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  1. Couple of weeks ago I started a new project! yay Let’s hope that this one is better than my previous ones, I do have a lot of time on my hands so I keep playing with things. I love Edison's quote: I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. Also, I have not failed till I say I failed! As long as I keep going, I can still succeed. Who remembers successful people’s previous failures? Not many people I’ll never stop trying! Comment whatever you like, any thoughts are welcome, the more the merrier So what’s this project about? I decided to create an app that helps people to untangle their minds and clarify who they are, why they are that way and how they can use it or change it to navigate through life. It’s a huge project, I came up with 5 big sections that the app will have. To break it up, we’ve decided to release one section at a time and keep adding sections as I finish them. The design and theory is all ready, I just need to tie it together. So there’s a lot of cleaning up, organizing, judging what needs to be where. That means a lot of sitting around and thinking and keeping myself confident. I’ve never done any journalling before so let’s see how this goes. Hopefully, it’ll help me to stay focused, inspired, encouraged and motivated.
  2. I'm playing with Reddit now to try "happiness" there. All the best and don't get too twisted.
  3. We all have unique personalities so if you want a really good advice, it's better to get a personalised advice. The problem is that an enlightened person can help the most by targeting the most people he/she can but then the advice has to be generalised and it's up to each person to customise it to their own circumstances. So to answer your question, from your point of view you're better off getting personalised advice. From everyone's point of view to utilize the wisdom of an enlightened person, it's better to do mass teachings. Also another option could be for an enlightened person to train other people that could train other people etc. This way the teaching could be more individualised but then the corruption can still happen. Oh well, perfection doesn't exist, I suppose it's all about balancing it well.
  4. This is your main problem, you're fighting life. Trust the nature, try to find good things around you no matter how small and try to go with the flow meaning do only what feels right, enjoyable, boosting etc. The more you recharge, the easier it will get. It's hard for you now because your energy levels are low. Be nice to yourself and let yourself recharge through focusing on little pleasures, once you recover a bit you'll find energy to do bigger and more enjoyable things. Try to stop being negative and start being realistic. Life has a lot of great things to offer when you're willing to see them.
  5. I'm serious about everything serious! haha But seriously, everything that destroys life or good things is serious to me.
  6. @Rasheed It's not just about visualization, it needs to feel great too. Also, I'd stick to only 2 or three things, if you change it too much you lose focus and it might get you confused on what to do. It's good to have at least 2 things so you don't get attached too much. Also, don't go into the detail too much, reality is usually a bit different so to avoid disappointment that you didn't get exactly what you wanted. I hope that I understood what you're trying to do.
  7. Since I was a kid I wanted to be happy. Only because there's so many thing to get/have and I kept changing my mind so I thought that happiness covers it all. I worked quite well for me, the interesting part is that I even did well in materialistic world.
  8. @SriBhagwanYogi This is my personal understanding. We create a dream that gives us focus and motivation to act on it and make it happen.
  9. God is in all of us so you should ask the people that do the absolute horror why they are doing it, what love are they trying to push through violence? Also, don't forget that these people do get caught and stopped eventually. And you personally also have powers to make sure that things like that don't happen so what did you do to stop it? Someone has to use their God given powers and their love to stop it.
  10. It's attention seeking. He's lonely and he thinks that the only way to get noticed a lot is to cause trouble rather than by doing something useful. He doesn't realize that he's actually pushing people away.
  11. I'm sorry if some of it rubs off on actualized.org haha
  12. Wow! It took me a whole year to get rid of my fear of riding (not fear of death) but I so wanted to be able to ride well that I didn't give up. Even now I keep telling myself that I don't have to worry about anything as long as I'm careful and know what I'm doing to get rid of my occasional fear. And yes! It's an amazing feeling to conquer the fear and learn skills that allow us to push the boundaries big time! I still have a great feeling after every ride, to me it's like flying, with all the forces I don't even feel "attached" to the bike, it's just me, the wind and nothing else.
  13. Yep and you are being listened to here!
  14. @Average Investor Quite interesting, thank you for sharing. I got a rule to ride at 80% of my skills to allow for problems, we have a lot of wild life here. The way I make myself faster is that I keep learning and my 80% is improving so I can ride faster. I've already brainwashed myself enough on "be careful" for it to become subconscious. It's a constant focus and I can't afford a moment to just let go and chill unless I've already created a solid subconscious skill of how to handle the speed.
  15. @Shweta It's interesting how different people interpret the moral of the story completely differently.
  16. I'd be careful with this. Your fear of death is keeping you alive, especially when you're doing "extreme" sports. I ride a motorcycle and I like to push it, if I wasn't scared of dying, I'd be already dead.
  17. We all had our important lessons. The trick is to learn from them and get on with your life much improved and wise.
  18. Are you ok? I'd go and see a doctor. Also, it might be time to go and get your "hippie chick"! Anyways, take care of yourself!
  19. You're talking yourself into it. Your mind loves to be right, if you keep telling yourself that you will go back into darkness then you will.
  20. It's more like this: Grow Old Disgracefully