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  1. @mandyjw I don't get it. Why do you think enlightment can you make you a psychopath?
  2. @JohnnyBravo From the documentary i watched about him "it seems" Osho was taking drugs way before that. Even Sheela revealed that Osho was taking drugs in the commune. There are couple of videos of Osho trembling and looking drugged up in the documentary. We can't say for certain though. Those are just speculations. You seem very certain though...
  3. @Preetom It seems like Osho was taking drugs way before that. When some rich people came to his commune alongside with a doctor. That doctos is reported to have hooked him on many different drugs. I even watched Osho in a video walking unsteadily and he seemed drugged up.
  4. I love psychedelics and i think they can help a lot if you know what you are doing BUT because of the social/cultural conditioning i got from the past sometimes i just wonder if maybe psychedelic experiences are just delusions/psychosis? What's you opinion about that? Certainly some people seem to have genuine mystical experiences using psychedelics and others just suffer from delusions and mental projections...How do you sort the wheat from the chaff? Complicated stuff... -Thank you for your time!
  5. I get the sense that everything is predetermined. Everything has already happened and is inevitable. That's what Absolute Infinity suggests. This is the experience i got with some psychedelic "awakening" experiences i had in the past. I am not sure though nor i hold this as the Truth since i want to validate it again through other means besides psychedelics. If everything is predetermined how do you cope with that psychologically?
  6. @Elisabeth What is the difference between hyperventilation and the Wim Hof method?
  7. @NoSelfSelf No. I feel it while i am doing it and some minutes afterwards.
  8. So i have been watching Nassim Haramein (a scientist) on youtube and he talks about consciousness and how we must formalize what it is and etc. He also said that neither matter created consciousness and/or neither consciousness created matter... And that consciousness is like fields of information. I don't buy everything he says though as after many hours of watching Leos content i have become skeptical about the extent that which science can explain/interpret ''Consciousness''. What do you think? Can science explain consciousness?
  9. Hello everyone, i need your help. So my question is, when i practice mindfullness meditation and i observe my breathing as it enters and leaves my nose lets say. When there is the PAUSE between the breaths where should i put my awarness? Should i keep it on the nose constantly or can i just observe the whole sensations generally? Thank you.
  10. My favorite mediation technique so far (i haven't tried many to be honest) is just being aware of the breath. I combined this with holotropic breathwork and strong sit determination and got some amazing Spiritual GAINS! BUT What is the most effective meditation technique so i can start practicing it? I am asking this out of fear of wasting my time practicing useless techniques. Also what are some of the meditation techniques that DO NOT awaken you? I got this sense from Leo's last video. Thanks.
  11. Hello everybody I am fascinated by the idea of being detached from food, sex, air etc. It's an ideal i will be striving to reach until i am dead. My question is how do i develop deatchment from things? What are the practical steps i can take to become more and more detached? Thanks a lot!!
  12. Is it better to have zero expectations about anything in life? Life is very chaotic, messy and things don't usually go as our egos would like them to go. Don't misunderstand me though. I still have visions, goals and working hard towards by life purpose. But on the other hand i accept the uncertainty involved will all those things. Nothing is guaranteed as far as i am concerned and my ultimate goal is to become completely detached from anything that life throws at me. What's you take on that? Do you have many expectations about your life?
  13. @Aaron p This story proves your point. Neither to expect, neither not to expect. That's a game changer. Thanks.
  14. @Leo Gura What if someone's paranormal abilities are so precise that they can actually win the lottery? I heard an anecdotal story from a woman who saw the lottery numbers in her dreams and won the lottery this way.
  15. I was just curious if you can manifest winning the lottery using your psychic abilities (let's assume you have them). Nassim Haramein (a scientist) was talking in an interview that he changed the bump of his nose by meditating for 1 hour and a half . The next morning his nose's bump was gone. Lol. Then he was asked something else (by Vishen Lakhiani) and he replied that you CAN'T manifest winning the lottery though or change the weather because the Eskimo guy would freeze and because there is Collective Consciousness involved. Something along these lines. He thinks of consciosuness like fields of information. Any thoughts/insights about this topic would be highly appreciated.
  16. @OneWithAll Why would it be an illusion and utterly pointless? I don't understand. I am just doing what i love.
  17. Can you really master two things at the same time? Or it is better just to focus on one thing? Lets say i want to become a world class programmer and a world class meditation teacher in the next 10-20 years. Kinda funny ik
  18. Hello everyone , i hope you are doing ok. So i have been doing a lot of "self" actualization the last couple of years of my life thanks to actualized.org and all this beautiful content. One NEUROTIC problem , the biggest problem of my life actually that has PERSISTED still since early in my childhoold is my NEED for CERTAINTY. My Mind Gets STUCK easily on concepts and ideas DISTURBING me A LOT when i am meditating, self-inquiring and etc. For example i may be having a mystical experience while meditating and right after a while my MIND devalues the experience and brings to mind all the opposing scientific arguments like that consciousness is just an emergent property of nervous system and etc. This makes me wanna stop all spiritual practice even though it benefits me tremendously! These kind of concepts don't allow me fully to experience the magic of these spiritual practices. Sometimes i will have breakthoughs with self inquiry only to doubt myself few moments after. Social conditioning has affected me a lot and my mind always tends to believe the worst possible scenario. Thank you.
  19. Thank you Everybody for the comments, i really appreciate it One thing that i would like to comment that BLEW MY MIND and i would love some insight. Nassim Haramein (scientist) was talking in an interview that while meditating he was able to go back in time (there is no time for him) and change one gene. And the next morning a bump he had on his nose dissapeared. BUT he said that if you want to change the weather or win the lottery you CAN'T because there is collective consciousness involved or something along these lines. Can someone please give me an insight/opinion about this?
  20. I hear a lot of different contrasting opinions and metaphors. Some people say that when you put a nail in a tree, the scar remains there forever. But there are also a lot of animals with incredible healing properties who can even regrow limbs. From my experience i believe i have healed many old wounds from the past using holotropic beathwork and other techniques. What's your opinion/experience about all this?
  21. So i have been experimenting with various different crystals the last couple of days. I hear a bunch of different opinions. Some people say it's just a Placebo Effect but what does this really mean? I don't get it. If it is a placebo does it make it less valuable? What the distinction? Thank you.
  22. Is it possible to completely eliminate thoughts like permanently or is the case that all you can do is just turn down the noise of the thoughts? How does a Zen monk whos been meditating for 40 years thinks?