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  1. @Leo Gura No, that's the thing, its not obvious, the breadcrumb trail is incredibly convoluted That's why I feel fucking insane when I have a feeling I've stumbled upon it Unfortunately I'm not stocked up on acid to be able to induce that "I am God" state anyway So with the days merging together as I'm stuck in my house My life feeling like its Groundhogs day I need the messages about the importance of solitude to motivate me to get shit done To embrace that loneliness "The more abstract the truth you want to teach the more you must seduce the senses to teach it" - Fredrich Nietzsche @Leo Gura you didn't arrive where you are without hard work, meditation, entheogens etc... You had to gradually follow the breadcrumbs to realize that "god is alone" I'm not their yet
  2. @7thLetter Hey Buddy, These are my personal opinions - take what you want - leave what you don't The balls in your court on this one - I'm no expert First thing, drop Myers Briggs - the average half life of a single Myers Briggs personality type is 6 weeks - meaning if you take the test in 6 weeks you will probably have a different personality type - that stuff is like astrology - the big 5 personality traits are better - but remember personality is fluid - you are who you say you are - don't pigeonholed yourself as this kind of person - be the master of your own identity Robert Greene Laws from the "48 Laws of Power" Law 25 Recreate Yourself "Do not accept the roles that society foists on you. Re-create yourself by Forging a new identity, one that commands attention and never bores the audience. Be the master of your own image rather than letting others define it for you. Incorporate dramatic devices into your public gestures and actions-your power will be enhanced and your character will seem larger than life." Made a post on this that could be helpful Second - it doesn't matter what you consider yourself to be - ask others - who are nonpartisan - and ask a bunch - then give yourself a mean But don't worry about your looks - be fit - that's #1 thing you can do right now is to become a savage - and groom yourself You mind fuck yourself if you care to much about looks - embrace whatever you look like - no one care about looks as much as you do Third, if you've made out with some girls and fingered one - you CAN get pussy - its just a matter of time I find the way you get laid as a guy is to enjoy yourself Now you have to make it clear you want to fuck her Don't do it at the beginning, but don't do it back at your place Never try to get with a girl under the auspices of friendship - you've already failed at that point The thing is, I think where you may be going wrong is that when you go up doing a cold approach, its just not organic It's like when a guy goes up to a girl at a bar and delivers a pickup line The fact that he had a pickup line waiting revealed that hes put time and effort into trying to seduce her She instantly knows what you want from her, its not organic The best pickup line is no pickup line - the best approach is an organic approach The girls are fucking built to literally smell the desperation on you Most will just give you their numbers to get you to fuck off But you sir are here to fuck on So what I recommend is fuck the cold approaches Go out with your buddies to a bar or a party (anything where girls will be - better with alcohol or other substances) And just have a good time - don't be their to get laid - girls will sense if your there to get laid, just enjoy yourself and they won't be creeped out by it Fuck Tinder bro - that shit is a cesspool - unless you look like fucking Chad mcgee don't even bother - but you should work on your texting skills though cause they're still important This is terrible - the girls are using you like a teddy bear bro - girls always know when you're into them - you are their backups if shit goes sour with their current more attractive boyfriends - save yourself the hassle, and drop the "one day they'll see me for me, and realize how much I love them and they'll love me" - its children's fantasy man - they won't - don't ever be friends with a girl you are attracted to, its not a friendship, its just a pathetic hope that one day she'll magically fall in love with you, she won't, and she definitely won't if you become her "friends", I've been their buddy, in your same situation, crushing on a girls with boyfriends - the best cure is to cut it off and always be up front with your intentions Curious - how long have you done nofap - aim for 120 days with zero porn The major thing is absolutely no porn - masturbation and orgasm are okay but should be done rarely to keep up that libido Keep working at the gym - #1 you shouldn't be going to the gym for girls - #2 there is nothing wrong with being more attractive You will get a girl in the end, just drop the woe is me attitude, trust me, girls aren't that difficult to get Yet again drop Tinder Use the COVID 19 stuff to kill your desperation buddy - meditate - read on this subject, of getting girls [note - i'll come back here in a bit once I find a pdf for a book you should read when I find it] Stop trying to be like this guy - it doesn't work - relax - you're trying to hard Also fuck those girls and fuck their opinions - how harmful, some guy wants to have a conversation with you to help build up his self esteem and become better socially, maybe find a one girl whose interested in him - so where going to photograph and shame them - fuck those bitches Number one thing from reading your posts buddy is I think you got to kill that desperation or that "too needy" attitude Just relax, be social, go out with friends, talk with girls, but with the goal to just enjoy yourself Be confident - be irrationally self confident, that doesn't mean be a dickhead Also don't divulge your life story to these girls man, play a persona like@Vxvxen said Trust me, you do that and work on yourself it will fucking come naturally to you man Like flies to shit Anyway Godspeed on Journey
  3. @Bournebee Yep Most people's self worth, is based upon the people around them So their sense of self worth is a reflection of the people around them As humans we are constantly assigning value to other people, we constantly play status games, competing with other people for value. We're afraid of being labelled weird, not normal, of no value/worth, this is why in high school we care so much about the way we dress and the way people perceive us because we don't want to be ostracized. Low self esteem comes from comparing and giving into blind mass conformity Its our stupid chimp dominance instincts in the back of our heads So anyway, yes, in part the answer is to be grateful for the things you have But the best thing you can do to deal with envy and jealously Is to have an identity which is built upon yourself - in isolation - and not on other people So basically to stop giving a fuck Stop comparing yourself - know what you want - get it - fuck the rest Which is, at its foundation, to change your own identity and thought patterns Just did a post on this yesterday - link here if interested Here is a actualised.org video related to the topic
  4. Can't quit wanking during the corona virus - thats a no no On pornhub they're giving away premium for free For FREE! After all man is only flesh and blood Just joking - quit wanking I just reread over your post - I assume your talking about the System of Todd thing Nevermind - still gonna post
  5. @MsNobody Awesome quote - I love me some Charles
  6. @The Don Hey Buddy, I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 15, I think there is a lot of studies showing that diagnosing for ADHD is wrong It seems to me that ADHD is in many ways is just the medicationalisation of boredom - just look at the definition given by the American Psychological Association - ADHD is "The constant search for stimulation, restlessness, sensation seeking behaviour, fidgeting, difficulty maintaining attention and the inability to concentrate on anything that requires sustained effort" Its generally just an excuse to drug misbehaving boys in school with stimulants like zoo animals - to make it easier for teachers and the schools Here is an interesting video on the topic - Push through the gag and the start, it just goes on for about a minute My first post on this forum is similar to your post actually I think the cure for boredom is something that actually interests you and dopamine detox's Just a dopamine detox a few trys Note -Look into Simon Baron Cohen's work (Sasha Baron Cohens cousin or brother I think)
  7. @Keyhole No problem hope you find some value in it
  8. “Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” - Pablo Picasso "A goal without a plan is just a wish" "A man without a plan is not a man" - Friedrich Nietzsche "We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then, is not an act, its a habit".- Aristotle "What gets measured gets improved" “If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you” "Where the willingness is great, the difficulties cannot be great". - Niccolo Machiavelli Here's the link to the previous post So now you have your goals defined and they meet the criteria The criteria being that they are Based upon your values - Who you want to be and who you are Made sure they are specific and clear Big and compelling enough to be worth pursing and to invoke emotions Written down and reviewed daily to check progress and to keep it in the minds eye And have made sure its aligned with your values Meets the SMART goal 5 factors The next part is how to achieve these goals "A man without a plan is not a man" - Friedrich Nietzsche To achieve your goals you have to have a plan. To achieve your goals you have to have a bit of luck “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” - Seneca Now I remember watching a documentary about I think the Vietnam war (may be wrong I'll try to find the documentary clip and leave it here) In the documentary, soldiers were trained how to act if they became POWs, they were taught to always be planning. So if, lets say they were locked in a cell, they were trained to always be running scenarios in their heads. E.g. The guard leaves the cell unlocked, so as a soldier I do A, then I do be B and if F happens I do G. If a bomb drops and blows a hole through a wall I do A etc... So you have to always know each step along the way to arrive at your goal, via a series of contingency plans. This means you always know what it is your supposed to be doing. So back to the goal example I gave in the other post "Lose X amount of weight by following y diet plan in z amount of days" First thing, to achieving the goal, you have to journal and understand yourself so that you can contingency plan effectively, you will know strengths and weaknesses - so you'll be able to adapt on the fly [note - leave journaling/commonplace book here] This allows you to plan, so that when a threat arises to your goal, you can deal with it For example, you're sticking to y diet plan to lose weight, which requires you to cut out sugar, and the urge arises to eat a donut instead of a chicken salad, you know what to do, you engage the displacement activities. You've planned ahead. You've got your plan A and then you create two backup plans, you are thinking two steps ahead, you have your plan B and your plan C. If plan A fails (lets say plan A was to destroy the urge to even eat the donut) you immediately go to plan B (distract yourself) and here's what's really important you need to work out these plans while you're clear-headed and unemotional, because otherwise you are a slave to your urges, and you will default to eating the donut. Don't have one plan you put all your money on, and then when that goes south, you're freaking out and emotional and you eat the donut. People make poor choices when they don't have a fucking plan. But you're smart, you know in your head if A doesn't work out I'm gonna do B and you've already worked out the details prior. When we fail in our goals we fail for one simple reason Because we allowed ourselves to fail - we gave ourselves permission to fail Because you allowed yourself to get to the point that you didn't have plans, so you can't handle the urges and you just fail and eat the donut. The defining moment between the winner and the loser, is who chooses to go for the donut and who chooses to go for the chicken salad. This is how Rockefeller became so rich (the richest man in the world) because during the banking system crash in the early 1900's, when he was a banker, and he lost all his money, he learned his lesson. So when, the downturns came, he actually grew in wealth and power. Why? because he learned to have a fucking plan and then capitalize on opportunities. While everyone else is running left you can run right because you're the only one who has thought ahead. This is how you can become better than others. Now as mentioned in the previous post, you're goal has to be measurable Because it allows you to set milestones - basically to give you the information that your planning is coming together. If a goal is measurable, and you've done the vital habit of self journaling e.g. Understanding the self - understanding self image Then you can set marginal improvements based upon your skill level, and start planning This linking to the TED talk video linked below - "How to achieve you most ambitious goals" These incremental steps will soon turn to major leaps forward with time and consistency "What gets measured gets improved" “If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you” "Where the willingness is great, the difficulties cannot be great". - Niccolo Machiavelli "Well-Being is realized in small steps. But it is no small thing" - Zeno This is the winners mindset - the mindset of "Taking Souls" You have to do what others can't and that takes humility The humility to admit where you are and then push forward Step by step - Sticking to the plan If you can do that you can achieve your goal Now a major step to planning is installing habits Let me give an example as to why habits as so vital In 1993, there was an elderly man named Eugene Pauly who was infected with viral encephalitis which ate through the soft tissue of his brain -- specifically, his memory centres. After recovering from the infection, Eugene could not remember where he lived, or his children, and he would forget where he was within minutes of arriving anywhere. Eugene, however, was still able to do some very perplexing things. Eugene would wake up in the morning, walk out of his bedroom, downstairs, turn into the kitchen, open up cabinets, and make himself breakfast. But when researchers asked Eugene to draw a floorplan of what his house looked like, he couldn't remember. Eugene would also disappear in the mornings and go for walks, but when researchers took him outside and asked him which house on the street was his, he couldn't remember. Then, he would promptly walk up the street, turn left down his side walk and walk into his house. What researchers were learning was that Eugene still maintained the same habits that he had before his viral infection. Eugene would be cued by something, like an alarm, then execute his routine, getting out of bed, navigating his house, and making breakfast. Now researchers noticed that sometimes Eugene would get lost on his walks, and they tried to find out why. They looked at his environment when he would get lost and found something interesting -- when there was bad weather or road work or something similar, Eugene’s cues to go home changed and he would get lost. Something as simple as a tree branch in the road could cause him to get lost on his walks. Now why is this important to achieving our goals? Because its second nature for Eugene to enter his normal morning habit. You want it to be second nature to follow through with your plans and your habits. Your habits in a sense are your plans. Your schedule is your life. You need to make achieving your goal your nature. Write out a list of habits you should be doing daily, and implement a schedule/regimen into your life to achieve your goals. Here's an idea for some examples Remember, if you fail its because you allowed yourself to fail. Because you choose the donut over the chicken salad, and you have no one to blame for that but yourself. So I'm going to go make a post on how to journal now, another quick post on the self image and then I plan one last one on the importance of Solitude - I'll leave the links to them here Remember the main theme To achieve your vision/dream - you must define your goals - to achieve your goals you must change your habits - to change your habits you must know yourself - These require solitude Here are the video links Any additional notes you'd like to add please do Thanks for reading
  9. Link to post on Solitude -
  10. "If you're lonely when you are alone, you are in bad company" - Jean Paul Sartre "Nowhere can a man find a quieter and more untroubled retreat than his own soul" - Marcus Aurelius "Loneliness is only an opportunity to cut adrift and find yourself. In solitude you are least alone" - Bruce Lee "Without great solitude no serious work is possible" - Pablo Picasso "A man can be himself only so long as he is alone; and if he does not love solitude, he will not love freedom; for it is only when he is only is he truly free" - Arthur Schopenhauer "Be alone, that is the secret of invention; be alone, that is where ideas are born" - Nikola Tesla "The fear of finding oneself alone - that is what they suffer from - and so they don't find themselves at all" Solitude, I find Solitude is vital for personal development. In the time of COVID 19, where everyone is locked inside for the foreseeable next few weeks, its a prime time to begin readjusting the mind. Which is the motivation for this bombardment of posts. Now I'll start this post with a simple question What is loneliness? Like most great questions the answer is simple, but profound Loneliness I find is the feeling of emptiness, not having others in your life to share your experience People are social animals, we use others to confirm our realities When someone is lonely they have no one to confirm their reality So in a sense they are lost in reality - they have no basis for it This is why so many people go insane with prolonged periods of isolation Even prisoners, in high security prisons, prefer the company of psychopaths, killers and rapists than to be locked in solitary confinement for long periods of time When you are lonely, you have no feeling of companionship as you drift through existence Now just surrounding yourself with people will not stop you from feeling alone No You can feel completely alone in a crowd "Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink" The answer Connection Connection is what stops you from feeling alone. For example - why, when people are lonely do they go to the movies- classic move trope Because when at the cinema you surround yourselves with a bunch of strangers who are all experiencing the same thing So in order to cure loneliness you have to be part of something larger than you You have to have that sense of connection This could be your life purpose A project, a business, a work of art etc... The specifics aren't what's important - its the transcendent purpose Which your goals should be based upon, as mentioned previously If you find that life purpose Your loneliness vanishes Now solitude and loneliness are not the same thing, as Marcus Aurelius says "Nowhere can a man find a quieter and more untroubled retreat than his own soul" - Marcus Aurelius Because Solitude makes clear to us the forest through the trees, it reveals to us that life purpose From Robert Greene Book Mastery - Quote taken from my notes "Eventually, you will hit upon a particular field, niche, or opportunity that suits you perfectly. You will recognize it when you find it because it will spark that childlike sense of wonder and excitement; it will feel right. Once found, everything will fall into place. You will learn more quickly and more deeply. Your skill level will reach a point where you will be able to claim your independence from within the group you work for and move out on your own. In a world in which there is so much we cannot control, this will bring you the ultimate form of power. You will determine your circumstances" Other people cannot cure your loneliness, the only way to cure it is to strive for something greater than yourself. An ideal, a vision that you have crafted that allows you to claim independence in the world To do this you have to understand yourself - because if you don't understand yourself how do you know what to aim at. You're left purposeless. This is why people turn to heavy drugs, to sedate themselves from that feeling of loneliness - to attempt to chemically recreate that connection But that can never work - its just a plaster on a broken leg To reference spiral dynamics Purple - Our primitive ancestors, they would never of felt alone - because they had their tribe - their connection to life - to survive as a hunter gatherer we were completely dependent upon one another Loneliness is a product of the modern age - The Orange Spiral Many people feel alone in this society and culture A lot of us feel like the whole world is at some party that we weren't invited to But the answer is not to wallow in it - or to sedate ourselves Sedation is a destructive act The productive act is to restore that connection Loneliness is a blessing in disguise A blessing that should be used and not squandered - as loneliness has been used by so many of the greats As quoted above - Pablo Picasso - Marcus Aurelius - Nikola Tesla etc... When loneliness is used to pursue our ideals and goals it transforms into solitude Do not fritter it away So use this time in productively to get shit done Use the posts I made if they help Here are some solitude quotes - if you have any leave them here Here is a link to my favourite Ted talk by Sebastian Junger - check out his Joe Rogan appearances on his podcast - Give the clip a watch its 14 minutes and I think his book Tribes ties in great to this topic - I left the audiobook which is on Youtube - or buy the book, its a super quick read Here are the video links If you have anything to say on solitude please do If you have any personal experience with loneliness please share them Thanks for anyone who took the time to read and I hop these posts helped
  11. @Hello from Russia Thanks buddy, hope it helps, I'm currently writing a few to help me through the lock-down period, thought I might as well post them on this forum to get some thoughts and maybe they're of use to someone else
  12. Hello, Today's the 29th March, I'm going to make some posts on habits, goals, journaling etc... today, from what I've been listening to and reading. I've been meaning to write on this topic for my notebook, I am doing so currently, I've jotted some general ideas, I'll put my thoughts on this forum to get some responses & and maybe its of help to some people, I'll link them all back together so it makes sense, which is the purpose of this post - to link the posts together. I'll put links to other threads below here - The COVID 19 Get Shit Done Collection 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  13. Coming back to this thread two days later with the views spiked I did find someone yesterday that I thought was interesting and I plan on looking more into there stuff Now, although I was fucking around and got a comment removed (I think) - maybe I did find a "mentor" yesterday But, I don't think its necessarily crystal ball level psychic stuff to predict that someone on a self help forum might be looking for various self help teachers and or "mentors" - Which I find every odd week And I'm highly skeptical of any claims to be able to see into the future - but who knows God might be a little more wacky than I give him credit for
  14. @The Lucid Dreamer Okay you're right I'm going to supersede my carnal needs and awaken forever Thanks buddy
  15. @The Lucid Dreamer Hey my guy If I shagged Margot Robbie I would be fully satisfied forever
  16. @The Lucid Dreamer That's good and all But look 1 - Shag Margot Robbie 2 - Existential Understanding When the rubber hits the road Shag Margot Robbie > Existential Understanding
  17. Fuck all that The only reason to learn how to lucid dream is to shag celebrities
  18. @Leo Gura Thanks for the reply its appreciated Yes, but the detective can still recognize a clue when one presents itself Although the full mystery hasn't been revealed - surely? For example, personally when I use LSD I have experiences of God leaving me these clues/breadcrumbs And I feel that these moments are the brief moments of clarity, where I can finally see the forest through the trees But it doesn't have to be just psychedelics, these states of mind can be triggered by anything Its this feeling where reality suddenly becomes sharp, and you begin associating meaning to mundane things That these things are somehow trying to tell you something - or get you to somewhere That's the issue - that you sound insane when you try to point these breadcrumbs out to some one else Because they can't be explained until you wake up So Is there anyway you can tell that you're not going insane when discovering these clues? Or do you have to solely rely upon your intuition until you have the realization of the god experience? Thanks for the responses Note - Hope this made sense
  19. @Girzo Yeah I see what he meant now But he just but sorry 1987 As the only dates mentioned before where his DoB Not when he first did MDMA
  20. @SamueLSD No Problem I just reread over the passage and the context related and also discovered this video I agree, Nietzsche is misinterpreting some of the stoic teaching in this passage Particularly he redefines "nature" away from the stoic perception of "nature" Nietzsche also argues that Stoic philosophy is vacuous "Live according to life" - how could you not - an example of a vacuous statement But again this is likely a misinterpretation of "live according to life" on Nietzsche part Proving your point This is what the Stoic meant - that I would argue Nietzsche agrees with - E.g. the idea of the Ubermensch The main point is that Nietzsche accuses the stoics of projecting onto nature what they then claim to find there I think there is validity in this - but this I also think applies to most philosophies - which Nietzsche goes into more detail about throughout this part of the book Back to your main point I think that is what Nietzsche is trying to say about Stoicism, but the more I think about it, he has most likely misinterpreting Stoic doctrine - so hes wrong about it being a life denying philosophy But he does make some points that I agree with As it uses reason as a weapon against the realities of being alive Actualised.org video below about implicit vs explicit understadning I'd argue that Stoic philosophy is a very explicative ideology https://youtu.be/Y9d0tOpL8ZU This ties back into your previous point - where Nietzsche misinterprets the Stoic ethos So I agree the passage I linked doesn't really challenge or refute the Stoic doctrine The Stoic doctrine is in many ways a Western version of Zen & Taoist Philosophy I think it would be difficult to find anything that really challenges Stoic philosophy
  21. @electroBeam Mate are you on shrooms @Serotoninluv Said @electroBeam You said He was not talking about the first time he did mdma hes talking about when he was born
  22. @Insightful27 Here are the books if you anyone is interested Think and Grow Rich https://theedge.solutions/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Think-and-Grow-Rich-by-Napoleon-Hill.pdf How to win friends and influence people https://archive.org/details/DaleCarnegieHowToWinFriendsAndInfluencePeople_201803/mode/2up The Power of Now https://files.shroomery.org/cms/6584522-EckhartTolle-ThePowerOfNow.pdf