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  1. @Nahm That did help a lil bit . Thank you. Well "i" have to endure this big old fat ego that i have "in my head". Until i purify it somehow. This ego-mind is constantly anxious and obsessed about its survival.
  2. @Nahm For a period of 6 months "i" observed my thoughts, actions and emotions very deliberately. And i came to the conclusion that i don't control my thoughts/ actions etc. They just appear in my consciousness. So "i" just have to endure them and make the best choices possible. But these choices are just illusions to make you feel better. Because noone wants to feel like they don't control their lifes.
  3. @Nahm Not particularly good at the momemnt But how can you create you own reality when you have no free will? You just gotta endure this shitty life (from my poin of view) until its all over. Well i hope it's all over after a period of time. I don't know.
  4. @Nahm I watched it. Great content but i am skeptical about the law of attraction. I tend more to agree w/ the pont of view of the man wearing the red hat.
  5. I recently came across this --> https://philpapers.org/rec/KASSCW I don't get it though. Can someone interpret what does this suppose to mean? And why "trance-induced physiological effects and the action of psychoactive substances" is labeled as BRAIN FUNCTION IMPAIRMENT. I don't get it. But this made me feel kinda anxious and doubtful about my spiritual progress.
  6. @Highest Yes. Btw it's kinda tough when you are not engrossed in mainstream culture. You feel lonely and sometimes crazy. Maybe in a few hundred years content like actualized.org and non-duality will become mainstream. Who knows.
  7. Yes i know , me criticizing is not a high consciousness thing to do but this is how i feel. Actualized.org is a few hundred years ahead of humany. It's difficult for me to find similar content anywhere else. Everywhere i watch i see low consciousness stupid sh*t. People doing SELFISH things just for they own pleasure. Noone really giving a f*ck about anyone else. Almost everyone is a fundamentalist materialist (at least where i live). So as a result most people see you just as a bag of meat and bones. If you talk about spirituality or maybe some enlightment experiences you immediately get mocked and called crazy. Zen masters and monks not getting much respect. Instead everyone wants to be famous and succesful (like those addicted zombies celebrities) thinking that's what life is all about. Not realising this is all just a joke. Most of these people are not even happy. They are only happy when they get their fix. All the people i used to watch before now i can't even relate to them. Low consciousness ppl like Joe Rogan for example who just rambles about gossip BS because that's what SELLS. I don't see anyone talking about the real problems (the fact that we are unconscious and egotistical as hell) and the real solutions to humanity problems. Almost everyone is only concerned about getting his materialistic needs met (even if it harms others) and nothing else. It disgusts me.
  8. @Serotoninluv I don't know. I watched a video few days ago. A little girl at the age of my sister was walking by the road to visit a church. A guy stopped by with his car and FORCED her inside the car and raped her. I got very emotional. If that happened to my sister i would wanna kill and torture really bad that guy. That's how i feel about it.
  9. @Highest What spiritual techniques do you practice?
  10. @Zetxil Joe Rogan is good to watch if you wanna smoke some weed and waste your time with gossip. He is a materialistic and only believes in science. Doesn't go deep nearly enough in any of his subjects But that's what his life is about. His life is about smoking some weed here and there, commenting on UFC fights and then talking gossip in his podcast about how UFC fighters get CTE. When he is one of the people contributing to this. But he doesn't care. He just cares about himself and i can't blame him for that. I totally agree with you that it's good to adopt many different perspectives.
  11. What happens when someone commits suicide? I guess it would be very funny to wanna escape from life and return to the same place you were before Lol.
  12. @Highest What if you actually prefer non-existence?
  13. Yes i know this question is from the point of view of the ego. If everything is infinite and One it seems like the Higher Self is forever to be experiencing something. My egoic dream is to stop existing permanently . I don't wanna anymore pleasure or suffering or anything. Never to need to be born again. Is this possible or not?
  14. @DecemberFlower Because Leo says to embrace and love everything (including all the nasty stuff).
  15. @Serotoninluv That's deep. Yes my mind assumed a destination without even being aware of it
  16. @Nahm Yes but if i am all other people in the world simultaneously that's a lot of suffering. I was just watching some brutal videos today from a low consciousness website called bestgore and my ego got frustrated and freaked out. It's scary nasty stuff from the perspective of the ego and it seems all inevitable.
  17. @Serotoninluv What do you think is the right orientation towards liberation?
  18. I don't claim that enlightened people are perfect or anything like that BUT i just don't understand why someone who is truly enlightened would end up indulging in drugs and etc . It just boggles my mind.
  19. @Shin This comment: "If you only awaken the mind and not the heart, You see reality as a dream, but don't see that you are everything in it."