence, cross legged and just breathing without getting angry lol
  5. @BjarkeT Because the reason I'm doing these habits is to make my life easier not harder But I'm not making excuses, I just want to know when I can start seeing some results
  6. @inFlow Okay, its funny I get irritated very quickly, if I'd quit as I get irritated I doubt I'd make it to ten minutes lol But I'll be less harsh on myself, I'm thinking I'll meditate for 15 minutes as soon as I awake and 15 minutes before I sleep @Flowerfaeiry I never really thought of myself as such an angry person, but that's obviously wrong I will go a little easier, though I still want to make this habit stick @Consept If I didn't force myself I wouldn't do it, and if I didn't think anything would come from it I wouldn't do it Okay, noted I'm definitely finding it difficult to do consistently
  7. @BjarkeT It feels as though its an eternity lol
  8. @Nak Khid I've been on and off meditating for the past year. I've tried several times to make the habit stick but I haven't yet. My goal is to meditate daily, at the very least meditate for 30 minutes, but I allow myself wiggle room if I want too keep pushing it to see how far I can go. Yesterday I ended up going for three hours. I don't know what you mean by the nature of the anger. It's just anger. The thoughts vary, its not one specific thing that angers me, generally its just the replaying of memories, what I should of done, what I should be doing now and then when I get lost thinking about more abstract things that too end up pissing my of to the point that I struggle to continue sitting and focusing on my breath.
  9. @BjarkeT I expect its even longer than that @cnfvm Depends on consistency Though you have to be willing to be consistent
  10. @max duewel Yeah, that 21 day idea comes from Maxell Maltz Psycho Cybernetics, I don't find it to be true though I've been doing some habits for far over 21 days and its still a giant struggle to find the effort to do them daily
  11. @Leo Gura Amen No one hates the police more than I do, but I hate them as individuals (for the most part) not as a concept So not only are you right with all the consequences you mentioned with defunding the police Defunding the police, also isn’t a good thing when your presented with guys in this video, it’s all fun and games to chant Defund the police! Black Lives Matter! Pigs in a blanket fry like bacon! But when you presented with this guy You’re gonna be chanting Call 911!
  12. @Kiko Dopamine isn’t the feel good chemical, it’s the chemical that motivates you to do things that will make you feel good We have something called natural reinforcers, that are the basic needs that don’t need to be taught to become desirable, as there innately needed for survival and reproduction, e.g. food, water, sex... These natural reinforcers are the basis of our reward system, our reward system is that which makes us feel good when we fufill the needs of our naturally reinforced behaviours. The reward system is the engine behind most of our decision making to fulfil our biological needs/naturally reinforced behaviours and dopamine is the fuel that powers up that engine to make us perform actions. This is why dopamine motivates you to act, chemicals like oxytocin are the chemicals that make you feel good. The issue today is so many of our habits are built around hijacking our natural reinforcers and reward system so we spend and consume more, a dopamine detox deprives you of these soul sucking habits and gives you back the motivation by resensitizing your reward system to new stimuli so your more motivated to performing better more productive habits, the issue with doing this your fighting more primitive parts and desires that your mammalian brain will throw at you as you attempt to change your habits.
  13. @Nak Khid All that is being played here is word games What Leo is trying to do here is point to something that can’t be describe with language Everything is imaginary in the sense that it is generated by consciousness and nothing escapes consciousness To quote the main man Terence McKenna “There is a transcendental dimension beyond language... It's just hard as hell to talk about!” Reality and imagination are in a sense arbitrarydistinctions of consciousness Neither exist, but both exist
  14. Yeah, that’s called introversion I read somewhere introverts are those who gain energy in solitude and that extroverts are people who gain energy via being social It could just be you are a more introverted person, nothing wrong with that
  15. @Preety_India When I see the video of those oinkers knocking down that old man it makes me wanna do things that I shouldn’t say. Its because the police aren’t accountable, all I want is more police accountability and less fuelling of racial division and divide and conquer. These protest and riots exists because of the race narrative, the narratives focus isnt on the real issue of police militarisation, instead it’s on the police being racist, that’s why most of these people are protesting, that’s what I find annoying about this movement Amen
  16. @Preety_India Thats the problem, it’s not just you it’s everybody for the most part Powerful institutions and group, e.g. the media, will always have vested interests in keeping people ignorant of the truth I know it sounds dull, but you really should question everything you read and hear from practically everyone, even if you do that your still in no way guaranteed the truth, so you should always be open minded to the possibility that you may be wrong George Floyd has been portrayed as this heroic firgure, who if he had a criminal record it’s probably just because he stole a candy bar in high school, but it’s not true That obviously doesn’t justify Derek Chauvin, and it’s good that police brutality is being addressed in America, it just fucking annoying the whole narrative that’s being spun around this whole thing. Did you know, in the same state of Minnesota, just a few years ago, a woman called Justine Damond was shot dead in her home after she called the Police by an officer called Mohamed Noor, a Somali Police officer. For literally no reason, she wasn’t resisting arrest, she had no extensive criminal record or drugs in her system. She was just fucking shot dead for no reason in her home. Their were no mass riots, there was no global mourning and no cry’s of racism because a black man shot a white woman. It was just plain and clear police brutality. I hate the obsession with race, we’re becoming a more racist society, I wish we could just abandon it and focus on the real issue of police militarisation.
  17. @Rasheed Man, LSD heightens you’re senses to superhuman levels I’ve been on acid we’re I can literally see for mile + with crystal clear clarity, I know it’s hard to believe but once you take enough you’ll see for yourself I think I can remember reading about some tribes who take hallucinogenic mushrooms when hunting for that exact reason, heightened senses Dock Ellis’s story is great and it in no way surprises me, or anyone who’s got their grips on LSD experience and knows how to handle it and role with the punches
  18. @Preety_India You're taking life too seriously Relax I know it’s probably pretty stupid but this post reminded me off a Bill Hicks closer here
  19. @Preety_India ... I agree, it was inhuman, obviously, that’s the American Police for you, they’re jackboot evil authoritarians, that what they like to do, it gets there little peckers hard to know that they have the power to kill you, what I was saying is that you said that Which I say the guy is a piece of shit. Just like the oinker. Doesn’t mean he deserves to get killed in the street, every person no matter how reprehensible deserves justice. It’s this hyper focus on a single man that everyone has rallied behind, when there are many worse cases in this world that are deserving of much more attention at yet go by the wayside. It’s upsetting to me to see that narrow focus. The worlds a shit place, if you’re looking to grieve over strangers it’ll never stop. Whats needed is a certain level of Stoicism, most people will live boring, uneventful and painful lives. “No rose without a thorn but many a thorn without a rose.“ Suffering is a necessary part of the human condition, there’s no point in complaining or crying about it and you should just get on with it. “Soon, you will have forgotten everything. Soon, everybody will have forgotten you.” You’re right, I apologise, I wasn’t really judging you as a person, I’ve just been seeing this focus on Floyd to the exclusion of everything else on social media and it’s disappointing considering everything else going on in the world.
  20. @Villager Albert Okay, noted, I’ll have to look into that Yeah I’m probably going to order some L-Theanine and Lions mane. I’m pretty sure I’m fine for vitamins. I take whey protein for after I exercise, I wouldn’t really consider it a nootropic but it probably does help.
  21. @Preety_India Two things 1 - George Floyd isn’t exactly a good boy, the man went to prison for five years for pointing a gun at a pregnant woman’s stomach, he has a list of felonies attached to his name, that obviously doesn’t justify that oinker killing him, but Floyd sure as fuck isn’t symbolic of innocence unless your delusional & 2 - Why are you grieving over the death of a man you never even knew? I can find you thousands of videos, I can find you dozens of videos just from today, of brutal acts of senseless violence acted upon innocent people, is George Floyd more deserving of your tears than those people?
  22. I’m British, buymoda.org it seems only ships to America I wanted to buy some modafinal but it seems there are a lot of needless hoops for me to jump through to purchase it e.g. needing a prescription Two things now I’m thinking about buying instead are lion's mane mushroom l-theanine
  23. So although Freud was a cokehead, and said some pretty goofy stuff about the fact we have an unconscious mind is because we have this oedipal complex and we secretly want to kill our father’s and fuck our mothers. Sigmund still did build the basic foundation of what psychology is today. Two of Sigmund’s focuses, that I want to focus on in this post, were sexual repression and sublimation. Now Freud had this basic idea that all energy and will is sexual in nature. What Freud argues is that we suppress into our unconscious mind things that are taboo, anti social, depraved etc… and these repression’s would appear in the form of neuroses. To get over these neuroses you had to work out where they came from and once that was figured out then they would some how cease to be. Now this is where sublimation comes in, as when we were young we would push down these stigmatised anti social desires into our unconscious, where they would then incubate and reverse into pro social traits, that would reappear in what we choose to do later in life e.g. science or art. This is why if you know anything about Freudian analysis, there was a popular school of thought in the 60s and 70s to look at art, and analyse it as there was this basic idea that all works of art were manifestations of the suppressed sex drive. Now there was a famous French writer called Honoré de Balzac who said something along the lines that every time he had sex “there goes another novel”, because he’d lost that will and creativity that comes from the suppressed sexual drive. Which brings me back around to the point I’m trying to make in this post. Is sexual repression a bad thing? Now we’d say gorging yourself with food is probably bad. We’d say snorting a mountain of cocaine like our old friend Freud is probably bad. We’d say overindulging in anything is probably a bad thing. Why? Because it’s base and hedonic, which destroys your will and desensitises you to life. Why then don’t we apply that same logic, when we say give up junk food, stop watching tv, stop gambling, stop doing drugs etc… to stop seeking meaningless sex, stop watching porn etc… As you rarely see that, even among those who pride themselves on actualisation. Instead what you see is, people who say its completely normal to indulge in sexual thoughts, lets all be open about sex, have sex before marriage, follow your instincts, follow your heart etc... Considering, back to Freud, that all energy is sexual, and the reason, from a biological perspective we’re here is to fuck and die, why would you deprive yourself ever of the main will to life, which is your sexual libido, the very essence and core of your will, especially as a man. What all our drives and instincts focus around is getting us as animals, to the point that we pass on our genes, and the main mechanism for this is our sex drive. Why would we ever chip away at that? As by chipping away at that we are simultaneously chipping away at our will to pursue more important things such as art etc... Our sex drive is arguably what gives us the will to do anything in the first place. This is why I’d argue in large part we have so many castrated men and masculinised women today, because we've been left to indulge our sexual deviances and desires following the birth control pill, sexual liberation and ubiquitous pornography. Thereby we’ve avoided the necessary pro social process of sublimation and deteriorated our will to pursue that in life which is important. That's why I believe if your going to self actualise a certain level of asceticism has to be achieved, especially when it comes to your sexuality, so avoid sexual depictions of women, avoid meaningless sex, until you've built yourself up as a man to the point that your will is strong enough to not overindulge, and then you can have purposeful sexual relationships in moderation, if the special woman comes around, you know the car, kids, dog scenario, if that's what you want, you can have it, once you've self actualised. But really my main point is this, its possible that perhaps religious nuts are right, that you should repress sex, and this is why the repression of sexuality is a common trend amongst all successful civilizations, as the repression of sex will help the individual become creative and successful, and the society to be creative and make breakthroughs and maintain a healthy social conventions. Here are some quotes that relate :- "Lust indulged became habit, and habit unresisted became necessity" - Aristotle "Through self discipline comes freedom" - Aristotle "There is no medicine for people whose vices become habits" - Seneca "As rain pours through poorly thatched roofs, so does desire overwhelm the undeveloped mind." - The Buddha "I have yet to meet a man who is as fond of virtue as he is of women." - Confucius "The difference between the worldly and the saintly … depends solely on the elimination or not of sexual desire." - Buddha So to wrap up :- Is sexual repression a bad thing? Should we avoid sex, and sexual thoughts? Because you'd expect sex to be so fundamental to an organism, so completely central, more so than just obeying ideology of your society. That to ever chip away at it should probably be seen as a bad thing, especially in terms of self actualisation.
  24. @Average Investor The best biography I’ve ever read was Life by James Fox and Keith Richards
  25. @Chris365 Maybe “Mr Caveman’s” is right Theres a reason why you have that instinct Gotta step up your game bud that’s all I can tell you