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  1. @Moon Nothing’s funnier than the truth IQ is the best proven measure of intelligence, most others are pseudo science Yeah, the kind off people who are capable of that balancing act don’t want children Yeah that’s biology I understand why women don’t want kids because it’s rational to not want kids Having something grow inside you for 9 months, fuck with your hormones and mind, then you have to take care of it for the rest of your life, fuck that But biology doesn’t give a fuck what’s rational, it’s runs solely on instinct, I’d recommend for women to have children, it’s truly the exceptional 1 in 10,000 woman who shouldn’t have kids, and in all likelihood you’ll be miserable from your 40s to your death if you don’t. It’s not selfish if you would actually love your kid and take care of them, if you even have the thought that you might be selfish you’re already going to be if you choose to have kids be probably in the top % of mothers on this planet, the clocks ticking the longer you wait the less likely you are to have kids That’s all a child could ask for You want you child to if he or she could have a choice in who they picked as their parents to have still picked you If you can do that you’re a good mother or father
  2. @commie I generally find it boring to memorise stats and studies to back points I’d rather just think things through on purely syllogistic grounds but I find this topic interesting, so I may find some studies and info backing up what I’m saying here Im certain more “secular rational” people have less children than religious and irrational people Edit Side note - 1:23:35 into World Value Actualised.org video talks about China which I find to have interesting birth rates over generations, 1979 one child policy interesting case study for example
  3. @DivineSoda I think that’s silly I don’t think humanity are going to be infertile because of our immunity Post some evidence or studies for that
  4. It’s funny I was just talking about this with Lord Leo himself, about conscious people not having kids Well that’s what’s happening, the more “conscious” a person is the less likely they are to have children and do all the things you listed, and the more likely they are to trot out muh “overpopulation”.
  5. I don’t fucking know, when we mutate and evolve, probably 1000s of year time, depending on what environment we find ourselves in Sure, the world values survey Spiral dynamics Though it’s all in a sense abstract and relative, purely down to subjective taste but what isn’t?
  6. @commie Human beings Any evidence for that? Fucking ain’t going out of style Its just about whose fucking, whose having the kids Look at the 1960s
  7. @Eren Eeager The two best predictors shown to having children are 1# Stupidity 2# Religiosity It is proven that the higher a persons iq, the less likely they are to have children The more rational and caring a person is the more they contemplate the ramifications of bringing another human being into this world and burdening them with existence The stupider they are the less likely they’re to care, the more likely they are to be impulsive and the less like they’re to take precautions such as contraceptives Before contraceptives were invented the intelligent, civil and hardworking people actually had children Now we’re stuck in a system of dysgenics Just look at the people who have children in the west 1# Single mums That are so stupid and impulsive that to say that they could perform the basic calculations that having children = more welfare I put beyond them 2# Good Citizen Who has children because that’s what you’re supposed to do in life, that’s what society or the church says, they have a child like they buy a new house, car or get the wife, just a check list of stupid shit that has no really consideration If we stopped having children we would die out I just hope we hurdle quickly towards the Huxlian dystopia of the artificial womb Because 99% of people shouldn’t breed
  8. Part One Warning this will be a long thread Congrats to anyone who sticks it out till the end “I give out Atlas Shrugged as Christmas presents, and I make all the interns read it. Ayn Rand, more than anyone else did a fantastic job of explaining the morality of capitalism, the morality of individualism and this to me is what matters most” - Paul Ryan So I’ve got myself a notebook and pen, and I’m going to going through Leo’s new video in its entirety and posting my notes and thoughts as I do, I consider myself a libertarian. So as I go through each of Leo’s points I’m gonna make some notes on what I think, hopefully this is helpful to anyone reading, show my thought process too, as a libertarian, and hopefully get you guys insight and or meta insight on this as well. So far as I’m writing this I’m only 20 minutes into this 4 hour video and there’s already a lot to unpack. So I’ll keep watching the video, making notes and adding addendums to this post throughout the week. What I’m going do is when I write out Leo’s points I’m going to put them in italics, to separate from my own thoughts, and any questions that I have I’ll put in bold. Here’s the video :- 0:38 “Libertarianism is an ideology” Leo talks about dropping ideologies, inherent to ideologies is dogmatism and Leo compares ideology to a mind virus. Leo says that one should always think through their worldview, and that libertarianism and ideologies are a worldview. Leo says ideologies hold you back from advancement. Leo says that he’s made a list of epistemological and metaphysical problems with libertarian ideology that he will go into with greater detail. But his critiques aren’t coming from an ideological place. This reminds me of some Terence McKenna quotes “Ideology always paves the way toward atrocity” “I think ideology is toxic, all ideology. It’s not that there are good ones and bad ones. All ideology is toxic, because ideology is a kind of insult to the gift of human free thinking.” Ideology by its nature precludes its believer from believing its opposite, so you deny the opposites reality, ideology is firmly rooted in ego But isn’t everything I just said in the previous paragraph ideological, my ideology is that I don’t like ideology, ideology is a part of human experience and to deny that is to deny the truth, I don’t know it seems paradoxical to me. Question are these How can you decide to opt out of having an ideology? If you take an position that’s ideological. Leo’s says that his critiques aren’t coming from an ideological place but how? How can you me any ideology is wrong without you yourself having an ideology? Believing in right and wrong is a truth statement which in it of itself is ideological? Which Leo later attacks Libertarians later for, for being too idealistic (I’ll come back to this point later). Anyways Leo continues from 0:38 - 4:02 4:02 Libertarianism Defined Leo uses the wiki definition, here it is… “Libertarianism (from Latin: libertas, meaning "freedom"), or libertarism (from French: libertaire, meaning "libertarian"), is a political philosophy and movement that upholds libertyas a core principle.[1] Libertarians seek to maximize political freedom and autonomy, emphasizing individualism, freedom of choiceand voluntary association.[2] Libertarians share a skepticism of authority and state power, but they diverge on the scope of their opposition to existing economic and political systems. Various schools of libertarian thought offer a range of views regarding the legitimate functions of state and private power, often calling for the restriction or dissolution of coercive social institutions.” Leo goes into talking about how there’s a range of thought among Libertarianism. In the degrees in which the support government. But goes into identify what he says are the core pillars which all libertarians share, Im gonna list what I’ve wrote down so far here, and the cover them point by point. There’s nothing to be said here as so far it’s just defining terms. Note I’ve only watched 20 mins of the video so far. Core Pillars 5:14 1# Most Libertarians believe freedom is an absolute good. 2# They treat freedom as an ultimate goal in it of itself. 3# That taxation is immoral. 4# Hold personal responsibility highly. (Cancer patient analogy) 6:51 5# Individualism is good and collectivism is bad 8:10 6# Monopoly of Force 10:16 7# Strong notion of inherent alien able rights 10:50 8# Remove Bureaucracy 11:05 9# Smaller government is better. 11:20 10# Unlimited free speech / market place of ideas 11:55 11# Work there way back from their ideals and principles Okay so there are the core pillars that Leo will address in greater detail further in the Vid. I’m going to address them point by point now. Before I do that I’m gonna list what Leo refers to Libertarianism as. 12:51 Libertarianism is… Immature Juvenile Naïve Arrogant Entitled Ahistorical Utopian Self Biased Ideological Masculine Biased Selfish Okey dokey So I’m now gonna cover these 11 point one by one
  9. @louhad Don’t you worry bud I will, my phone is on low and it’s currently charging but my charger is messed up so I have to hold it as it in place as itcharges its currently 11:48pm in Britain so I’m calling it quits until tomorrow
  10. 30:40 Freedom is the freedom to oppress What an oxymoronic statement Libertarians aren’t talking about absolute freedom
  11. @louhad The point I was making is Leo uses a different definition of freedom from what libertarians use in this video, he takes the definition of freedom to an absurd and philosophical place that no libertarian argues for No libertarian believes in transcending the mortal material realm What libertarians believe in is in the fucking name Liberty the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life, behaviour, or political views. It’s not freedom from the material restraints of reality Its freedom from the mob, the group, the pitchfork torch waving white eyed peon masses, freedom from the jack boots and the kings You can’t be free from metaphysics or your own nature otherwise what would be the point of politics Thats all we want
  12. @Gidiot I like that quote Still doesn’t take away from the fact that you’re not entitled to it just because you need it Yeah of course that attitude fails, what I said and this are two different things, people won’t associate with you or help you in a free society if you tell them to go fuck themselves obviously you can only get away with that when you force people to do business or help you, or bail you out of your mistakes
  13. @Extreme Z7 That higher authority is even more subject to human biases Look at history and government, look at whose in charge of these governments, the higher authority, the Czars, kings, dictators, fuhrers You can’t escape your nature
  14. @Leo Gura Hey brother You yourself said at 14:30 that when you were younger 14-18 that you too were a libertarian, I’m 19. Maybe I haven’t been through the same development yet but I’m trying When you were describing why you were a libertarian I agreed and resonated completely All I believe in is live and let live And you do that by living people alone and not fucking with them, it’s none of your business
  15. @Leo Gura I got a question Would you consider a wild animal free? At 26:17 you talk about the myth of freedom and that it’s counterintuitive by its nature because one can never be truly free, are animals not free?
  16. @louhad lol I see your point The two points are separate, they shouldn’t follow each other I should of put an additional space between them, which I’ll do now Legitimate question Is there a single country that is mostly economically unfree that you would want to live in?
  17. Everyone is self-centered, there are people who are willing to admit it and others who are lying to themselves I disagree I say history is on the libertarians side Look at the economic freedom index Every country that is lassiez faire and respects the individuals rights succeeds And every group that doesn’t fails Power to the individual ✊
  18. @Leo Gura The dodo birds are the true kings of the animal kingdom They’re not extinct they are just in hiding, waiting and biding their time before they strike and take over Lol you sound like Moloch All libertarians want is to be left on our own but you won’t leave us the fuck alone In seriousness I wish we could test you hypothesis let’s take a group of average libertarians and put them up against your average American voter and let’s see who’d win the battle of group selection Damn reading my quote proves I need to proof read more, I put over instead of other lol
  19. @Leo Gura What are truth, being and love if not abstractions created to help fulfil our survival interests
  20. Everything is survival, thoughts and abstractions are just a hijacking of the primordial need to cooperate with our fellow ape Everything, and especially the social casuistry in which we exist is built around the furtherance of our collective biological primitive survival interest, and it never stops and always wants more
  21. That’s the ever changing hypersensitive mccarthy esque Overton window closing that it’s seem a lot of white eyed idiots support