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  1. @Apparition of Jack Theyll probably just huff a bunch of smoke up my arse
  2. @Username I attempted to watch that video but that woman might as well be talking Chinese, it makes no sense to me
  3. @Username What does eye movement have to do with your personality? I never said completely fluid, but it’s more fluid than solid “Disciptions of types are very crude and assume you use only 2 main functions which is untrue.“ I agree with that You can research why, the job of the test is to tell you what you are not why you are what you are. That you can research or contemplate yourself, it’s not going to spoon feed you. Interplay of cognitive functions, yes I agree with this but it MBTI does a substandard pseudoscientific job at this.
  4. Update [20/06/20] Finished the dopamine detox, it was a lot harder than I expected, this is the longest I’ve done it, before I’d only had done it over the weekend Some quick notes of the top of my head, I failed yesterday, so I wouldn’t even consider the whole dopamine detox a success, I just caved in and said fuck it, and I failed a few times throughout the week, checking my phone quickly, going on Facebook, listening to music, it started out from first I let myself play online chess, at the start I didn’t want to use the internet whatsoever, but I gave myself that exception, when things got really boring. Than I said I can use YouTube to watch music tutorials so I can practice guitar over the week, but when I allowed myself on YouTube I inevitably started watching stupid videos that I shouldn’t have. Over all I hugely cut of most of my bad habits, I hadn’t played VideoGames the entire week until yesterday, neither had I watched TV. I haven’t drink alcohol or smoked week this entire week. What I found difficult is with Covid shutting everything down I’ve been stuck in the house, with nothing to do besides play VideoGames and watch TV etc... so to eliminate that leaves me with a lot of time with nothing to do. I can meditate the entire day, neither can I exercise, so the entire first 3 days most of the day was spent doing literally nothing, it’s strange to see how nuch time I spend on my phone or in front of a screen, it’s actually pretty warped when you think about it. @kag101 I think I agree with what you said Kag, repression creates obsession. Though I don’t think there is anything bad with avoid stimulating as I do feel better over all, it’s just it was a constant battle and I did backslide. I watch that video at some point today, thank you for the recommendation Overall I might attempt something like this again but I’m going to plan what I’ll be doing in the days better, and I think it would be better if I remove my phone, computer or TV from the house to stop the constant temptation to use these things. @Aquarius Congrats, you made it a full day, you did better than I expected
  5. @Username Where do you buy filler, or powder? I might do this @Tarzan @Arzola @Austin Actualizing “Did you know that BuyModa.org can ship from within the UK to other UK addresses and the EU easily? We also have shipping originate points in Singapore and India. Depending on your country (Estonia, France, Spain, Australia, England, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia etc), we ship from the originating country with the highest probability of clearing customs hassle-free.” —————————- Can You Order Modafinil Online? “Because of various regulations, ordering pharmaceutical products online is not often encouraged. Modafinil is one of the popular drugs that people want to order online regardless of their local legality. Modafinil is a prescription drug in most countries; you typically need a doctor’s prescription to order it online otherwise it is illegal. There are many online pharmacy stores such as BuyModa where you can easily order Modafinil online without prescription but doing so is entirely at your discretion.“ In the UK a prescription is required, I’m thinking out purchasing moda, despite that but it’s 1) expensive 2) illegal and 3) long delivery perhaps even with the possibility of it getting caught with customs and I have to try to get refunded, it all seems like a huge pain in the ass, though if I get some more money I might try it out in the future @Nash Noted I’ll look into it Thanks for the replies
  6. @kag101 Yes, that’s the point it’s supposed to be rigid, kinda breaking the rules with this now, but this will be the only time I check this forum, just wanted to update a thread and needed to use the internet to send an email, besides that I haven’t broken the curfew Yes, no sex or masturbation either Its the avoidance of anything stimulating, both are
  7. Recently ordered 90 caps of 1000mg Lions Mane Mushrooms 90 caps of 300mg L Theanine For £38 from Amazon, they’re due for delivery tomorrow, just wanted to make a quick update, I’ll check back on this thread soon
  8. @Aquarius Good luck ?
  9. @Aquarius Good Stuff ? Simply, all you’re doing in a dopamine detox is avoiding anything stimulating, the only thing stimulating I’ll allow myself is coffee, I don’t trust myself to use the internet even if it’s originally to do something productive because I’ll inevitably end up surfing the web or going on YouTube... Work is work though, you have to keep the lights on
  10. @Keyhole Amen ? “Fast food version of love”, great quote, everything in modern culture is the fast food version of everything, because that is what sells, the entire point of self actualisation is the understanding that things aren’t immediately accessible and a lot of work has to be put into getting what you want And I personally find it better that there is no romantic love, it makes thing more interesting and in a weird sense more romantic because of the finiteness of all things, it’s a sort of melancholy that most people are too afraid to accept
  11. @Epikur Let me tell you where you’re wrong I can’t find where you’re wrong lol, sorry I haven’t read the rest yet so you’re probably going to explain but I thought that was funny The lizard brain just wants you to pass on it’s genes, it doesn’t believe in love The rational higher mind does, but it’s really a product of our culture, and culture sells you a lie not for your own good but its I think I get your point, that it’s better to have an aim all though it’s pointless than to have no aim and have nothing to do. You don’t need the aim of romance in life, there is more to life than women or men. A lot of people don’t understand that and cling, because of there lizard brain, to romantic love, when it’s not a real thing.
  12. @Amil Yeah, that’s my point The fact that you have to spice things up in the bedroom proves that sex is a drug And just as a junkie has to progressively up and up his dosage and move to harder drugs, so do you to still enjoy sex with your husband, have to experiment and try forbidden activities Romantic love is present at the beginning because that’s when the drug hits hardest, after that it’s all down hill, and you wind up stuck in a family or relationship you’re obligated to continue, given the kids, car, job, dog, house and wife or husband, all those responsibilities, but you don’t actually like it To keep your relationship alive youre probably, like a junkie, going to have to experiment with kinkier and harder stuff until your either both too older and your sex drives die, or either of you get bored of one another, that either ends in divorce or probable disappointment with life, only because you were sold this scam of romantic love, if you didn’t believe in it you’d have accepted that fact already
  13. @Preety_India No problem, hope you find it useful
  14. @remember Then it’s not logic that you’re talking about
  15. How long would you say it takes for a new habit to become automatic? I'm trying to stick to some new habits and I struggle to keep it up, but I know eventually it'll become second nature, so I was hoping for some rough estimates. Thanks
  16. @Max_V I can remember listening to some PUA video where guys who would go chat girls up, but they had to literally get rejected by them. The man who had the most rejections was the winner, if you actually successfully got a girl and shagged her that was a loss. The point was to overcome the fear of rejection or embarrassment because it doesn’t fucking mean anything, anxiety is primitive so you have to solve it primitively are that’s by showing your hind brain that you’re not going to die when you talk to a girl, just incremental steps towards your goal.
  17. @Max_V Im 19 and always have issues with anxiety, been diagnosed, and am to nervous around attractive women, you can sedate yourself to help, but the best bet is to just bite the bullet No one gives you what you want in life you have to take it Yeah she might reject you, yeah you might embarrass yourself, so fucking what, just look at it as a funny story and keep on pushing forward, that’s the only way you improve
  18. @EmptyInside Why is logic a trap?
  19. I've been trying to meditate daily for 30 minutes. I have actually meditated every day for 30 minutes, for about the past two weeks. Yesterday I meditated for 3 hours in one sitting. But each time I meditate, instead of becoming more relaxed or present, I usually end up getting mad. I don't see myself as an angry person, but when I sit in silence, that's when the circus starts to play in my head, and it ends with me just quitting before I get so frustrated that I end up punching a hole through a wall. My assumption is the only way to deal with this is more meditation, though I'm finding it more and more difficult to continue doing daily. Any advice as to why this is would be appreciated Thanks
  20. @mandyjw Yeah, I have been doing a lot of running recently, before covid I was actually training with my brother to do a triathlon Runnings about the only time I get out the house recently with lockdown, cause college is shut and there are no jobs currently in my area I have been doing a lot of breath work, which I find over powers you to the point that you can’t really think and get too mad, e.g. when taking a shower and doing Wim Hof my angers actually helpful for me keeping under the cold water I agree, the issue is just sitting down and not moving and having all that anger just build up inside of you with no release, that’s why I struggle to keep meditating when that happens
  21. @Chris365 What retard would shove acid up his arse Why would you ever do that? That makes no sense to me
  22. @Nahm Thanks for the reply, I found it helpful @Nak Khid It’s vague because I don’t know what is meant by the nature of your anger, anger can originate from different causes but it’s still just anger in varying degrees, or maybe there are different types I don’t know
  23. @andyjohnsonman Instead of being forced to drink hemlock he’d probably just get banned from twitter and cancelled lol I was recently watching a good video on those two same questions, just instead with Nietzsche as the philosopher linked here if you’re interested
  24. @lmfao I’ve had issues with insomnia. I recommend talking CBD oil, avoiding screens before sleep, sleeping and waking up at the same time each day, and getting enough exercise during the day to tire yourself out for the night