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  1. so it's been a month now.. i quit my day job so that i could focus fully on creating content and building my videography business as those are something that i'm passionate about.. it feels pretty scary right i'm still unsure of how i'm going to pull it off but at the same time it feels exciting i don't know if you guys have felt this but..when i was working my job or even now when i see other people with regular jobs, i just cannot imagine myself living that sort of life and doing what i truly love as that just makes me happy and feel free.. and all the fear and doubt is just worth living in the possibility of making something beautiful from nothing.. so i decided to document this journey while i'm at it which i would love for you to watch and pls feel free to follow with me on my journey..hope i can bring you some value with what i've learned along the way instagram - @beingpras
  2. Thats true my friend ! Awareness is the KEY..
  3. if you're stuck..and are lacking consistency and focus here's something that might MOTIVATE YOU !
  4. I had always heard people talking about embracing uncertainty and fear.. but i never really understood what it truly meant.. now i do.. because i'm living it..its true what they say until you live it, you do not really understand what it really means Yes, you can empathise with someone that is saying it but you only get when you go thru it. I wanted to share my story thru a video for other people that are going thru it Hoping it would atleast help some of ya'll.. here you go Would love to know your view points and your stories. Thanks for sharing !
  5. As a marketer, I believe there are only two BEST ways to get more clients into your business. 1. You go Hunting : Cold Calls and Emails, Networking 2. Marketing : Adding value If you're someone who is like me, who is pretty introverted and does not want to go the first route. Well then, I can help you... You and me, together are going to create a a product for your potential clients ...and GENERATE leads at the maximum amount that will actually convert. You are just ONE step away. And don't worry this is not some bs "promotional" post. I genuinely want to help you ! Tell me what your business is and send me an email at
  6. More than having a license, I think what is more important is YOU having an experience to share. "Why should I listen to you over hundreds of other life coaches?" "What makes you credible for me to follow your advice?" These are a few questions, a potential client of yours will have !
  7. This is a great topic ! Thanks for sharing. Marketing yourself as a Influencer or marketing your business is the MOST fundamental step for any individual in this digital age. But I feel like it to be really successful in the long run. It still follows the historically proven method. Here's are the best ways, you or your business can get noticed :
  8. I would say that Consistency plays a HUGE role when you're trying to improve at any skill. Like they say, "Repetition is the mother of skill." You can ONLY get better with time and practice, thats how you're going to be competent at anything ! Watch this video on Why Consistency is so important -
  9. @JohnnyBravo Egos want to do too much too soon, because small efforts seem "pointless.' <--- This is GREAT insight ! Thanks a ton.
  10. I love reading books and creating videos ! I feel you. But if you are happy then its all good. But I definitely suggest you develop a curious attitude that can help you find something you are passionate about ! - Pras.
  11. Why are you even asking this question. No matter what the answer is DOES NOT MATTER. The only question that you need to ask is DO YOU WANT TO GO TO COLLEGE and why ? The answer to that will solve your problem !
  12. I believe the more important question than How to be Consistent is WHY SHOULD YOU BE CONSISTENT. Because once the WHY part seeps into your sub conscious, you will automatically take care of the HOW. I have a video for you that explains the WHY. Hope it is of value ! All the best.
  13. If we look at the journey of all the people and brands that have been successful. The one thing that is common with them all is Consistency. So is it safe to say that - Consistency is the KEY to success more than talent and perseverance ? If you're someone STRUGGLING to be consistent, watch this : Would love to know your thoughts.
  14. I believe that Storytelling is exceptionally important when it comes to building a brand or business. I have been studying a lot of Entrepreneurs and Brands and the successful ones all have THIS one thing in common. STORYTELLING. I would love to know how you guys think about storytelling.
  15. Hey I'm starting out too. I'm picking up momentum. Its going good. Hope this helps !