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  1. @daniel695 Try to mix it up. Always broke your rational communication with some stories, maybe some jokes, anything what you think isn´t rational and bored you. Another way is to practice every day. Start small and try to speak rationally (for yourself, in front of the mirror, with a friend) and slowly add those parts that break your rational content. By doing it you´ll get used to more to your rational communication and also become better at breaking your rational content with parts you enjoy and like the most.
  2. Tony Robbins Gary Vaynerchuck Brendon Burchard Brian Rose Stefen James
  3. Tony Robbins Gary Vaynerchuck Brendon Burchard Brian Rose Stefen James
  4. Waking up early is one of the best habits any person could possibly develop for a happier and more successful life. When you wake up earlier there isn´t all rush and noise all over you and you can think, plan and visualize your day. You can do some work that you can´t do in the night (because you´re tired). You´re much sharp, happier much more productive and on and on. You add a few hours to your day, so your efficiency is much higher. I created a Free Ebook on Morning Routine where I mentioned 7 activities most successful and productive people do every morning. If you´re interested just PM me and I´ll send it to you.
  5. @New The one who tries to catches 2 rabbits ends up with none. I think the key is to focus on 1 thing at the time. Only when you focus on 1 thing, you can put 100% to it and achieve what you want.
  6. Taking action is never a waste of time. It´s always better to do something than do nothing. Grand Cardone has this CDFD system for doing things (that´s why he can do so much). Commit Do it Fill your calendar Do it again These 4 things he does over and over. Only one rule, nothing has to be done perfectly, but it needs to be done.
  7. Hey community Let me ask you something: Do you want to be respected? Do you want people to listen to your opinion all the time? Well, I think all in this community would love that idea. Difference between those who accomplish it, and those who don´t is in the ability to lead. Here are 3 signs that you will or will not be a great leader one: Enjoy :) What are other signs, you would add here?
  8. Yeah, I am sorry I misunderstood. This looks like a good framework.
  9. @RichardY I agree that being optimistic is a good thing.I am all for being positive. But my article was about understanding when to be optimistic, and when you should let a little negativity in you.
  10. @CreamCat great way to divide long-term goals is in my opinion: 1. make a big goal (let´s say 5 years from now) 2. make a year goals (What could I do this year to get closer to my big goal?) 3. do this with monthly, weekly and daily goals too Always ask yourself every day "What could I do today to reach my weekly goal?" - even when it will be only 1 thing). This concept is greatly explained inside the book from Gary Keller - The one thing (one of the best books I ever read). In my article where I wrote about 7 tips to Effective time management, at the end I shared 2 frameworks for setting and dividing long terms goals (one from Russell Brunson and second from Warren Buffet). You can check it out here when you want:
  11. @purerogue I totally agree with you. I wrote this post because I see that many people I know think that all it takes is to just be positive and everything will be okay. Which, simply isn´t true.
  12. Napoleon Hill Wrote in his Best Seller book Think And Grow Rich 3 things that determines that you will or will not be successful in anything you want to accomplish in your life. 1. Ability to get along with people - whether you are starting a business, finding your partner for life or you want to be better at your job. If you aren´t able to get along with people, the odds are you aren´t gonna accomplish your goal. Whether your goal is to have a working business, relationship or anything else. (Here´s an advice for you how to deal with negative people and why shouldn´t always get rid of them.) 2. Not Giving Up - if you don´t give up, you can´t fail, right? If you are working smart on something and you refuse to give up, you will succeed no matter what your goal is. 3. Not Procrastinate - you can´t make a working relationship when you talk to your partner and you are always thinking about your job. You can´t work efficiently, when you are always scrolling on your FB, when you go to check some new videos and next time you notice, 1 hour passed. Simply, when you should work, work. When you should be with your partner, be with him/her. When you should work out, don´t watch your new emails, just work out. In conclusion, when you know how to deal and get along with people, you don´t give up immediately when things get tough and you know how to focus and you aren´t procrastinating all the time, you simply have no other option than success. What would you add to this 3 things?
  13. [New Blog Post] Discover Why You Definitely Shouldn´t Be Always Positive In Your Life Check it out here:
  14. First step for making your life better is to learn new skills and information. But I think, the same importance should we pay to actually remember pieces of information we just learned. There is one concept which is called: Active recall. Basically it says, the best way to learn to exam, or just for yourself to remember what that great book you just read was about, is to simply review it by acting as you would lecture a class of students. So after you learned something new, try to explain it to a "class of students". When you do it, then you truly understand the concept and you will never forget it. What do you think about this concept? What other concepts do you use?
  15. Charlie Munger (according to Warren Buffet and Bill Gates - the smartest person they know) said: “Spend each day getting a little wiser than you were when you woke up. Discharge your duties faithfully and well. Step by step you get ahead, but not necessarily in fast spurts. But you build discipline by preparing for fast spurt. Slug it out one inch at a time, day by day. At the end of the day - if you live long enough - most people get what they deserve.”