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  1. @Forestluv Freedom of Speech Merriam Webster Definition:- “The legal right to express one's opinions freely” Yes there are nuances, but what do you think is worse, allowing the mob, the government, or a technocratic elite to tell you want you can and can’t say, what you can and can’t read, really what you can or can’t think Or instead siding on the side of the individual, accepting that there are nuances and that of course people can say immoral things, and the things that they say can motivate people into doing immoral actions, but understanding that the sentiment behind freedom of speech is more important, which I see as the discussion of ideas and the allowance of the expression of those ideas
  2. @Etherial Cat The Supreme Court has already ruled that there is no such thing as hate speech https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/news/volokh-conspiracy/wp/2017/06/19/supreme-court-unanimously-reaffirms-there-is-no-hate-speech-exception-to-the-first-amendment/%3FoutputType%3Damp
  3. @louhad I’m not an ancap lol Government needs to exist an companies need to be regulated when they violate human rights You just want as little restrictions as possible to create maximum efficiency I believe google needs to be broken up, and google know that they are going to be broken up which is why they formed alphabet, in my opinion the sooner they’re broken up the better YouTube have a choice, they can either be a publisher or a platform, they can’t be both, if YouTube choices to be a publisher then they’ve undermined the entire concept behind YOUtube. @Forestluv what got linked before https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_free_speech_exceptions “speech integral to illegal conduct, speech that incites imminent lawless action“ This is not free speech, you don’t know what freedom of speech means, you don’t have the right to teach people how to kidnap or use any speech that is integral to illegal conduct, free speech is about the discussion of ideas
  4. @louhad They shouldn’t be @Etherial Cat People have the right to be hateful and express hateful ideas, they’re wrong but they have the right to be wrong and they have the right to be heard Whos to define what is hateful content?
  5. @Etherial Cat 1# The first amendment isn’t what’s important, the concept of freedom of speech is obscenity - this is proof of point whos to define what is obscene? This undermines right from the get go the entire first amendment, legally right now we’re America to become majority Muslim, it would be constitutionally legal to ban the drawing of the prophet Muhammad because it would then be seen as obscene, this is why I don’t care about the specific of the law I care about what the law is trying to achieve
  6. @Forestluv Freedom of expression does not mean freedom to arson lol, I’m talking about speech You don’t have the right to burn down someone’s house, you do though have the right to say you’d like it if there house was burnt down see the difference? @Etherial Cat The legality isn’t important, the law stomp on people’s right every day, why do you think there are mass protests all across America? I don’t care what the law says, the law what is just, what is just is just And what that is, is to allow people the right to freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of association and freedom of thought As they should if they censor And who are those lawyers representing? I’m not talking about the ways things are, I’m talking about the way things should be Im the only person in this thread who so far has said that google should t have the right to censor, progressives are disproportionately in favour of this kind of censorship
  7. @louhad Being on private property and trespassing is different from using a major social site. If everywhere you went was private property. And everywhere every person was at a private event. And you were restricted to some small isolated island, then guess what, you right to freedom of speech would be redundant.
  8. @AtheisticNonduality I do, I believe every person has a right to speak If one person loses his rights, we all lose our rights Rights don’t mean anything if they’re not defended, laws don’t mean anything if they’re not enforced Why people resort into these servile boot lickers for corporate America because someone somewhere is a racist dirtbag aka disagrees with them, I find disgusting
  9. @Etherial Cat Private company’s don’t have carte Blanche to stomp on your civil liberties because they’re private, Google is an evil corporation Its not the word of the law that matters it’s the sentiment, freedom of speech is what matters Whose to say what’s reasonable? A tiny handful of billionaire technocrats Its funny how supposedly progressive people side with unbelievable corporate power if it allows them to be censorious YouTube should be a public service, if not than they should be held legally accountable for every single thing on the platform, and if that we’re the case google would be sued into bankruptcy
  10. @Leo Gura This forum is separate from YouTube, you have the prerogative to be selective with who you choose to allow on this forum YouTube is the largest video sharing platform in the world, being the main means by which people share their ideas via video, hence why people want to censor them. In a free society people have a right to say what they want, even if you don’t agree with what they say. You don’t have the right to censor them from what, in the modern age, is the means by which people express their ideas. If this forum magically became as popular as YouTube then I’d being saying the same thing, that you don’t have the right to censor if it is legal speech. All a TOS basically amounts to is, we can do whatever the fuck we want and you can’t do anything about it. I don’t agree that giant tech conglomerate monopolies have the right to say what you can and can’t hear.
  11. @Zak Voted to legalise rape? Huh? I’d like to see that fucking vote lol The man didn’t vote to legalise rape, from what I know all he did what entertain a question which was something along the lines of, if when a woman allows a man into her house, but she can’t later accuse that man of rape, would women me more selective in there choice of sexual partners?, that’s it, purely a hypothetical question, he’s not advocating rape, rape is practically universally despised, even in prisons with the most evil, sadistic, psycho fucks on the planet they still go out of there way to torture and kill rapists, you seriously think that this guy is pro rape? That’s just the way is what purposefully misinterpreted to give carte Blanche to censor and ban him If you could send link to back up what you said that’d be appreciated Roosh is still dumb as fuck though Yeah censorship is great ?
  12. @nistake ? good stuff bud There’s no need to make it a life style though, it’s just a good way to reset the mind and also a way to exercise and build willpower/cut addictions Making it a lifestyle make your life pretty boring, unless that’s what your trying to do
  13. That’s actually one of my favourite pick up lines Right next, to going up to a girl putting a cloth to her face and asking her “ does this cloth smells like rohypnol?” Works every time Trust me
  14. @Chumbimba Then you belong to the streets
  15. People consider fair treatment, that is by its nature different treatment Because men and women are different As sexist today Its “equal” treatment when convenient
  16. @Username I didn’t know that I believe you but have you got a source for that Edit - Nevermind I’ve found some You just gave me a reason to drink black tea
  17. @Username Can you explain this please? thanks
  18. @Scholar Good idea, my fragile little eyes can’t handle the white screen
  19. @Member Why even bother? There just words on the internet, if there was a mute button for people in real life that I would overuse. But the internet? Nothing that anyone ever says on here could ever have an effect on me. Its just words on a screen, not even really a person attached. You shouldn’t be bothered to begin with, I don’t even really understand how people can be.
  20. @Moreira Use incremental steps. You can’t jump into the deep end of the pool when you can’t swim. You can’t run a marathon on a broken leg, you gotta wait for the leg to fix. There’s no shame in starting small and working your way up, it’s even more impressive as it takes honesty and humility. Your anxiety is probably related to your addictions, when you begin to shed those you’ll become less anxious. It’s kill me to meditate for 1-2 hours in one sitting, when I did this dopamine detox I read the entirety of 1984, so if you take the time to do one and have a book you can really get into it. See me allowing myself to read is still a cop out because it’s still stimulating but I allowed myself that much stimulation as it’s better than playing VideoGames for 8 hours in a row, and I’d be more inclined to do that if I was going all in. So just test it out for a day and see what you can do to fill in the time. This I found to be the most difficult thing too, that’s why I failed on the 5-7 days. As at some points I was just at home doing nothing for hours but I’m feeling much better now than I did before and I’m working on my habits. Also a side note, if your depressed I’d recommend not doing a dopamine detox as it could exasperate it as your going to be stuck in your head. Instead just work on lowering how much VideoGames you play each day and meditate slightly more (also don’t recommenced meditation when your depressed) and start exercising, but some equipment and weights for your home if you haven’t already. The best way to work on your anxiety is to expose yourself to it, there is no running away from anxiety.
  21. I’m gonna stick to a “dopamine detox” for a week starting from [13/06/20] Ending on [20/06/20] A Dopamine Detox is basically the avoidance of all base vices, as to deliberately make yourself bored to resensitize yourself to experience, and reset the chemical soup in your mind so that you’re motivated again to do actual productive things. To get yourself out of your rut and to become productive you need boredom or "dopaminergic ammo" to give yourself the neuro chemical desire to actually step outside of your comfort zone. Our culture is a "novelty culture", which is a built around hooking in to your brain and keeping you constantly stimulated in a zombie like trance, so that people can extract money from you. What boring yourself does is starves those pathways and resets the mind out of that zombie like trance. So here are the rules. What I Can do Meditate Read Write Exercise What I Can’t do Use the Internet Watch Television Use Social Media Socialising Use any Screen Eat Junk Food No Substances No Music Etc... Anything that I find stimulating is banned. Until 20/06/20, then I can slowly give myself back vices and keep them in a schedule, to find it easier for me to make my schedule stick.
  22. @flowboy First don’t type out sighhhhhh and act all high and mighty no one gives a fuck if you sighed, if I farted while reading this thread I wouldn’t type it out. No one is advocating rape here retard. And the word misogynistic is stupid, it gives away you’re an ideologue, just use the word misogynist, the ic is redundant, I wouldn’t call you retardistic I’d just call you a retardist. @Chris365 If your girlfriend said she doesn’t want to have orgasms with you then I’d recommend breaking up with her. But @flowboy I’m pretty sure she never directly stated that, in any healthy relationship both people should have orgasms in sex and in most relationships it’s the mans responsibility to take control in bed. If the sex is bad than usually it’s the mans fault because it’s the man job to deliver and the woman’s to take. You flipping the sexual roles to have your nonsense example is hardly comparable. Some shamefully stupid thinking (if you can call it that) going on with you too buddy, accusing people of being brain dead cavemen advocating rape because we recommend the man takes control in the bedroom, stop spewing your castrated bullshit.
  23. I clicked on this expecting hippy pussy not Bernie Sanders clickbait